Solar Network News

Solar Network News is the flagship newscast of Solar News Channel. It currently airs every Weeknights 6 p.m. at Talk TV since June 18, 2012 and on Solar News Channel and Simulcast Live on ETC via RPN for VHF TV on October 30, 2012.

The Siccness Network

'The Siccness Network was a Saturday morning cartoon series produced by Rankin/Bass and Motown Productions on BET from September 11, 2000 until 14 October 2001. The show followed the adventures of an anthropological prop and his wacky friends. The series was animated mainly in Oakland at the studios of Halas and Batchelor, and some animation done at Estudios Moro, Barcelona, Spain. The lead animator was Keith Knight, a man who considers himself to be a rapper, social activist, father and educator.

Bruto ir Neto 2015

Pasirodo, prieš trisdešimt metų, likimas Praną buvo nubloškęs net į Tolimuosius Rytus. Sunkiai sužeistą jį išgelbėjo vietinis turtuolis, kurio dukra įsimylį jauną ir žavingą svetimšalį. Kas nutiko jų meilės istorijai? Neto, nepasitaręs su Bruto, nusprendžia įstoti į universitetą ir tapti pradinukų mokytoju. Tačiau šiam kilniam tikslui sutrukdo netikėta žinia: pasak medikų, Neto serga nepagydoma liga. Kaip šią žinią priims Neto ir kokių veiksmų imsis jo bičiulis Bruto? Pranas nieko negaili savo augintiniui – paršeliui Raimundėliui: net valgyti kasdien pats ruošia! Tiesą sakant, jam šis augintinis daug mielesnis už jo žmoną. Tačiau ilgai šiuo abipusiu ryšiu Pranui netenka džiaugtis: netikėta pažintis su jaunaisiais hispteriais baigiasi Prano automobilio ir paršelio vagyste. Kaip hipsteriams ketina atkeršyti Pranas?

Invisible Network Of Kids 2010

Pinkerton School is a boarding school with two teachers. One of the teachers, Mr. Soper, is nice, and the other, Ms. Macbeth, is evil and is constantly trying to enslave the children of the school. However, four of the students act as a secret organisation known as "The Invisible Network of Kids", or "I.N.K." for short. I.N.K's mission is to thwart all of Ms. Macbeth's evil plans.

Special Unit 2 2001

Detectives Nick O'Malley and Kate Benson work in Special Unit 2, a secret precinct of the Chicago Police Department whose sole charge is to protect the city's citizens from Links, a malicious paranormal species that is the missing link between man and beast.

Battle of the Network Reality Stars 2005

Battle of the Network Reality Stars is a television series that aired on the Bravo channel in the US in August and September 2005. Based on the popular 1970s and 1980s television competition Battle of the Network Stars, the show consisted of thirty-three competitors from several different reality television shows. Some of the better known contestants include Adam Mesh, from the Average Joe TV series, Richard Hatch, Survivor winner, Sue Hawk, the Survivor player who gave the infamous "snakes and rats" speech, Ryan Starr and Nikki McKibbin of American Idol fame, Evan Marriott, of Joe Millionaire fame, and Will Kirby, winner of Big Brother season 2. Chip and Kim McAllister, winners of The Amazing Race 5, also participated. Veteran NBC sportscaster Mike Adamle hosted the show and featured reality reporters Trishelle Cannatella, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, and Bob Guiney. Austin Scarlett of Project Runway made fashion commentary in several episodes.

And you thought there is never a girl online? 2016

Our naïve protagonist proposes to a female character in an online game, only to find out that the player is actually a guy. Traumatized by that, he decides to never trust a girl online, but now, two years later, a female player is proposing to him. What will happen?

Married... with Children 1987

Al Bundy is an unsuccessful middle aged shoe salesman with a miserable life and an equally dysfunctional family. He hates his job, his wife is lazy, his son is dysfunctional (especially with women), and his daughter is dim-witted and promiscuous.

Onna to Otoko no Nettai 2013

Sonoko is a reporter at JBS TV, but her passion for reporting is dwindling. She hears from a former source that Shindou, who killed his wife and child in the U.S, has now come back to Japan and is planning a revenge murder. Based on that information, Sonoko locates Shindou's home and begins staking out his home with her colleague Nomura. Shindou works at a meat factory and doesn't seem to associate with others. He doesn't look suspicious, but Nomura notices a listening device is set up in Shindou's home.

Ranma ½ 1989

Saotome Ranma, a teenage martial artist, and his father Genma travel to the 'cursed training ground' of Jusenkyo in China. There, despite the warnings of the Chinese guard, they fall into the cursed springs. From now on, whenever Ranma is doused in cold water, he turns in to a girl, and a cute, well-built red-head at that. Hot water changes him back into a man again, but only until the next time. To make matters worse, his father engages him to Tendo Akane, a girl who hates boys.

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