Hitchin' Posts 1920

Jefferson Todd and Louis Castiga, brothers-in-law, come to blows on a Mississippi River steamer when Todd discovers Castiga's presence there with a woman.

The Bed 1998

A story about a man overly influenced by the women in his life, which is unique in many ways, including the fact that he somehow turned out to be "straight" in spite of his ordeals with women, which started at birth.

Poster Boy 2004

With the help of a hot, slightly older new acquaintance (Noseworthy), the closeted son (Newton) of a conservative U.S. Senator (Lerner) puts a shocking spin on his dad's re-election campaign.

The Posterist 2016

Mr Yuen Tai-Yung (b. 1941) is a Chinese artist known for his creation of over 200 iconic Hong Kong movie posters - which include many films from the Bruce Lee, Hui Brothers, Stephen Chow, Jacky Chan and Sammo Hung's kung fu and comedy series. This documentary chronicles the director's quest to find the reclusive master and subsequent encounters with the man within a period of 12 months. It captures the life and art of the self-taught genius who single-handedly depicted the look and feel of what can be describe as the Golden Era of Hong Kong Cinema from 1975 to 1992. Western audiences might recognize some familiar faces from the prolific painter's recent works - undeniably breathtaking - such as the portraits of Marlon Brando, Michael Jackson, James Dean, John Lennon, Audrey Hepburn and Anne Hathaway.

The Poster 1924

A mother sells a photo of her daughter to the press for publicity, and a daughter suddenly dies leaving the mother desperate surrounding by portraits of her daughter all around town.

The Bedford Incident 1965

During a routine patrol, a reporter is given permission to interview a a hardened cold-war warrior and captain of the American destroyer USS Bedford. The reporter gets more than he bargained for when the Bedford discovers a Soviet sub and the captain begins a relentless pursuit, pushing his crew to breaking point.

Poster Boy 2015

When he was a child, Vitor was the poster boy for a toothpaste brand. Now adult, he's about to meet a girl he hasn't seen in a long time, when he was still a boy, young and famous.

Poster Boys 2017

Life of three men comes in trouble when their photos appear on advertisement for sterilization.

Death Bed: The Bed That Eats 1977

At the edge of a grand estate, near a crumbling old mansion lies a strange stone building with just a single room. In the room there lies a bed. Born of demonic power, the bed seeks the flesh, blood and life essence of unwary travelers… Three pretty girls arrive on vacation, searching for a place to spend the night. Instead, they tumble into nightmares – and the cruel, insatiable hunger of the Bed!

A Hand-written Poster 2017

When a professor files a lawsuit against her over hand-written posters, university student Hye-ri goes to the clubroom to see her friend Min-young, with whom she made the poster. Finding her there with a new member, Hye-ri is caught up in an inner conflict.

Vukovar Poste Restante 1994

This movie describes the violent break-up of former Yugoslavia from the Serbian point of view, using the story of ethnicly mixed couple in war-torn city of Vukovar as metaphore.

The Border Post 2006

At a small border-post on the Yugoslav-Albanian border, yet another generation of soldiers suffering the usual amount of boredom awaits the end of their service, counting days to the moment when they should take their uniforms off for good. It is the spring of 1987 and the thought never even crosses their mind that they would, in fact, put them back on quite soon and go to war.

Postscript 1983

A young man is forced to spend a few days with his father in law...

Poster Girl 2010

POSTER GIRL is the story of Robynn Murray, an all-American Apple pie high-school cheerleader turned tough-as-nails machine gunner in the Iraq War and a “poster girl” for women in combat, distinguished by Army Magazine’s cover shot. Now Sgt. Robynn Murray comes home from Iraq, to face a new kind of battle she never anticipated. Her tough-as-nails exterior begins to crack, leaving Robynn struggling with the debilitating effects of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Shot and directed by first-time filmmaker Sara Nesson, POSTER GIRL is an emotionally raw documentary that follows Robynn over the course of two years as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption, using art and poetry to redefine her life.

Keep Posted

Keep Posted was a United States public affairs TV series on the now-defunct DuMont Television Network which was sponsored by The Saturday Evening Post for its first season.

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