Yoko 2012

Pia's life, a girl from a small German town, changes when surprisingly, finds in her garden a huge black monster. She soon discovers that the mysterious creature, which called Yoko, is actually a kind yeti spiritually protecting animals and children worldwide. Yoko is constantly showing his friends Pia and their unique qualities, but children are not the only ones who want the Yeti. Its great value calls attention to two hunters who want to take advantage of the yeti.

Yoko and His Friends 2015

This is the third time that Vik and his family have moved to a different city. Vik is a shy child who finds it hard to make new friends, and whenever he finally does start to open up to someone, his father's job inevitably causes the family to up sticks and relocate to a different part of the country, and Vik has to start all over again. Luckily for him, this time he soon meets Mai and Oto in the city park.

John & Yoko: Above Us Only Sky 2019

Film telling the untold story of John Lennon's 1971 album Imagine, exploring the creative collaboration between Lennon and Yoko Ono and featuring interviews and never-seen-before footage.

John & Yoko Bed-In 1969

Forty years ago, the couple staged an act of nonviolent protest in support of peace

Yoko Bono - The Art of Being Swedish-Finnish 2018

Because of the poor employment situation in Finland, many families and single people decided to move to Sweden to seek employment in the 1960s and 70s. The move was considered temporary and it affected people’s ways of making themselves at home in the new country; they did not even try to adapt or learn the language of the country. At that time, the nicknames “Finnjävel” and “Hurri” were well-known to Swedish-Finnish youngsters: In Sweden, they were regarded as Finns; and the other way around. As neither nation’s citizens approved them as their own, the Sweden Finns had to create their own identity. But what kind of lives do these immigrants’ children and grandchildren live today? Jonas Karén was born in a Finnish family in Husby’s suburb 1980.

Yoko the Cherry Blossom 2015

In 1940, Masaaki Takaoka works as a teacher in the agricultural division at a youth training institute. Although Japan’s defeat seems imminent, all of Masaaki’s students are drafted in a futile last-ditch effort. In an attempt to give the young men some hope, he makes everyone promise that they will all meet again under the cherry blossoms upon their safe return. Consumed by sadness over the fate of his students, Masaaki devotes the next 30 years of his life to develop a new species of cherry blossoms that could thrive in any climate in remembrance of his students.

Devil Hunter Yohko 3 1993

Yohko has a dream about a man named Master Biryu. Yohko is transported to another dimension and learns that Biryu has been imprisoned. Yohko learns that she must save Master Biryu (although she develops a crush on him). Meanwhile, Azusa saw Yohko disappear and attempts to get Yohko back with Yohko's friend, Chi. They manage to get to where Yohko is, but fail and manage to get themselves back where they started. She must fight the demon holding Master Biryu captive in order to free him.

Devil Hunter Yohko 6: Double Jeopardy 1995

Ayako Mano, who is nearly identical in appearance to Yohko, is introduced; she has spent her life training and honing her abilities so that one day she may defeat Yohko and become the devil hunter of the Mano family, and now she is ready for the final confrontation. Yohko continues to live her life and is unaware of Ayako until she starts stealing away every guy that on whom Yohko has a crush. Then one night while taking a bath, Yohko hears something outside and gives chase. She then meets up with an Azusa look-alike. She and Ayako attack the unsuspecting Yohko with crushing attacks, while Yohko parries the onslaught. The fight stops, but Ayako vows to finish it. Madoka reveals a certain part of her past that relates to the encounter.

Devil Hunter Yohko 1990

Yohko Mano is introduced. Yohko goes about her daily life; day dreaming about a cute guy named Hideki. Yohko learns that her family has a long history of being devil hunters. But this time the demons decide to take out the next devil hunter before she can fight back. After a failed attempt to take Yohko's virginity (so that she can't become a devil hunter), the demons decide to use Hideki as bait. Yohko must become the 108th devil hunter and rescue the man of her dreams. The English-dubbed "Special Edition" of this episode restores approximately 30 seconds of assorted footage that was cut from the final Japanese print of the film.

Devil Hunter Yohko 2 1992

Yohko trains to become a good devil hunter. Nearby a local construction site destroys a forest in which sleeping spirits lie. The spirits are disturbed by this and start harassing the construction workers. Azusa Kanzaki, a Devil Hunter in training, is introduced. Azusa came to become an apprentice to Yohko. The two team up to fight against the spirits that are harassing the workers.

Devil Hunter Yohko 4-Ever 1993

A tribute to Devil Hunter Yohko, with a collection of music videos. These videos feature songs from the series (including three new songs), put to scenes from the anime, colored manga picture, an original animated video featuring chibified versions of Yohko and Azusa, and two live videos.

Yoko Ono: Then and Now 1984

An in-depth look at one of the world's most controversial artists. This personal narrative features numerous songs by both Yoko and her late husband, John Lennon. These include "Imagine," "Give Peace a Chance," and "Walking on Thin Ice."

