Shanghai Knights 2003

The dynamic duo of Chon Wang and Roy O'Bannon return for another crazy adventure. This time, they're in London to avenge the murder of Chon's father, but end up on an even bigger case. Chon's sister is there to do the same, but instead unearths a plot to kill the royal family. No one believes her, though, and it's up to Chon and Roy (who has romance on his mind) to prove her right.

Shanghai Noon 2000

Chon Wang, a clumsy imperial guard trails Princess Pei Pei when she is kidnapped from the Forbidden City and transported to America. Wang follows her captors to Nevada, where he teams up with an unlikely partner, outcast outlaw Roy O'Bannon, and tries to spring the princess from her imprisonment.

Shanghai 2010

An American man returns to a corrupt, Japanese-occupied Shanghai four months before Pearl Harbor and discovers his friend has been killed. While he unravels the mysteries of the death, he falls in love and discovers a much larger secret that his own government is hiding.

The Shanghai Spell 2002

A fourteen year old lad discovers his first love at the point of his pencil whilst drawing the portrait of a sickly but coquettish fifteen year old girl. In the neighbourhood an old freedom-fighter pits himself against bad types, a pretty cinema-ticket girl takes to the streets at night and a young anarchist dedicates himself to telling tall stories. Far away, in Shanghai, a hero of the Republic meets a beautiful femme fatal with oriental eyes. Reality and fiction become fused in an embrace.

Shanghai Fortress 2019

Set in the future, the city of Shanghai battle to defend itself against an ongoing attack by an alien force that has attacked and laid siege to numerous cities around the globe in it's quest to harvest a hidden energy only found on earth.

Shanghai 2012

Prime leader of a campaign against a big government project is killed in what appears to be a road accident. An IAS officer is ordered to probe the incident and the veils of falsehood begin to drop.

Shanghai 13 1984

A patriot finds evidence that the government is collaborating with a foreign power. If the people knew about the deception, they would revolt and overthrow the corrupt government. One patriot in office steals the proof and must make it out of the country. He gets assistance from a local rebel leader who is in charge of a motley group of fighters called the Shanghai 13. Not all of them can be trusted, as some of them will turn in the government official. Our weak protagonist must run a gauntlet of the who's who already mentioned.

Lady Blue Shanghai 2010

A nameless woman (Marion Cotillard) enters her Shanghai hotel room to find a vintage record playing and a blue Dior purse that seems to come from nowhere. The security guards that search her room find nothing and ask if the bag belongs to an acquaintance. The question reveals to the woman a vision of her traveling to the Pearl Tower and old Shanghai in search of a lost lover who cant stay with her...

The Longest Night In Shanghai 2007

A successful Japanese make-up artist collides with a tough-talking Shanghai taxi driver in this romantic dramedy that twists traditional roles by making the beauty expert a male and the cab driver a feisty female. Although he works in a glamorous industry, Naoki Mizushima (Masahiro Motoki) can't help but notice that his life is anything but beautiful. Can the uncouth Lin Xi (Wei Zhao) help him make over his life for the better?

The Shanghai Drama 1938

A Russian emigrant sings in a Shanghai nightclub under the assumed name of Kay Murphy. All she dreams of is a peaceful life with her daughter Vera. But this is only a pipe dream as she has been forced by her former lover Ivan to work for a secret criminal organization, "The Black Dragon". Vera, who studies in a Hong Kong boarding-school, knows nothing about her mother's past. When Ivan, who is also Vera's father, resurfaces and blackmails Kay, the young woman is determined to fight back...

Exile Shanghai 1997

Six life stories of German, Austrian and Russian Jews which intersect in exile in Shanghai.

Shanghai Baby 2007

In rain-drenched Berlin, the passionate, life-loving young writer Coco seeks the closing chapter of her novel, which begins in the turbulent city of Shanghai at the outset of the 21st century. Coco leads an intense life in the lively subculture of the boomtown Shanghai. It revolves around endless nights spent in the Shanghai club and art scene, sex, literature and the writing of her first novel. Her life takes an unexpectedly complicated turn when she suddenly feels attracted to two very opposite men.

