The Honeymoon Machine 1961

Lieutenant Fergie Howard, Ensign Beau Gilliam and navy scientist Jason Elderidge use their ships computer, designed to calculate missile trajectories, to calculate a roulette ball's trajectory and hit the Venice Casino. Things get complex when Admiral Fitch arrives at the same Casino.

Mann & Machine 1992

Mann & Machine is an American science fiction/police drama series that aired for nine episodes on NBC from April 5, 1992 to July 14, 1992.

Chōdenji Machine Voltes V 1977

Chōdenji Machine Voltes V is a Japanese anime television series that was first aired on TV Asahi starting June 4, 1977. It was created by Saburo Yatsude and directed by Tadao Nagahama. Voltes V is the second part of the Robot Romance Trilogy of the Super Robot genre which includes Chōdenji Robo Combattler V and Tōshō Daimos. Like Combattler V, the series was animated by Sunrise and produced by Toei Company. The series was animated by Sunrise on Toei's behalf. This super robot along with the other two aforementioned super robots first appeared the USA as a part of Mattel's Shogun Warriors line of import toys, released in the late 1970s.

Dancougar – Super Beast Machine God

Dancougar - Super Beast Machine God is a super robot anime television series. The show ran for 38 episodes from 4 April 1985 to 17 December 1985 and was produced by Ashi Productions. Although the series was planned for 52 episodes, it was ended abruptly before a finale could be reached. Despite this, the series garnered enough popularity for the development of multiple OVA's. Juusenki Tai Songs featured music videos of the various theme and insert songs from the series to TV series footage. The 1986 OVA Requiem for Victims featured a recap of the television series and a newly-animated conclusion to the story. Additionally, there was a 1987 sequel OVA God Bless Dancouga. In 1989 the four-part Blazing Epilogue OVA series presented a new sequel. A show called Jūsō Kikō Dancouga Nova began airing in Japan in March 2007. However, it appears to be related to the series in name and mechanical design only, the overall plot bearing no apparent direct connection to the original and seeming to fans as more of a third season to Obari's Gravion than a successor to its namesake.

The Machine Gunners 1983

BBC adaptation of Robert Westall's acclaimed novel. In a small seaside town in northern England during World War II, a young boy discovers the remains of a German aircraft - with the dead pilot still inside.

Dance Machine 2008

Dance Machine was an American dance game show and competition that premiered on June 27, 2008 on ABC. The show was hosted by Jason Kennedy of E! News. It was created by RDF USA. Due to the show's low ratings, ABC announced that the series was cancelled after three episodes. Repeats of America's Funniest Home Videos replaced Dance Machine, beginning July 18, 2008. The series started airing in Australia on December 6, 2008 during the Winter non-ratings period on Saturday nights at 8:30 PM. However, due to low ratings, after one episode the show was moved to air weekdays at 3:00 PM starting on December 22.

Time Machine 1985

Time Machine is an American game show where contestants compete to answer trivia questions about popular culture and recent history to win prizes. The show aired on NBC from January 7 through April 26, 1985 and was hosted by John Davidson. Charlie Tuna was the announcer, with Rich Jeffries as his substitute. Reg Grundy Productions produced the series, and upon its premiere Time Machine was one of three Grundy series airing on NBC. Most of the questions used focused on nostalgia, popular culture, and recent history, and more specifically what year a particular event occurred. Future Card Sharks model Suzanna Williams appeared as one of the prize models in this series.

Iron Armored Machine Mikazuki 2000

MIKAZUKI (2000) is a live-action TV miniseries in six parts from the creative mind of Keita Amemiya, the Japanese writer-director responsible for MOON OVER TAO, HAKAIDER, ZEIRAM, KAMEN RIDER ZO, KAMEN RIDER J, and "Zyurangers" (the source of the action footage for the first season of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers"). It's a mesmerizing sci-fi fantasy set in contemporary Tokyo and involves a ten-year-old boy named Kazeo in a swirl of events involving ancient robots, giant monsters, a super-secret government agency and, to top it off, a giant slice of watermelon (with a "K" for Kazeo carved into it) hovering over Tokyo.

Unbreakable Machine-Doll 2013

During the early 20th century, along with technological advancements, scientists were able to develop sophisticated magic. The combination of science and sorcery was Makinot, circuits made from spells that were put into objects to bring them to life and even gain a personality. It was developed as a military weapon and has now spread throughout the world. Akabane Raishin is now attending the Royal Academy to become the best in the world. Accompanied by the lovely teenage girl Yaya, who is actually Raishin’s puppet weapon, he plans on rocketing to the top of the class. However, his test scores come nearly dead last although his combat skills and determination are second to none. Raishin has to compete with the deadliest of classmates if he wants to come out as the king.

The Great American Dream Machine

The Great American Dream Machine was a weekly satirical variety television series, produced in New York City by WNET and broadcast on PBS from 1971 to 1973. The program was hosted by humorist and commentator Marshall Efron. The show centered around skits and satirical political commentary. The hour and a half long show usually contained at least seven different current event topics. In the second season, the show was trimmed down to an hour. Other notable cast members included Chevy Chase. Contributors included Albert Brooks and Andy Rooney. Some of the skits would later be revamped for the movie The Groove Tube. There were also occasional short films presented on the show, most of them "experimental" or documentaries about artistic endeavours. Some of these were subtitled. Each week there was also a Great American Hero segment. One week was Evel Knievel; played over Evel's hospital footage was a honky-tonk song about putting body parts back together. The song was written and performed by Martin Mull.

Sailor Suit and Machine Gun 2006

High school student Hoshi Izumi loses her father suddenly in an accident. One day, Sakuma, the waka gashira of a small and weak Yakuza gang in Asakusa - the Medaka Gumi - pays Izumi a visit along with the gang members. The death of their former kumicho (Boss) puts Medaka Gumi on the verge of a breakup. Therefore, Sakuma begs Izumi, the former boss's only distant relative left, to succeed to the kumicho position. Izumi is taken by surprise and keeps refusing at first. However, she ends up becoming the 8th kumicho of the Medaka Gumi! The police tell her that her father's death may possibly be a homicide case. There's also Mayumi, a mysterious woman staring closely at Izumi's father's photograph at his funeral. The situation becomes complicated when the drug-dealing vicious yakuza, Hamaguchi Gumi, comes into the picture as well as Sandaiji Hajime, a politician whose public stance is to eliminate drugs.

Machine Robo Rescue 2003

Machine Robo Rescue was a Japanese anime television series produced by Sunrise and the most recent Machine Robo series to date. A total of 53 episodes and a two-episode special were aired on TV Tokyo from January 8, 2003 to January 3, 2004. The series was inspired by the Machine Robo toyline from Bandai.

Man, Moment, Machine

Man, Moment, Machine was a television series which aired on The History Channel and was hosted by Hunter Ellis. It documented an important event in history and went into detail about, as the title suggests, the man and his background, the machine and how it was made, and the outcome.

The Love Machine

The Love Machine is a British dating show hosted by Chris Moyles and Stacey Solomon. It began airing on Sky Living in the UK on 11 March 2012.

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