Magma 03 2011

The youth event of the year in France, organized by the Allier Department Council.

The Year 01 1973

The film narrates a utopian abandonment, consensual and festive of the market economy and high productivity. The population decides on a number of resolutions beginning with "We stop everything" and the second "After a total downtime will be revived-reluctantly-that the services and products including lack will prove intolerable. Probably: water to drink, electricity for reading at night, the TSF to say "This is not the end of the world, this is an 01, and now a page of Celestial Mechanics". The implementation of these resolutions is the first day of a new era, Year 01. The Year 01 is emblematic of the challenge of the 1970s and covers such diverse topics as ecology, negation of authority, free love, communal living, rejection of private property and labor.

07th Changes Course 2007

A newest Russian military plane "TU-106" equipped with nuclear weapon is controlled by terrorists. There is almost no time before attack...

009 Re: Cyborg 2012

009 Re:Cyborg follows a group of nine cyborgs, each of them created by a shadowy organization for use as weapons against humanity. The group turns on their creators to protect the population instead, using the powers given them to fight their creators.

Live and Let Die 1973

James Bond must investigate a mysterious murder case of a British agent in New Orleans. Soon he finds himself up against a gangster boss named Mr. Big.

Cloverfield 2008

Five young New Yorkers throw their friend a going-away party the night that a monster the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city. Told from the point of view of their video camera, the film is a document of their attempt to survive the most surreal, horrifying event of their lives.

The World Is Not Enough 1999

Greed, revenge, world dominance and high-tech terrorism – it's all in a day's work for Bond, who's on a mission to a protect beautiful oil heiress from a notorious terrorist. In a race against time that culminates in a dramatic submarine showdown, Bond works to defuse the international power struggle that has the world's oil supply hanging in the balance.

The Fjällbacka Murders: The Queen of Lights 2013

On a crystal clear, starry and bitingly cold winter night a young woman dressed in the traditional Lucia white gown is seen running across the ice while sobbing. She stumbles in her long gown and drops her crown of candles in the snow and when she reaches a channel in the ice she throws herself into the dark waters and disappears. We find Erica and her husband Patrik right in the middle of preparing everything to celebrate Christmas in their house for the first time. On the 13th of December the family goes to church to watch the Lucia celebration only to find out that the Lucia has gone missing. Erica who notices a dispute in the audience can't help herself but to try and find out what the fight was really about and what could have happened to the missing Lucia. The past catches up with the present as Erica's discoveries leads to the missing Lucia, a secret love affair and a son seeking revenge for his mother.

Beck 05 - Pensionat Pärlan 1998

Inspector Beck and his team get involved in a large-scale smuggling of cesium 133. A gang from the east uses refugees who with a promise to stay in Sweden and with danger to their own life take in the dangerous explosive chemical substance.

Beck 03 - Vita nätter 1998

When the police reveal a narcotic smuggling the driver is shot dead. It appears that the driver is Superintendent Martin Beck's son. Beck breaks down and moves out of the way. But on his colleagues request he returns.

Beck 02 - Mannen med ikonerna 1997

Beck and his men investigates a murder of a Russian woman. At the same time as SÄPO (The Swedish Security Agency) sees a chance of getting a Russian in the embassy deported.

Voitheia o Vengos, faneros praktor '000' 1967

In this film, Vengos plays a loser who studies in a secret agents academy, dreaming of becoming a great spy like 007. Unfortunately he can't do anything right, so he wrecks havoc during his final exams.

Contractor 014352 2017

Real and imaginary worlds collide when a lonely data entry clerk reaches through his computer screen, in search of a genuine connection.

0.5mm 2014

Sawa, a home helper for a middle class family with an elderly infirm grandfather, is forced to stretch her morals to keep her job. As a result, she finds herself broke and out on the street. She survives her first night by striking up an ambiguous friendship with a kindly old man, gaining access to a portion of the immense wealth held by Japan's aging population. She continues with similar encounters, and while these begin as scams or revenge on rampant sexism, they ultimately become vulnerable intergenerational exchanges.

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