The Harrad Experiment 1973

At fictional Harrad College students learn about sexuality and experiment with each other. Based on the 1962 book of the same name by Robert Rimmer, this movie deals with the concept of free love during the height of the sexual revolution which took place in the United States.

Serial Experiments Lain 1998

Lain is an avant-garde anime influenced by philosophical subjects such as reality, identity, and communication. The series focuses on Lain Iwakura, an adolescent girl living in suburban Japan, and her introduction to the Wired, a global communications network similar to the Internet.

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment 2002

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a half-hour-long American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series that was broadcast on The WB. The host and star of the show is Jamie Kennedy, a comedian who presented a reality TV format which combined hidden camera with sketch comedy. The show was cancelled in April 2004 after having failing ratings on The WB. It was then picked up by the G4 network for syndication in October 2006.

The Experiment 2002

The Experiment was a documentary series broadcast on BBC television in 2002 produced by Steve Reicher and Alex Haslam in which 15 men are randomly selected to be either "prisoner" or guard, contained in a simulated prison over an eight-day period. “The BBC Prison Study explores the social and psychological consequences of putting people in groups of unequal power. It examines when people accept inequality and when they challenge it”. The documentary presented the findings of what subsequently became known as The BBC Prison Study

The Quatermass Experiment 1953

The story of the first manned flight into space, supervised by Professor Bernard Quatermass of the British Experimental Rocket Group. When the spaceship that carried the first successful crew returns to Earth, two of the three astronauts are missing, and the third is behaving strangely. It becomes apparent that an alien presence entered the ship during its flight, and Quatermass and his associates must prevent the alien from destroying the world.

Canada: The Great Experiment

Canada: The Great Experiment was an educational television show which was produced and broadcast by TVOntario in 1981-82. The series was narrated by Sir John A. Macdonald, played by veteran actor Colin Fox.

The Spearman Experiment

The Spearman Experiment was an Australian television series, hosted by Magda Szubanski that counts down Australian pop culture's most defining people and topics based on a public poll commented on by various Australian 'celebrities'. The series began development in May 2009, and was officially announced in early August 2009. The show is named for Charles Spearman, who developed Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, the statistical technique used to survey the public to produce the show's rankings.

Million Pound Property Experiment 2003

Million Pound Property Experiment was a television series in 2003–2004 which aired on BBC Two in the United Kingdom in which designers Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan bought, renovated and re-sold properties for a profit. This, as they gambled with a £100,000 loan from the BBC, with the ultimate goal being a sale of a property for £1 million. Taking over two and a half years in the making for the TV series for seven, 60-minute weekly TV slots. Viewers saw them buy, renovate and sell seven properties across Britain, ranging from £100,000 to £1.25 million. It drew an audience of over four million regular viewers as they attempted to leap up the property ladder in seven rungs. They started off with a tiny place in Birmingham for £100,000 and traded up after every sale on a nationwide challenge to find the next potential property. In the end, they ended with a net profit of £290,000. The programme starred Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan as interior designers and Nigel Leck, a full-time developer who project-managed their refurbishments. At the end of the series, the original purchase and interest had to be returned with any profits donated to Children in Need. Their advice is sensible rather than original or inspired – find areas on the up, buy the worst house in the best street, research what sort of people buy in the area and aim your development squarely at them.

Teen Big Brother: The Experiment 2003

Teen Big Brother was a United Kingdom spin off of the popular television programme Big Brother in which teenagers inhabited the house. The show was presented by Dermot O'Leary.

Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment 2002

Dave Gorman, never one to turn down a daft quest, decides to live his life strictly by the advice of horoscopes for 40 days and nights. He picks 20 astrologers and picks one piece of clear advice each day to follow. To ensure that he can compare his happiness with how he would have been without the advice, he uses his twin brother as a control. A panel of experts on love, health and wealth sit in judgement on how he has done in order to ascertain his HQ (happiness quotient).

The Mother/Daughter Experiment: Celebrity Edition 2016

The mother/daughter relationship is notoriously complicated...and when the mothers and daughters happen to be celebrities, their drama is exposed for everyone to see. Six mother/daughter pairs will air all their dirty laundry to repair their broken relationships. Emotions run high as therapist Dr. Debbie Magids guides them through explosive therapy and intense exercises to move past their differences and rebuild their bonds. Will this experience bring out the best or worst in these mothers and daughters? Is this a new beginning or the beginning of the end of these famous relationships?

Fatal Experiments: The Downfall of a Supersurgeon 2016

The series investigates Paolo Macchiarini’s claims to have invented a ground-breaking method to create new organs. His method using plastic tracheas sown with stemcells has been operated on patients in the US, Russia, Sweden and the UK. So far, unfortunately, the track record of his plastic organs is not very good. Almost all patients are dead. And several of his former surgeon colleagues in Sweden claim that not only does the method not work, but that his scientific claim to fame is based on falsified and misrepresented data. Some even claim that his patients have been used as human guinea-pigs.

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