Stormy Night 2005

A goat named Mei wanders into a barn one night seeking shelter from a storm. In the barn, the goat meets another refugee. The two can neither see nor smell each other, but never the less they huddled together fending off the cold, and begin to talk. Eventually they establish a friendship. The two decide to meet later and will recognized each other by using the password "one stormy night." The next day, when they meet, Mei learns that his companion from the night before was a wolf named Gabu. Despite their natural predisposition as enemies, they share a common bond and begin meeting regularly. However, Mei's flock and Gabu's pack eventually find out about their relationship and forbid the friendship. Mei and Gabu, hoping to preserve their friendship, cross a river during a storm. They hope to find an "emerald forest" free from persecution.

The Storm 1956

With one of the busiest film industries in the world, Japan was able to submit several films into competition at the 1957 Berlin Film Festival. One of the best of these was Arashi, directed by Hiroshi Inagaki of Rickshaw Man fame. Anticipating Hollywood's Table for Five by nearly a quarter of a century, the film concerns the efforts by a recently widowed high-school teacher to raise his four children alone. Chihu Ryu is terrific as the central character, while Izumi Yukimura is even better as Ryu's eldest daughter. For reasons unknown, Arashi is often omitted from "official" lists of Inagaki's films.

Summer Storm 1956

A woman falls in love with her sister's fiancee.

A Summer Storm 1973

Annoku Butoh is a style of avant-garde dance that established itself in the counter culture experimental arts scene of post WWII Japan. The dance form is thought to have been founded by Tatsumi Hijikata, who both created and performed in butoh pieces from the late 1950’s - through the early 1970’s. In butoh, the style of movement is extremely stylized and deliberate, vacillating between slow and sharp, expressing feelings of dread, sexualization, violence, calmness, birth and “creatureness” among other things. This 1973 performance of Summer Storm at Kyoto University was Hijikata’s last public performance before his death in 1986.

Akumyo: Notorious Dragon 1974

About small time gangster Asakichis chaotic life in the 1930s. His gambling addiction means that he must not continue working in the family business. Instead He supports himself on arranging cockfights. He becomes ex-geisha Okinus patron and lover, and goes directly into disfavor with the Yakuza.

Yûwaku wa arashi no yoru ni 2016

My daughter Yasuko (Yukawa Ishikawa) is also independent, and my wife, Sawako (Junichi Haruta), and a housewife, Sawako (Takagi Yu), who are spending peaceful days. One day, she is asked by a man who sells stones on the roadside (Takuno Matsunaga), and she is given a stone as a thank you. On the other hand, her daughter Yasuko was associated with a musician who couldn't sell, and she shut up with her parents and quit her job and worked for a snack. Sawako, who knew it, worries to head to her apartment, but starts a quarrel with each other. However, lightning strikes at that moment and the room is completely dark. When the lights came back again, the bodies of the mother and daughter were replaced.

Tora-san, the Expert 1982

Tora-san gets into an argument with his uncle and sets out on the road again. In Kyushu he meets a young woman named Keiko and the shy zoologist Saburō, and attempts to play matchmaker between the two when they all return to Tokyo.

Yurikuma Arashi 2015

Some time ago, the asteroid Kumaria exploded in the depths of space. The resulting fragments became a meteor shower that rained down on Earth, and for some reason, bears all over the world rose up and attacked humanity! In "Man vs. Bear," the bears ate the humans and the humans shot the bears, resulting in a seemingly unending battle and a cycle of hatred. In the end, a giant "Wall of Extinction" was erected between the humans and bears and a state of mutual nonaggression came to pass... The human world. One morning, Arashigaoka Academy students Kureha Tsubaki and Sumika Izumino were by themselves and saw the "Yuri Flower" that bloomed in a flower bed. The two are friends as well as lovers. The flower bed is an important place to the two. At that moment, the Bear Alarms ring out! The bears are invading the human world, and humans are being attacked! Are they really those bears?

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