Shanghai Grand 1996

Gangsters abound in this lively, romantic crime drama that is set in Shanghai during WW II. The tale of Taiwanese patriot Hsu Wen-Chiang begins as he is washed up on a beach near Shanghai. He is taken in by Ting Lik, a kindly beggar who is desperately in love with Feng Ching-Ching, the daughter of a prominent gangster. It isn't long before Ting Lik successfully rises through the underworld ranks to become one of the city's most powerful gangsters. Hsu is beside him all the way and uses his own power to get revenge against those who tried to have him killed much earlier. The film's later focus is on the exploits of Feng who long ago had a relationship with Hsu when he was on the lam in northern China. Back in the present, Hsu and Feng meet again by chance and they resume their affair until Hsu learns that Feng's father is one of his enemies and kills him. Poor Feng goes mad with grief. Ting finds out and swears revenge upon Hsu.

Shanghai Rumba 2006

Wanyu (Yuan Quan) has married into a wealthy family but is irresistibly drawn into the world of the movies and famous actor Ah Chuan.

Great Shanghai 1937 1986

In August 1937, Japanese troops occupied Shanghai. Three leaders in Shanghai go their separate ways: Jinrong Huang never sees other people; Xiaolin Zhang makes a great fortune and Yuesheng Du leaves for HongKong. Japanese form The Traitors Agents Headquarters to kill Chinese people. The patriotistic people composes the assassination team.

Shanghai Bund 2007

Shanghai Bund is a 2007 Chinese television series and a remake of the 1980 Hong Kong television series The Bund produced by TVB. Directed by Gao Xixi, the series starred Huang Xiaoming, Betty Sun, Li Xuejian and Huang Haibo in the lead roles.

The Bund 1980

The Bund is a Hong Kong period drama television series first broadcast on TVB in 1980. It is praised as the Godfather of the east and spawned several sequels, remakes and film adaptations. The theme song of the series, performed by Frances Yip, also became a memorable Cantopop hit.

Shanghai Vice 1999

In a city where heroin dealing can bring the death sentence, drug rings mean business…and so do the police. The activities of the city’s vice squad – including high-level sting operations and the interrogations of murder suspects and drug runners - are at the heart of the stories.

Lord of Shanghai 2015

In a time when Shanghai was controlled by the merciless warlords, sworn brothers Kiu Ngo Tin (Anthony Wong) and Kung Siu San (Wayne Lai) have to rely on each other. Together, the ruthless Siu San and the cunning Ngo Tin create a world of their own, but in order stay on top, Ngo Tin has no choice but to leave his past behind completely, including his confidant and true love Ku Siu Lau (Myolie Wu), a Peking opera apprentice.

Martial Law 1998

Martial Law is an American/Canadian crime drama that aired on CBS from 1998 to 2000, and was created by Carlton Cuse. The title character, Sammo Law, portrayed by Sammo Hung, was a Chinese law officer and martial arts expert who came to Los Angeles in search of a colleague and remains in the US. The show was a surprise hit, making Hung the only East Asian headlining a prime-time network series in the United States. At the time, Hung was not fluent in English, and he reportedly recited some of his dialogue phonetically. In many scenes, Hung did not speak at all, making Martial Law perhaps the only US television series in history that featured so little dialogue from the lead character.

A Romance in Shanghai

A Romance in Shanghai is a modern television serial jointly produced by MediaCorp and a China television production company. Starring Singaporean actress Fann Wong in her first non-Singaporean production, the serial is set in modern-day Shanghai where she plays a rich girl on holiday in the romantic city to reunite with her American-based Singaporean boyfriend. When she discovers he has been unfaithful to her, she seeks solace in the company of a Shanghainese divorcee.

Au Revoir Shanghai

Au Revoir Shanghai is a TVB period drama series released overseas in May 2006 and aired on TVB Pay Vision Channel in August 2008.

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai 1996

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai, also known as New Bund, is a Hong Kong television series and a remake of the 1980 television series The Bund. It was first aired on TVB in Hong Kong in 1996. The series starred Sunny Chan, Gordon Lam and Nadia Chan as the original characters Hui Man-keung, Ting Lik and Fung Ching-ching respectively. It introduced some new changes to the original story, featuring new characters played by Adam Cheng, Carol Cheng and others.

Son of the Dragon 2008

When the Royal Family decides to accept suitors for the hand of Princess Li Wei, a young thief who calls himself 'Devil Boy' decides to pose as a prince in order to swipe the crown jewels. To his surprise, he ends up genuinely falling in love with the young woman, placing himself and his faithful servant in the crosshairs of the dangerous Prince of the North.

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