Devil Hunter Yohko 5: Hell on Earth 1994

Madoka, Yohko's grandmother, senses the return of Tokima: the demon who from the time of the first devil hunter has been the enemy of the Mano family, is approaching. Tokima appears and possesses Ryuichi Asakura, a man who Yohko has a crush on. Tokima tricks Yohko and gets near the clock where Tokima is sealed, but is repelled by special talismans. The next day, Madoka ends up with her past youthful body! Tokima possesses Azusa who takes the clock. Yohko fights Azusa trying to stop her from destroying the clock. Yohko is tricked and "killed". The clock is destroyed and the demon's power released. Yohko is taken to the time of the very first Devil Hunter, Haruka Mano. The two go back into the future and fight against Tokima.

Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto!

Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! was a 52-episode animated television series, produced by Collingwood O'Hare and HIT Entertainment, aired from 2003 to 2005, and was part of Cartoon Network's Tickle-U preschool television programming block in the United States. It is about a bird of paradise named Yoko, an armadillo named Jakamoko, and a monkey named Toto who communicate only by use of each other's names. An animated short film from the series made its American debut in 2003 as part of the New York International Children's Film Festival. It was also seen on CITV on ITV1 in the UK from 4 January 2003 to 30 April 2005. Since 2009 the show can be seen in the UK on the BBC's children's channel Cbeebies.

Hamatora 2014

Hamatora (ハマトラ, lit. "Yokohama Tiger") is a Japanese mixed-media project. The project began with a manga series written by Yukino Kitajima and Yūki Kodama as the character designer, while Yū Wazu is adapting the design to the illustration. The manga, Hamatora: The Comic, started serialization in Shueisha's Young Jump magazine in November 2013. An anime television series, Hamatora: The Animation, by the studio NAZ premiered on TV Tokyo and ran for twelve episodes between January 7 and March 25, 2014. It was followed by a second series by Lerche starting in July 2014, Re:_ Hamatora. Additionally, a role-playing game titled Hamatora: Look at Smoking World developed by FuRyu was released in July 2014. Other related titles include a light novel and a stage play. The series takes place in the year 2014 when selected humans called Minimum Holders have been discovered to possess supernatural abilities. The story focuses on Minimum Holder Nice who forms a detective agency called "Hamatora" based in Yokohama and he starts gathering a large number of allies such as his partner Murasaki and assistant Hajime as well as enemies including several criminals. The anime stars Ryōta Ōsaka, Wataru Hatano, Emiri Katō, Kiyono Yasuno, Jun Fukuyama, and Yuichi Nakamura among others. The series has earned mixed criticism by publications for manga and anime. While the elements of mystery have been well received, the themes and animation have attracted criticism. It has also been often compared with the X-Men for its setting and characters.

Welcome to the N.H.K. 2006

Sato’s life – or what’s left of it – is a paranoid mess of conspiracy theories and social anxieties. He’s terrified of the outside world; his apartment is overflowing with the remnants of cheap take-out food; and his retinas have been permanently scarred by a steady diet of internet porn. But maybe it’s not all his fault. After all, the nefarious N-H-K is out there, and they’re determined to turn society’s fringe-dwellers into a brainwashed lot of jobless, hopeless, futureless recluses. Enter Misaki – a mysterious girl-next-door type who is Sato’s last chance to beat-down his inner demons and venture out into the light of day. She’s ready to help him overcome his crippling phobias, but Sato would rather cower in his existential foxhole and pretend to work on the demo for his virtual sex game. He’s afraid to face the world. She’s strangely desperate to fix a total stranger. Maybe together they can be normal

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou 1998

In a peaceful post-apocalyptic world where the coasts have been flooded, the robot Alpha is left in charge of a Cafe by her owner who went off travelling. One day, she receives a package containing a camera, which causes Alpha to take a closer look at the little things in life.

Animal Yokochō 2005

Animal Yokochō is a Japanese manga and anime series aimed at children about a little girl who has a doorway to another world in her room, from which three bizarre and frequently-annoying stuffed animal-like creatures emerge to make her life "interesting". The manga was created by Ryō Maekawa and is serialized in Ribon Magazine, Ribon Original and Ribon Bikkuri. This manga's characters originally appeared in Ribon Original as quiz column's characters. The manga won the award for children's manga at the 51st Shogakukan Manga Awards. In 2008, Cartoon Network Philippines made an English version of the anime called "Ani-Yoko: My Next Door Neighbor"

Yokoso Wagaya e 2018

Kurata Kenta lives with his father, Taichi, his mother, Keiko, and his younger sister, Nana in an isolated home in the suburbs. He works as an unpopular commercial designer. Kurata Kenta possesses a timid personality, which he picked up from his father. Kenta doesn't like his father. One day, while waiting for the train, Kenta warns a man who pushed a woman and cut in line. Kenta is surprised that he spoke out with his normally timid personality. After that incident, Kenta's family home is targeted by an unknown person with flowers from their garden being pulled out and the seat of a bicycle being torn. Also, Kenta's younger sister Nana is stalked by her ex-boyfriend. Kenta and his family try to find out who is responsible. ~~ Based on the novel "Yokoso Wagaya e" by Jun Ikeido.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1991

Yokoyama Mitsuteru Sangokushi is a Japanese anime series based on the Sangokushi manga by Mitsuteru Yokoyama, itself based on Eiji Yoshikawa's retelling of the Chinese literary classic Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The Fortune Telling Shop, Onmyoya 2013

A mysterious man Shomei Abeno opens a fortune telling shop in a quiet neighbourhood. However, residents of the area wonders if he is just a regular con man with something to hide.

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