Chivas: The Movie 2018

A documentary that chronicles the recent years of the famous C.D. Guadalajara, a Mexican football club commonly known as 'Chivas', their ups and downs, victories and struggles.

Una Película de Huevos 2006

A small egg named Toto decides that he wants to fulfill his purpose in life and become a chicken instead of dying in a frying pan; so he starts a quest to return to the farms along with his new friend, the noisy egg Willy and a crazy bacon stripe. The three friends will face lot of obstacles in their quest.

Winning Streak 2012

Winning Streak is the astonishing story of a group of young down-and-outs who are presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity; to change their luck and set off on the adventure of their lives. Thanks to an infallible method based on the roulette wheel’s imperfection, their lifestyle is about to become better than their wildest dreams, as they set out to break the banks at casinos around the world.

Peluca 2003

The short film which Napoleon Dynamite was based off of shows a day in the life of Seth, super nerd extraordinaire; rocking the megalopolis of Preston, Idaho, and soon the world, with his illegal ninja moves and his sweet fanny pack. GOSH!

Pelican Man 2004

Wanting to know the ways of people, a pelican turns into a gawky young man who soon learns to speak, thanks to his outstanding talent in imitation. He befriends Emil and Elsa, two children who--unlike adults--see that their new neighbor "Mr Berd" is not human but a big bird wearing a suit. The Pelican Man lands a job at the opera and falls in love with a pretty ballerina, looking so much like a bird herself. Troubles start when adults too find out about "Mr Berd's" ornithological origin.

Shawn Pelofsky: Stretch it Out! 2018

Comedienne, Shawn Pelofsky, stirs things up with her tales of growing up Jewish in Oklahoma, traveling to war zones and sailing on gay male cruises.

Pelt 2012

After committing murder, Rufus a Fur trapper must decide between keeping his dark deed a secret or exposing his crime to save the woman he loves, from the very man he killed.

Inside Fur 2014

A group of highly motivated activists work for years with the goal of exposing the true face of the Nordic fur industry. They sneak into hundreds of fur farms. When their images are publicized it causes media feasts and public outrage, year after year. However, the industry always strikes back. Nothing changes. A new approach is needed. So, psychologist Frank Nervik tells the fur industry that he plans to become a fur farmer. He asks for training. Nervik is accepted as one of them, and starts learning the trade secrets. Without anybody knowing, he films his training with a hidden camera.

Pelli 1966

Film starring Ananth, Brahmanandam and Giribabu

Seducing Witchcraft 1987

Saraswati and Pandu get married. Sam, whose love was rejected by Saraswati, intrudes into their lives. Saraswati’s concern is proven when Pandu has an accident. He breaks his leg and his face is injured. With a help of a shaman, Sam manages to disfigure Pandu's face and seduce Saraswati. Sam's girlfriend Utari becomes irate over all of this and finds another shaman to harm Saraswati. Can Islamic religious leader Kyai sort all this out?


Luzía visits the eight stages of the 'pilgrimage' that the intellectuals Otero Pedrayo, Vicente Risco and Ben-Cho-Shey hiked from Ourense to San Andrés de Teixido in 1927; the story of the journey was published in the book ‘Pelerinaxes I’ (Pilgrimages I). She carries out this journey in order to finish up an audiovisual project about Otero Pedrayo’s book started at the University, together with a colleague who passed away in an accident.

Pelican Blood

The horse trainer Wiebke adopts Melva from abroad, but soon she has to learn that the girl suffers from an attachment disorder and does not build an emotional connection to anybody around her. Melva constantly puts others in great danger, especially her older adoptive sister Nicola. After a neurologist explains that Melva will have life-long troubles and does not feel any empathy, Wiebke has to decide whether she is willing to keep her and risk Nicola’s well-being.

Skin 2006

Pele is a film about a young mulatto woman that in spite of being rich, beautiful and intelligent, feels discriminated because of the colour of her skin. The entire plot is in the early 70's, when Portugal had a dictatorial government, ultramarine territories and lots of racism in its society… Issues like racism, female condition and the spoilt lives of the high-society are the main themes of this movie

Pelota 1983

A documentary view of the Basque ball-game in which a small hard leather ball is hit against a wall. The film gives an impression of the game itself and of those who play it, not only the star performers (and the myths that surround them), but also those who just play in the streets and alleyways. The film sees the game it its cultural context and conveys the emotions and stories that are peculiar to the Basque country.


Swedish Movie based on August Strindberg

Pelikula 1985

Directed by Raymond Red.

Dumpling Brothers 2013

Two brothers are brought together again by the death of their father. They try to distract the mother from her loss by convincing her to make dumplings for them and their friends. They fake an enormous demand just to keep her busy, not knowing what to do with all the dumplings …

Full Moon 1979

A ruminative, understated drama on the nature of overwork versus an "unachieving" life away from the city, Pelnia examines the experience of one man. After leaving his high-pressured existence as a successful architect, the newly resolved dropout goes to live in a small community of cabins and summer homes in a lake-filled region north of Warsaw. His interactions with the villagers, including a drunkard and other eccentrics, provide an informative background for what happens next. The ex-architect's wife is a professional singer who has not abandoned the city or her life -- and she soon arrives to spend some time with her very changed husband.

Pelada 2010

Away from professional stadiums, bright lights, and manicured fields, there’s another side of soccer. Tucked away on alleys, side streets, and concrete courts, people play in improvised games. Every country has a different word for it. In the United States, we call it “pick-up soccer.” In Trinidad, it's "taking a sweat." In England, it's "having a kick-about." In Brazil, the word is “pelada,” which literally means "naked"—the game stripped down to its core. It’s the version of the game played by anyone, anywhere—and it’s a window into lives all around the world. Pelada is a documentary following Luke and Gwendolyn, two former college soccer stars who didn’t quite make it to the pros. Not ready for it to be over, they take off, chasing the game. From prisoners in Bolivia to moonshine brewers in Kenya, from freestylers in China to women who play in hijab in Iran, Pelada is the story of the people who play.

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