Siew Lup 2017

Mia, an ex-prostitute, is trapped in a loveless marriage with the abusive Quan (Sunny Pang, who also stars in Headshot in this year’s Festival lineup), a butcher who runs a roast meat shop. When she meets sensitive funeral director Wu, their passion for one another escalates into an affair. But the path to true love is fraught with jealousy, forcing someone to make a deadly move.

The Last Theft 1987

A man breaks into a large, seemingly abandoned old house to plunder the gold received. But the house is really abandoned?

Wolf 1994

Publisher Will Randall becomes a werewolf and has to fight to keep his job.

Wolf 2013

A young boxer is making a name for himself inside the ring. Outside the ring, he is sucked into a world of crime. He becomes increasingly entangled in his own ambition.

The Wolfman 2010

Lawrence Talbot, an American man on a visit to Victorian London to make amends with his estranged father, gets bitten by a werewolf and, after a moonlight transformation, leaves him with a savage hunger for flesh.

The Prey 2011

A robber escapes from prison with a single objective in mind: to track down his former cellmate, a serial killer who intends to pin his crimes on him. A cop is sent after the robber who, despite his best efforts, soon becomes Public Enemy Number One. As the protagonists are driven to their limits, it becomes increasingly unclear who is the hunter and who is the prey.

Hulk vs. Wolverine 2009

Department H sends in Wolverine to track down a mysterious beast known by the US Military as the Hulk, who is rampaging across the Canadian wilderness. Surveying the extent of the damage to a destroyed town, Wolverine notices a toxic scent as well as the smell of gunpowder. He is then deployed to the wilderness to resume tracking the creature.

A Seaman's Wife 2003

Lupe (Andrea del Rosario) and Manolo (Leandro Munoz) are a young couple whose marriage life is about to undergo a drastic change when Manolo leaves for another country.

Lupins 1936

Short nature documentary by Mary Field and F. Percy Smith.

Lupo! 1970

Menahem Golan directs this warmhearted comedy. A wily widower that deals in used furniture fights progress (and city hall). His home slated to be bulldozed, his business in trouble and his daughter poised to leave the nest with her wealthy fiancé, small-time Tel Aviv junk dealer Lupo (Yehuda Barkan) still finds the courage to keep his life, and his pride, intact.

Promise 2005

The film tells about members of Finnish women's Lotta Service during the Second World War through the eyes of three young women.

Lupe 1966

Andy Warhol’s film Lupe (1966) restages the mythic account of one celebrity’s suicide as a strategic ploy to envision another’s. Lupe is known to be Warhol’s take on Kenneth Anger’s own fabricated account of Lupe Vélez’s (also known as Hollywood’s ‘Mexican Spitfire’) suicide; Edie Sedgwick is cast as Vélez living out her last morning, evening and final dramatic exit. (

Lupe 1967

The film — a mix of music, colors, abstract scenes and little dialogue — is based loosely on the life and death of Mexican-American actress Lupe Velez. The music, far more than mere background, borders on serving as the film’s narrative and ranges from classical to contemporary pop music.

Lupino 2014

Anthony, Orsu and Pierre-Marie belong to Lupino. They grew up here, in these public housings trapped between the motorway and the hills, far from the seaside, far from the city center, far from anything. When summer comes, they go down the streets. They spend together long restless days on public benches and waste grounds, aching for some shadow, for some company, for an escape.

Wolf 2013

Wolf is a lonely boy who surrounds himself by a world that responds to his desires. He brings Clara, the girl he loves, inside this world but when he can't be sure if she is still real or become imaginary he feels trapped and wants to escape.

Wolfblood 2013

Being a teenager is hard enough. Being a Wolfblood teenager is ten times more complicated. 14 year old Maddy loves her abilities - heightened senses, being faster, stronger and more graceful - but hates the secrets that come with them.

Sea Wolf 2010

Sea Wolf - movie. This miniseries is a screen version of the 1941 movie by the same name which was adapted from the book written by Jack London.

