Thiru Thiru Thuru Thuru 2009

Srinivasan (Mouli) is an owner of Ad Agency which is going on loss. To make his company stand up he expects a great project from big company Johnson and Johnson. During a meeting for project discussion Arjun (Ajmal Ameer) the art executive and a pet of Srinivasan, disappoints the clients with his mischief behaviour. To convince the clients who are reluctant to give the project to them, Srinivasan produces the ad at his own risk with his own money, on the agreement that the project will be accepted if done everything perfectly.

Thirupaachi 2005

The movie begins in a remote village in Madurai where Sivagiri, a blacksmith and his sister Karupayi share a close bondage. Sivagiri wants to get his sister married off to a city dweller. He along with his friend Kannappan manages to find an alliance in Saligramam, Chennai. After the wedding, when Sivagiri comes to Chennai to leave his sister and her husband, he encounters rowdies and anti-socials who have a free-run in the city. He wonders why the city-dwellers are maintaining a mute silence to the anti-socials. In the meanwhile, he also falls in love with Subha. In a tussle at a theater in Chennai, Pattasu Balu and Sagadai Saniyan's men murder Kannappan. The death sparks a turn of events in Sivagiri's life. He vows to put an end to all criminals in Chennai and clean the city of rowdyism. The rest is all about how he achieves his mission.

Thirumalai 2003

Thirumalai (Vijay), a mechanic, falls in love with Sweta (Jyothika) and after some persistent wooing, she reciprocates his feelings. Sweta's father (Ashwin), the owner of a television channel, seeks the help of Arasu (Manoj K. Jayan), a bad guy, to break up the romance. This rest of the story is about how Thirumalai successfully join hands with Sweta. This movie was later remade in Telugu as Gowri.

Thirupathi 2006

Ajith is a straight forward young man who leads a happy life with his parents and younger sister. He happens to meet the heroine Sada and both fall for one another. Ajith’s sister is pregnant and at the time of delivery, he takes her to a hospital. The doc there expects bribe but when it is not forthcoming, neglects his duty because of which Ajith’s sister dies. Ajith comes to know that this is not the first instance in the hospital and the doctor is none other than Riyaz Khan’s brother. When he goes out to get him, Riyaz Khan and his father do all that they can to protect this guy from Ajith. That is where the action part of the movie takes off. How Ajith gets his revenge on the people responsible for his sisters death is the movies climax.

Thirunelveli 2000

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Thiruthalvaadi 1992

Vishnu is the regional manager in a travels company and he is a bachelor. His friends and relatives try to get him to be married, but Vishnu has seven conditions for his future wife, including strange ones such as knowing Carnatic music, Hindi, and Chinese and Western cooking. So his friend Krishnankutty does many cunning things to make Vishnu get married to Lathika. After that, they both get married. But the real problems begin there.

Thiruvilayadal 1965

Devrishi Narad visits Bhagwan Shri Shivji, Devi Maa Parvati, and their sons, Bhagwan Shri Ganesh, and Bhagwan Shri Kartikeya, and presents Shivji with a fruit. He decides to give it to his wife, who, in turn, decides to give it to her sons. But Shivji wants her to give it to only one. As a result, both the sons are put to a test, and Ganeshji is declared the winner. Kartikeyaji gets offended and decides to leave, followed closely by his parents and brother. Parvatiji catches up to him and narrates a series of stories involving herself and Shivji, including how Shivji battled a giant shark; assisted a singer in overcoming a formidable opponent; as well as Shivji's anger with his father-in-law.

Thiruvarutchelvar 1967

Thiruvarutchelvar is a Tamil devotional movie. In Indian Mytholgy, the 63 Nayanmars were considered to be the most ardent devotees of Lord Shiva. The movie Thiruvarutchelvar, captures the life of a few of the Nayanmars. A king smitten by a dancer, forces her to live with him against her will.When the dancer makes him realise the trivialities of wordly pleasures, the king undergoes a metamorphosis. He poses three questions about God, to his minister. When he recieves the answers from the ministers

Thirudadhe 1961

What the movie has in store for you, wait and watch this space for more updates.

Thirumagan 2007

A man has to chose between three women, His lady love, his uncle's daughter and the daughter of his father's friend for marriage.

Thiruttu VCD 2015

Herp, unknownly get tasked to bring drugs in a vehicle. He assigns a team to act as a family. This was done to capture the don and other rowdies.

Thiruda Thiruda 1993

An Inspector is assigned to track down a large sum of stolen money. His investigations lead him to a couple of small time crooks, a village belle, a murder, an absconding suspect, and an international drug dealer.

Thiruttu Payale 2006

Thiruttu Payale movie revolves around Manickam (Jeevan) who belongs to a poor family in a village. He does not respect any of his family members, except for his uncle (Vinod Raj) who lives in Chennai. He decides to come and stay with his uncle at Chennai.Once while he is watching people playing golf, he notices Roopini (Malavika) And Santosh (Abbas) having an illegal relationship. He manages to capture the same in his video camera. Roopini is the wife of a rich businessman (Manoj K Jayan).Manickam blackmails Roopini and extracts money from her whenever he needs. Once...

Thiruda Thirudi 2003

Vasu is a prankster who whiles away his time teasing girls and getting scolded by his father. But when one of his pranks results in his brother getting jailed, he decides to turn over a new leaf.

Thirupachi Aruva

Swami sees his entire family being killed in front of him. He escapes with his sister, Nadini. The person who killed his father is killed by him and a rivalry starts between their families. Shanker is his right hand man and soon falls in love with Nandini. Bhaskar Swamis enemy fears that he will kill him, surrenders to the cops. With his brothers' help he operates from the jail and connives to kill Swami. Will he succeed?

Thirumathi Selvam

Thirumathi Selvam is a Tamil drama serial written and directed by S Kumaran and produced by Vikatan Televistas. It was premiered on November 5, 2007 and was being aired every Mon-Fri at 1.30pm on Sun TV and later shifted to prime time due to immense popularity and TRP the show gained being in the afternoon slot. It eventually started its telecast in the prime time at 8pm from November 17, 2008 and completed its journey on March 22, 2013 being in the same slot at episode 1360 thereby completing 1101 episodes in the prime time. The show had Sanjeev and Abitha playing the leading roles with Vadivukkarasi, Rindhya and others forming the supporting cast. The story revolved around Selvam and Archana - an ideal couple who end up separated for life.

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