0116643225059 1994

Two images flicker back and forth to the rhythm of a phon conversation, connecting Weerasethakul's Chicago apartment with a photograph of his mother.

(09) 2014

In 2012, three friends got together for a college assignment in a beach house. There was some sort of paranormal activity. What happened that day was recorded in their phones, but it wasn't authorized to be shown publically. Until now.

036 2011

Only somebody brave, with a rebel soul, may enter the jungle of the outlaw and fight face to face against the most dangerous men at this side of the river.

010101 2009

T. Marie’s 010101 (USA) is an incredibly meticulous digital painting, offering one minute, one second and one frame of shimmering and breathtaking beauty through its diaphanous and forever-changing palette.


0506HK documents filmmaker Quentin Lee's returns to Hong Kong, where he was born and raised. As he explores his desire to move back there from Los Angeles, he interviews local artists, filmmakers, friends, and family about why they are in Hong Kong and why they choose to be there. With humor and wit, Lee explores culture, belonging, politics, and ultimately the question of where the best place is for him to exist as a filmmaker. Part autobiography, part travelogue, part cultural criticism, the documentary features local cultural icon Kam Kwok Leung, filmmakers Peter Chan, Teddy Chen, Tammy Cheung, animator Raman Hui and many other colorful characters. A stylish collage of interviews, original footage and home movies, 0506HK is sometimes nostalgic. It is nevertheless both an emotional and meaningful journey.

Summer '04 2006

Sommer ’04 is a character study of a family on vacation. German director Stefan Krohmer examines the emotional abyss and problems behind the seemingly nice facade of an intact family as they experience guilt, love and jealousy.

00:08 2014

This piece takes 8 seconds, and creates intervals between the frames, and then makes them bigger. It's about expansion and enlargement, not the passage of time. 8 seconds becomes that much more luxuriant.

Spectre 2015

A cryptic message from Bond’s past sends him on a trail to uncover a sinister organization. While M battles political forces to keep the secret service alive, Bond peels back the layers of deceit to reveal the terrible truth behind SPECTRE.

Skyfall 2012

When Bond's latest assignment goes gravely wrong and agents around the world are exposed, MI6 is attacked forcing M to relocate the agency. These events cause her authority and position to be challenged by Gareth Mallory, the new Chairman of the Intelligence and Security Committee. With MI6 now compromised from both inside and out, M is left with one ally she can trust: Bond. 007 takes to the shadows - aided only by field agent, Eve - following a trail to the mysterious Silva, whose lethal and hidden motives have yet to reveal themselves.

The Year 01 1973

The film narrates a utopian abandonment, consensual and festive of the market economy and high productivity. The population decides on a number of resolutions beginning with "We stop everything" and the second "After a total downtime will be revived-reluctantly-that the services and products including lack will prove intolerable. Probably: water to drink, electricity for reading at night, the TSF to say "This is not the end of the world, this is an 01, and now a page of Celestial Mechanics". The implementation of these resolutions is the first day of a new era, Year 01. The Year 01 is emblematic of the challenge of the 1970s and covers such diverse topics as ecology, negation of authority, free love, communal living, rejection of private property and labor.

07.07.07 2007

07.07.07 is the second live album from nephew which includes the live concert of the Roskilde Festival 2007 on the 7th of july


16mm film from 2006.

0.5mm 2014

Sawa, a home helper for a middle class family with an elderly infirm grandfather, is forced to stretch her morals to keep her job. As a result, she finds herself broke and out on the street. She survives her first night by striking up an ambiguous friendship with a kindly old man, gaining access to a portion of the immense wealth held by Japan's aging population. She continues with similar encounters, and while these begin as scams or revenge on rampant sexism, they ultimately become vulnerable intergenerational exchanges.

Magma 03 2011

The youth event of the year in France, organized by the Allier Department Council.

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