Husband Factor 2015

A traditional Turkish woman tries to find love and is forced by her family members to get married.

Chill Factor 1999

A store clerk and an ice cream truck driver are thrown together when a dying scientist entrusts them with a deadly chemical kept in ice. This chemical will kill every living thing once it melts. They have to take the chemical codenamed 'Elvis' to the next nearest military base while being chased by terrorists who want it to hold the country for ransom.

The 'Human' Factor 1975

After his family is brutally murdered for an unknown reason, a computer engineer sets out to find those responsible.

The Butch Factor 2009

What does mean to be gay and be a man? There's no straight answer for sure. From the Castro culture of the 1970s to today’s Bears and gym rats, this fascinating investigation of gay men and sexuality blows the lid off old stereotypes and showcases a battalion of interviewees including muscle men, rodeo riders, rugby players and cops. The men speak candidly on topics from homophobia to metrosexuality to embracing effeminacy as they reveal what it means to be a gay man in America today.

Metamorphosis : The Alien Factor 1990

A virus from outer space transforms a bio-researcher into a blood thirsty monster. But chief, Dr.Vialini doesn't like the cops and public to be involved in this secret experiment. But he becomes lunch very soon.

The Human Factor 2013

Milan. Behind the windows of the city’s buildings are private rooms and private lives. And a man, Inspector Monaco, weary of his job since his wife died three years ago. According to the rules for survival that he has set himself, he wants no further contact with other people or with the stench of violence; he just wants to do paperwork. This night, however, sees the arrival at police headquarters not just of the Ullrich murder case, but also of Monaco’s daughter Linda, arrested for possession of a firearm. Dawn casts light on a new and grim reality, and the Inspector must decide how to face it: as policeman or father. Searching for himself, he will find Linda again, as well as a truth which is not what it seemed.

The Viral Factor 2012

International Security Affairs agent Jon is on a dangerous mission to escort a criminal scientist to another country. En route, a member of his team turns out to be a traitor and shoots Jon in the head while kidnapping the scientist. When Jon wakes up in the hospital, a doctor tells him that within weeks, the bullet in his brain will cause complete paralysis. Jon returns to Beijing to see his mother, who confesses that Jon has a brother in Malaysia who was raised by his father, a gambler. Jon takes a flight to Malaysia to find his brother, Yeung. On the plane he forms a bond with Dr. Kan, who promises to look into possible treatments for his condition. However, when they arrive, Yeung tries to kidnap the doctor and when Jon intervenes, he's also taken hostage. The two soon realize they're brothers, and decide to work together in order to keep the criminals behind the kidnappings from reinfecting the world of a disease long thought cured.

The Alien Factor 1978

A spaceship containing specimens for an intergalactic zoo crashes on Earth near a small back woods town. The specimens escape, and soon town folk are turning up mutilated. Very low budget feature was the first for Baltimore filmmaker Don Dohler.

The Human Factor 1979

A low-ranking Secret Service agent is conned into supplying information to Eastern Bloc countries. Although he is not a suspect due to his unimportant position, when his office partner is hauled in as a suspect he realises he has got himself into very deep water.

The Astral Factor 1976

Demonstrating that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing, a convicted strangler studies the paranormal and finds a way to render himself invisible. Once he escapes, he sets out to find and eliminate the five women who testified in his prosecution. A police lieutenant (Robert Foxworth) sets out to safeguard them, and bring the invisible killer to justice.

The Eastwood Factor 2010

For 35 years Clint Eastwood has called Warner Bros. home. In The Eastwood Factor (Extended Version), film historian Richard Schickel ventures beyond Eastwood’s tough, iconic screen personas to reveal the easygoing and thoughtful man behind the magic. Morgan Freeman narrates this insightful profile that features memorable film clips and visits to movie locations, the Warner Bros. lot and Eastwood’s hometown Carmel where, with humor, candor and intelligence, Eastwood illuminates the craft behind his legendary work on both sides of the camera to create a rare experience that is pure, unadulterated Clint.

Faktor 8 – Der Tag ist gekommen 2009

A presumed virus outbreak during a flight from south Asia to Munich. Most of all, the scientific premise is utterly wrong. Retroviruses is shown as multiplying in erythrocytes, which lack a) DNA (necessary for retrovirus replication) and b) the enzymatic apparatus for multiplying any viral nucleic acids.

The Terror Factor 2007

Thirty years ago, Warren Wilcox brutally murdered his parents and now has just broken out of the Mental Hospital killing everyone in his sight. But, Wilcox is not the only one who the community should be afraid of. An aspiring serial killer decides that Warren is not going to have all the fun himself and quickly starts upping the body count. When Wilcox arrives at his old childhood home, he finds a group of teens who picked the wrong night and wrong place to party. Who will be the last man standing when the two killers finally meet and what is the Wilcox family secret?

Risk Factor 2015

Alex Granger is a successful New York fashion photographer with a past - he is a former CIA operative specializing in surveillance work. Bored with his present life-style and craving adventure, Alex is lured back into the game by a beautiful, mysterious woman, who just happens to be in partnership with a major arms dealer. Alex is led to believe that he's being hired for industrial espionage and is paid a very large sum of money for his services.Former CIA partner is hot on the trail of the arms dealers and when Alex is confronted with the truth, realizes he's being implicated in their schemes. He is now caught between a "rock and a hard place" and must do whatever needs to be done to save himself.

The Sex Factor 2016

A web-based reality porn show in search of the next top porn stars. Follow wannabe porn stars who have never been filmed before, actual civilians who responded to an open casting call. The contestants compete in increasingly explicit challenges to win their share of a $1M prize along with instant porn superstardom.

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