Stray Dogz 2015

Tadaomy Ando became a yakuza boss at a young age. Because of his subordinate, he quit the yakuza. Now, he learns from Takashi Konaka the trade of illegal money lending and how to collect debts. Tadaomy Ando decides to become a loan shark. He has customers, but has a hard time collecting debts.

Stray Dogz 3 2016

Tukasa works for Tadaomy’s loan shark company. He picks up more female debtors because of his appealing looks. One day, Erina appears in front of Tukasa. Erina used to be an idol and she now sings on the street.

Stray Dogz 2 2016

Tadaomy works as a loan shark. He hires Tukasa to work for him. One day, Tadaomy’s debtor, Okabayashi, asks to borrow two million yen more. Tadaomy trusts Okabayashi who has payed back sincerely, but Okabayashi suddenly disappears.

Stray Dogz 6 2017

After buying a defaulted loan on the cheap, a loan shark is at odds with himself when he discovers his former lover is married to the missing debtor.

Stray Dogz 5 2017

In the past, Tukasa entered numerous fake marriages and divorces to steal money from loan sharks. He has many records of marriage and divorce on his family register. One day, Tukasa ,who is working for loan shark company “Last Finance,” receives a phone call from a loan company. The loan company tells Tukasa that his wife on his family register borrowed money from them and ran away. As her husband, he is now liable for his wife's debt. Tukasa finds himself in a difficult situation. At that time, Tukasa’s boss Tadaomy assigns a new client to Tukasa. Tukasa’s new client is Mitsuo. Mitsuo takes care of jos mother with Alzheimer’s. He works as a contract employee for an air conditioner installer and is experiencing financial difficulties.

Stray Dogz 7 2017

Tired of his relentless loan-sharking ways, former-male-host Tsukasa Sudo settles into a new job as a thankless errand boy for a local hostess club.

Stray Dogz 4 2016

When a friend from his yakuza past gets released from prison, a loan shark and his former-male-host sidekick help the ex-con get back on his feet.

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