Suna no kage 2008

"Shadow of Sand" - Set in Tokyo in the 1980's. Yukie, a young woman lives with the vision of the lover she has murdered. After his death he continues to appear in her room. Yukie maintains her usual life, trying to avoid discovery of her crime until a new lover turns up.

Goldfish Go Home 2012

A combination of fantasy and comedy, director Shohei Shiozaki’s debut film is a youthful tale portraying the importance of friendship through the struggles of an immigrant family, while offering a beautiful celebration of Japanese culture.

My Brothers, Footloose Tramps 1971

A chance meeting between Vantar, who succeeded his father as leader of the clan, and the beautiful Gypsy woman Maira triggers the beginning of a passionate love. But he is not the only one who desires her.

The Brotherhood IV: the Complex 2005

Lee Hanlon, the smartest student at an elite military school called the Complex, is intrigued by the academy's Black Skulls brotherhood but finds himself thrust into the role of global savior when he discovers their devilish origin.

Yes, Virginia 2009

New York City, 1897. A little girl named Virginia O'Hanlon loves Christmas more than anything else in the world. But when a schoolyard bully challenges her belief in Santa Claus, Virginia embarks on a quest across the city to prove he is real. With her best friend Ollie in tow, Virginia meets everyone from an overeager librarian to a Scraggly Santa raising money for the poor. Finally her father inspires her to write a letter to the New York Sun newspaper, claiming 'If you see it in the Sun, it's so.' Based on the true story of the most famous newspaper editorial of all time, Yes, Virginia is a charming and heartwarming tale about believing in the true spirit of Christmas. - Voices by Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Alfred Molina, and Beatrice Miller (Toy Story 3)

700 Days of Battle: Us vs. the Police 2008

Set on the backdrop of 1979 a group of troublemaking teenagers led by Mamachari (Hayato Ichihara) decide to prank Chuzai-san (Kuranosuke Sasaki) the local police officer who caught Mamachari’s friend Saijo (Takuya Ishida) for speeding on his scooter, Chuzai-san gets them suspended from school which only causes the teenagers to retaliate, They discover that Chuzai-san is married to an attractive woman named Kanako (Kumiko Aso) only making their pranks worse.

Memento 2002

A cop, a blind psychologist, and a mysterious murderer are embroiled in a mental game copying thriller movies. As the suspects are being killed one after another, the case seems to be heading to a dead end. When the answer seems to be knocking at the door, as the murderer finally is exposed and killed, the unexpected is standing right in front of them...

Hidden Passion 1991

There is hidden passion galore as a plain middle aged house wife looks after her wheel chair bound husband who has lost interest in sex. Her young slutty niece, who dresses provocatively wearing thigh high boots, comes to stay with them. There is a nerdy young neighbour who lusts after our Mrs Robinson and of course the ubiquitous local shop keeper who lusts after our young hero for some unknown reason and is a chunky Korean looking actress. The movie is set in the boondocks of HK away from the picturesque city towers that we come to associate with all HK crime melodramas and moves toward ts inevitable finale.

Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles SP 2016

Mysterious transfer student Mitsukuni Naruto (Ryo Narita) appears in front of Koizumi (Akari Hayami). Koizumi and Mitsukuni have different opinions about ramen which leads them into arguments. They decide to have a battle over who has a deeper love of ramen. --asianwiki

Only You 1986

After the story of same name of Ilyas Afandiyev. The film is about two young people's love.

The Elimination Pursuit 1983

The plot it involves getting rid of the Devil Clan, a gang of very efficient robbers who have never been caught. The depredations must have gotten more blatant because two constables, played by Pearl Cheung Ling and Tin Hok are both tasked with eliminating them. Pearl Cheung recruits Lam Gwong-Wing who is either the third constable of the title or an informant. Lam is a bit of a goof—he would rather lounge in luxury with beautiful young women peeling grapes for him than go after the Devil Clan—which seems to make a lot of sense—but he reluctantly goes along with her after she threatens him. Lam is literally grabbed away from her by the constable played by Tin Hok for his war for his parallel operation. There is a third figure, neither a constable nor a Devil Clanner. He is Wolf Warrior who simply shows up and kills people—lots of people.

Oiesan 2014

Traces the rise of the company Suzuki Shoten from the 1880's to 1919. After the death of her husband, Yoni Suzuki and her general manager built the company from a small sugar importer into Japan's largest trading and manufacturing company.

Kismet 2014

Turkish soap operas have taken the world by storm, conquering the hearts of millions of viewers in the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans and Asia. With unprecedented access to the industry’s most glamorous actors and creative talent, Kismet unravels the secrets of this phenomenal success that transcends religion and culture. From the lavish production sets of the most popular Turkish soap operas, the film travels to streets and homes in Cairo, Abu Dhabi, Istanbul, Athens, Sofia and Mostar, to discover how these taboo-breaking soaps are helping women across the region to claim their rights and transform their lives.

Marco: 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother 1999

Marco, a young Italian boy, is searching for his mother across Latin America after her letters mysteriously stop arriving. On his travels Marco encounters people who care for him and help him along his way; however, he must also face the evils of the adults who care for nothing but themselves and decide to take advantage of his situation.

Prom Night 1980

This slasher movie follows a relentless killer who is out to avenge the death of a young girl who died after being bullied and teased by four of her classmates. Now high-school students, the guilt-ridden kids have kept their involvement a secret, but when they start being murdered, one by one, it's clear that someone knows the truth. Also coping with the past are members of the dead girl's family, most notably her prom-queen sister, Kim Hammond (Jamie Lee Curtis).

Free and Easy 18 2007

Hama-chan goes to Okayama to look for Su-san when he goes missing a few days after freezing up during his inaugural speech as the company chairman.

One Against One... No Mercy 1968

Bill learns that his father, during the American Civil War, was accused of theft and killed. Convinced of his innocence, Bill discovers the true robbers.

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