Trolls 2016

Lovable and friendly, the trolls love to play around. But one day, a mysterious giant shows up to end the party. Poppy, the optimistic leader of the Trolls, and her polar opposite, Branch, must embark on an adventure that takes them far beyond the only world they’ve ever known.

Trolls Holiday 2017

When the eternally optimistic Poppy, queen of the Trolls, learns that the Bergens no longer have any holidays on their calendar, she enlists the help of Branch and the rest of the gang on a delightfully quirky mission to fix something that the Bergens don't think is broken.

Trolls World Tour 2020

Queen Poppy and Branch make a surprising discovery — there are other Troll worlds beyond their own, and their distinct differences create big clashes between these various tribes. When a mysterious threat puts all of the Trolls across the land in danger, Poppy, Branch, and their band of friends must embark on an epic quest to create harmony among the feuding Trolls to unite them against certain doom.

The Trolls 2016

A Texas tech start-up breaks every crowdfunding record in the books, but they lose it all when a patent troll shuts them down. Refusing to go down without a fight, our heroes use a legal loophole to beat the trolls at their own game. By obtaining a patent for BEING a patent troll, they're able to... troll the trolls.

Treehouse Trolls Birthday Day 1992

It's Birthday day on the Forest of Fun and Wonder, the day when everyone celebrates their birthday, and THE TREEHOUSE TROLLS invite Jackie and Lisa to the party. But the mean old queen puts the "Royal Phooey" on Birthday Day and all the celebrations are cancelled!

Troll Hunter 2010

A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter.

The Trolls and the Christmas Express 1981

The Trolls and the Christmas Express is an animated classic about six roguish trolls who are determined to sabotage Christmas by infiltrating Santa's village disguised as elves. After a week of wreaking havoc but still not completely ruining Christmas, they are about to give up when they get a devilishly clever idea. On the day before Christmas Eve they get the reindeer dancing and singing songs all night long. The poor reindeer are so tired the next day that they cannot find the energy to pull Santa's sleigh. Christmas looks like it has finally been ruined - but everyone knows you can't stop Christmas! The elves quickly devise a plan to link the train from Santa's village with tracks that travel all over the world. Santa can deliver the toys using the Christmas Express.

Magic Trolls and the Troll Warriors 1991

The evil King Nolaf and his Troll Warriors have conquered the once joyful kingdom of Everafter, imprisoned beautiful Princess Celia and banished all happiness from the land. Everafter's only hope lies with five Magic Trolls who have been placed in suspended animation. Princess Celia learns that it is her destiny to awaken the Magic Trolls who can save her land.

The Trolls and the mafia

Peter troll and grandma troll have travel to Italy, to get, the stolen, money back from the mafia

Trollsommar 1980

Three city kids are taken somewhat reluctantly to a farm out in the forests of Sweden. There they meet the resident country kids who's rosy cheeks and youthful antics mirror the apathy and cynicism of the children grown up in the callous and barren streets of the city. In the country, strange and mysterious things are afoot. Sudden fires, cars braking down and enigmatic sightings point to there being more than the modern man fathoms in the woods. People talk of trolls and beings in the woods, guardians of the land, but the grown ups do not believe and the cynical city children say such talk is nonsense.

Gnomes and Trolls: The Secret Chamber 2008

Junior, a teenage gnome, wants nothing more than to invent gizmos and gadgets in his tree-house laboratory. But Junior's old school father, Jalle, the head gnome of the forest, would prefer his son follow in his footsteps and one day be in charge of his own forest. In spite of their differences, on the eve of the first winter storm Junior helps Jalle distribute food rations. Then disaster strikes.

Second Sight 1994

Maren, a young girl, is the sole survivor of the Black Death in her Norwegian village. Using instincts, folklore, luck, and the clairvoyant powers granted her by being born with a "Victory Cap," Maren survives on her own, waiting for other people to discover her plight.

Bamse and His Most Christmassy Adventure 1991

Bamse is a good-hearted bear whose grandmother cooks a special kind of honey, that gives him superpowers. When someone starts transforming the bear's friends into balloons and other things, Bamse and his friends Skalman (a turtle) and Lille Skutt (a rabbit) must journey through the woods to stop this person.

Catfish: Trolls 2018

The three-week event will explore one of the most pervasive and consistent issues online: internet trolling. Using the "Catfish" brand of investigating the truth, host and executive producer Charlamagne Tha God, and his co-host, social media entrepreneur Raymond Braun, will confront the issue head-on and bring subjects face-to-face with their aggressors for the first time.

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