Big Wolf on Campus 1999

Big Wolf on Campus is a Canadian television series created by Peter A. Knight and Christopher Briggs that ran from 1999 to 2002. In the lighthearted horror/teen drama tradition of Sabrina, The Teenage Witch, it is about a teenage boy named Thomas "Tommy" P. Dawkins, who was bitten by a werewolf during a camping trip in the woods a week before his senior year. After becoming a werewolf, he fights against vampires, cat women, ghosts, zombies, and other supernatural entities to keep his hometown of Pleasantville safe, even though almost everyone in Pleasantville believes that their protector, "The Pleasantville Werewolf", is dangerous.

Arsène Lupin 1971

Arsène Lupin is a French TV show which was co-produced with German, Canadian, Belgian, Dutch, Swiss, Italian and Austrian TV stations. It was only loosely based on Maurice Leblancs novels. Georges Descrières' portrayal of Arsène Lupin showed more similarity to Graf Yoster than to Maurice Leblanc's original. He behaved in the first place as a perfect gentleman who never got angry. He was always relaxed, because whatever could possibly had bothered him in daily life was taken care of by his butler. It wasn't questioned how he had come to his financial independence although the series sometimes discreetly implied that he was a professional criminal. Besides rescuing damsels in distress Lupin took on criminals, competing with their wit and intelligence. Either he stole paintings from rich people who had to be considered white-collar criminals or he acted as a detective who derailed criminal schemes. However, when he was attacked, he could defend himself effortlessly by using elegant jujutsu methods. Among the guest stars were German actors such as Günter Strack and Sky du Mont. Jean-Paul Salomé said in his commentary on the DVD version of his film Arsène Lupin he had like this series as a child. German TV, one the investors, would broadcast the show eventually between 18:00-20:00 o'clock because it was only allowed to show commercials within that very timeslot. For them to get a financial return on investment the show had to be appropriate for families and also for children who would watch it alone. Subsequently it was nearby to ask to defuse and flatten some of Leblanc's plots in order to avoid possible complaints that could force the station to broadcast the show beyond the "Vorabendprogramm".

Lupin the Third 1971

Arsene Lupin III is the grandson of the master thief Arsene Lupin. With his cohorts Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII and his love interest Fujiko Mine, he pulls off the greatest heists of all time while always escaping the grasp of Inspector Koichi Zenigata.

Jangan Lupa Lirik!

Jangan Lupa Lirik! or JLL! is a Malaysian quiz show format of Don't Forget the Lyrics! with a jackpot of RM 1,000,000. It is currently shown on Astro Ria since April 28, 2008.

Lupin the 3rd 1977

The master thief Lupin III and his cronies continue their globe-trotting exploits, with the stubborn Inspector Zenigata ever at their trail.

Young & Promising 2015

Three ambitious girls in their 20s—Elise, Alex and Nenne—try to make their dreams come true in Oslo. The girls discover that pretty much everyone, including their parents, have no idea what they're doing with their lives. As they try and break into adulthood, they take comfort in the fact that really we are all just a bunch of fuck-ups doing the best we can.

Leya, Ang Pinakamagandang Babae Sa Ilalim Ng Lupa

Leya, Ang Pinakamagandang Babae sa Ilalim ng Lupa is a Fantasy-Drama series produced by T.A.P.E., Inc. and aired over GMA Network. Directed by Ruel Bayani, this series is about fairies, mortals, witches and a love story that will prove that the greatest magic is the power of love.

Poppy Cat 2013

Join Poppy Cat and her friends as they embark on extraordinary adventures through fantastical lands. Seen through the eyes of Poppy's imaginative young owner, a little girl named Lara, each episode tells the tale of a very special cat and her colorful band of friends.

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger 2018

The Lupin Collection, a vast ensemble of dangerous items acquired by the legendary gentleman thief Arsène Lupin, was stolen by an interdimensional crime syndicate known as Gangler. The Gangler receive opposition from two Super Sentai teams: one being the Lupinrangers who aim to steal back the collection to not only live up their namesake's reputation but also wish back those they have lost. The other team are Patrangers, tasked to uphold justice by retrieving the collection and taking down the members of Gangler. Both teams fight not only the Gangler, but each other, in order to collect the pieces of the Lupin Collection.

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