Jealous 2011

Thomas and Marianne, a feuding couple whose relationship has hit a wall, decide to spend a weekend at Thomas' uncle's lakeside cottage. This is their last chance to save their relationship, which has been jeopardized by Marianne's meaningless flirtations and Thomas' uncontrollable jealousy. As they arrive, a restless yet charming neighbor welcomes them into their house and, realizing that Thomas' uncle and girlfriend will not be showing up for days, suggests they share the dinner he has prepared. The drunken night that follows - with this man, who might not be who he seems to be, pushing his charms on Marianne - leads to a weekend of blurred emotions and events, where loyalties, guilt and a shared secret will test the young couple's ability to survive.

Mr. Jealousy 1997

After his first date at age 15 ended with the girl making out with another man at a party, aspiring writer Lester Grimm has treated all his girlfriends with jealousy and suspicion. While dating Ramona Ray, paranoia gets the best of him when he discovers that her most recent ex is successful novelist Dashiell Frank. Lester begins attending the same group therapy sessions as Dashiell to learn about Ramona's past with him.

Jealousy 1945

A female cabbie is suspected of killing her drunken husband.

Jealousy 1984

In this made-for-TV drama, Angie Dickinson stars in three separate vignettes as a woman whose life is dramatically affected by the emotion that gives the film its name.

Indemnity: Rage of a Jealous Vampire 2012

A man on the run from his ex-lover, who has sworn to kill him, takes refuge in a rural bar, where he finds an unlikely ally in the local bartender. As the man opens up to the bartender over many rounds, the bartender - who is battling demons of his own - begins to wonder if the man is merely a victim of circumstance... or if he's hiding a much darker secret.

They Been Jealous 2018

In the Karrabing Film Collective’s They Been Jealous, riots in indigenous Australia correlate with the accumulative possession of traditional lands by the settler state. Karrabing members consider the character of contemporary jealousy, while also remapping indigenous terrains through both social and mythic modes that structure forms of difference and obligation.

Jealousy 2013

The professional and emotional cross-currents between two romantically entwined theater actors played by the director’s son Louis and Anna Mouglalis.

Jealous Jerzy 2010

Jerzy goes out on a walk to pick up Chinese food for himself and his girlfriend, Thora. He thinks back to meeting Thora's boss at her office, Terry. Then his mind goes somewhere else.

Jealousy 1953

Love triangle near roaring rapids. Two sisters fight for the attention of a handsome forester.

Jealousy Is My Middle Name 2002

Quiet, intelligent, solemn and recently dumped by his girlfriend, graduate student Lee Weon-san (Park Hae-il) takes a job at a literary magazine, ostensibly to supplement his income, but really to get close to the editor - the reason he’s now single. The editor (Moon Sung-keun), unaware of who Lee is, takes a shine to him and makes him his personal assistant.

The Jealous One 2017

The Jealous One unfolds along two plot lines that meet in a dramatic final encounter: the first, a story of an Indigenous man weaving through bureaucratic red tape to get to a mortuary service on his ancestral land; and the second, a fight between a husband consumed by jealousy and his wife’s brother, who excludes him from community ceremonies.

An Affair: Trap of Jealousy - Unfinished Edition 2018

Song-yi and Jae-suk are young lovers, but She is tired of her daily life with him. They try to make it work, but they end up breaking up. Meanwhile, Seung-min neglects his wife. One day, he's scolded by his superior and heads towards the river. He meets Song-yi there and they go back home to spend an erotic time together taking naked photos. Meanwhile, Byul is neglected by her husband and she is lonely. She meets a man online and has a great time.

Variety 1925

The murderer “Boss” Huller – after having spent ten years in prison – breaks his silence to tell the warden his story.

Drama of Jealousy 1970

A three-way love affair in the Rome of the early seventies. Construction worker Oreste and young fiancee Adelaide meet Nello, cook in a pizzeria. This love triangle often go to communist rallies, and enjoy the filthy beach of Ostia. Will the hostile environment leave a way to jealousy?

The Jealous Ghost 1973

Sumiati meets the wealthy but unrefined Johny while on vacation in Tretes. Even though she reciprocates, she also goes after a younger suitor named Herman. A love triangle ensues and is further complicated when Paimo, Johny’s servant, also takes a liking to Sumiati. When Paimo tries to seduce her, Johny becomes angry and kills him but his ghost returns.

Jealousy 1999

A month before he's to marry Carmen, Antonio finds a photograph of a man with his arm on her shoulder. The photograph triggers jealousy: he questions Carmen, Carman's friend Cinta, and his friend Luis who introduced him to Carmen. Cinta tells Antonio the man's first name. Carmen tells him that the man meant nothing to her, and that the photograph was taken before she met Antonio. She loves Antonio and sets out to wipe the photograph from his mind through exuberant sex, but her ploy backfires and Antonio remains fixated. Slowly he finds out about the man, and about Carmen's past. Will jealousy consume this couple or can they find a way to kill the green-eyed monster?

Heaven Becomes Hell 1989

In order to raise money to make an action movie, two actors, one of whom is singer Michael Walker, start their own religion. However, things don't go exactly as planned.

Immacolata and Concetta: The Other Jealousy 1980

This is an uneven presentation of the tragedies plaguing the lives of two women from the lower economic strata in Naples. Immacolata is married, is bisexual, and runs a butcher shop that is not bringing in much money. Concetta is a lesbian, doing manual labor and now serving time for taking a potshot at her lover’s husband. Immacolata has also been put in jail for guiding a young woman into prostitution. Immacolata and Concetta develop an intensely passionate relationship in prison and after being released, they defy Immacolata’s husband and society’s scorn by moving in together. But external threats are not as destructive, in the end, as internal contradictions.

Not a Jealous Bone 1987

Invoking a biblical story of life coming from dry bones, Condit constructs an experimental narrative about an older woman’s confrontation with her own mortality after the death of her mother. The bone represents the promise of youth and hope—a promise jealously coveted by the young, but needed more by those grown old. Inverting cultural values, Condit represents feminine youth as a mannequin, and seeks humanity in the form of the older woman, who is reborn by overcoming her fear of death.

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