American Graffiti 1973

A couple of high school graduates spend one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college.

Graffiti Bridge 1990

It's got that Purple Rain feeling through and though. And it's got The Kid, too! For the first time since Purple Rain, Prince is back as The Kid. And where he goes , there's music! With Thieves in the Temple, New Power Generation, Elephants and Flowers and more red-hot Prince tunes from the Platinum-selling Graffiti Bridge soundtrack. What time is it? Party time! Morris Day and the Time play Release It, Shake! and more. And you'll also see and hear George Clinton, Tevin Campbell, Robin Power, Mavis Staples and other hot performers, too. Graffiti Bridge is where the movie meets the music. Cross over on it now.

Graffiti 1989

A woman carries a cat in a shopping bag that refuses to be petted. Tired of its behaviour, she violently strikes the bag repeatedly against a wall. Then, with the blood of the animal, she draws a heart pierced by an arrow.

Graffiti 2015

Edgar and his dog roam the ruins of a large city. Arriving home one day, he sees that someone sprayed the name ‘Anna’ on the wall. The question who Anna is starts to dominate Edgar’s entire existence.

Graffiti 1985

Oscar nominated short film from 1985

Takasaki Graffiti 2018

Miki, Yuto, Hiroko, Naoki and Kota have been friends since they were little. They all graduated from high school. They have dreams about their future as well as anxiety. Miki's father goes missing with her college admission fee. Yuto has discord with his father who runs an auto repair shop. Yuto happens to get involved in a crime. Hiroko wants to marry her boyfriend, but she also distrusts him. Naoki and Kota have their own worries. These five friends think about themselves for the first time.

The Graffiti Artist 2004

Adrift in the lush, nocturnal urban landscape of THE GRAFFITI ARTIST, Nick (Ruben Bansie-Snellman) is a post-modern urban hero asserting his anarchistic agenda on the endless maze of virgin exterior walls that comprise downtown Seattle and Portland. For this iconoclastic young visionary, the vast wall surfaces of deserted alleys and train yards are at once a daunting symbol of capitalist oppression and a texturally rich, seamless tableau ripe for exploitation to amplify his artistic dialectic of anger and rebellion.

Basquiat 1996

The brief life of Jean Michel Basquiat, a world renowned New York street artist struggling with fame, drugs and his identity.

Kitty's Graffiti 1957

A kitten takes to an adult bear's walls with his crayons, while a couple of mice taunt and attempt to ruin his graffiti as well.

Physical Graffiti 1998

Narrated by JIM ROSE of JIM ROSE CIRCUS SIDESHOW fame, this video compiles snippets of some of the best parts of extreme fare such as the WHISKEY 911 videos (skating), CRUSTY DEMONS (dirt biking), and BLACK FLYS (surfing) and melds them together in a non-stop barrage of outlandish stunts and extreme body modification (check out the guy with the skull plate!) See CHRISTIAN FLETCHER nail a guy's scrotum to a wooden board; see SHAUN PALMER jump his snowboard over a moving freight train! Tattoos, Body Modification, Surfing, Skating, Bikes. Interesting look at counter culture, Beware though, not for the squeamish.

Hong Kong Graffiti 1995

Teddy Robin Kwan’s 1960s retro musical. A melodrama about two childhood best friends who rise to the top of the Hong Kong pop scene under the influence of their mentor, Johnny K (Teddy Robin Kwan), who once ruled the pop scene himself.

Hong Kong Graffiti 1985

Yang Hsiu Shan was grown up in Hong Kong and her folks were emigrated to Canada. She felt in love with her boss, Chen Kai Ping, and in order to set up her business. So she decided to stay in Hong Kong. Yang's sister-in-law, Luk Ping Ting, was emigrated from China and was living in her house. Both Yang and her room-mate, Chan Pei Lien, an air hostess, were taken care of her. In the meantime, Chen's daughter, Fong, came from Taiwan to visit him. She realized that Yang was kind to others and helpful to her father's business so she got to like her more. Luk and Chen had developed a secret love affair. Yang was stunned by the news and became to hate Luk. Yang, Fong, Chan and Luk finally became reconcile.

Isenseven: Teenage Love Graffiti 2008

This is it! After another long and intense season of sunny days in fluffy powpow, dark nights in big cities, journeys to the worlds most beautiful snowy places and a series of major injuries, you get to see a 4 minute collection of what to expect in this years Isenseven movie "Teenage Love Graffiti".

Graffiti Rock 1984

Graffiti Rock was a hip-hop based television program, originally screened June 29, 1984. Intended as an on-going series, the show only received one pilot episode and aired on WPIX channel 11 in New York City and 88 markets around the country, to good Nielsen ratings. Graffiti Rock resembled a hip hop version of the popular television dance shows at the time such as Soul Train and American Bandstand. The show was created and hosted by Michael Holman, who was the manager of the popular break-dancing crew, the New York City Breakers. The episode features Run D.M.C., Shannon, The New York City Breakers, DJ Jimmie Jazz and Kool Moe Dee and Special K of the Treacherous Three. The New York City Breakers, who were fresh off of their success from the movie, Beat Street, made a showcase appearance. The episode also features television and film actress, Debi Mazar and actor/director Vincent Gallo as dancers on the show. A segment of the show was sampled on The Beastie Boys' LP Ill Communication. "[...] alright, you're scratchin it right now, cut the record back and forth against the needle, back and forth, back and forth, make it scratch, but let me tell you something don't try this at home on your dad's stereo only under hiphop supervision, alright ?" The show has since become an important 'must-see' for hip-hop enthusiasts, alongside such titles as Wild Style and Beat Street.

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