The Leisure Seeker 2018

A runaway couple go on an unforgettable journey from Boston to Key West, recapturing their passion for life and their love for each other on a road trip that provides revelation and surprise right up to the very end.

Leisure 1976

The animated history of leisure: that concept most commonly known as free time.

Ladies of Leisure 1930

Jerry Strong is the son of a rich businessman, but wants to be a painter. He hires Kay Arnold, a good girl with a bad past, as a model. They fall in love, and plan to get married. But Jerry's parents raise strong objections.

Leisure Time 2006

A group of middle class Egyptian youths experience growing up and dealing with drugs and sex.

L for Leisure 2014

A dreamy, ironic comedy about a generation of hedonistic students in the 1990s. Their favourite activity: talking endlessly. During a series of vacation days filled with sun-drenched naps, squabbling, waterskiing competitions and love-making, the amateur actors discuss their concerns in dry dialogues. For instance, semi-intellectual reflections on the end of time and how Michael Jordan plays basketball.

The Theory of the Leisure Class 2001

A group of kids on a field trip in western rural America accidentally discover the bodies of two murdered children. Who they are is a mystery. Corrupt reporter Cindie arrives in town and bribes bar owner Julie into spilling her life story. As the night unfolds, Julie reveals her history of deception, adultery and events kept secret that may hold the key to the fate of the murdered children.

Repent at Leisure 1941

Everyone in a large department store knows that a rising star is married to the owner's daughter, except her husband.

The Leisure Class 2012

A chamber comedy about a man trying to marry into a wealthy family and his wild, unpredictable brother who could ruin everything.

Education for Leisure 2010

A troubled boy, who is angered by everything; but it's the little things that make all the difference.

Heroes at Leisure 1939

This short film focuses on a group of lifeguards from a Southern California beach during the off season.

Gents of Leisure 1931

Chester and Vernon are a couple of loafers who find a dollar and treat themselves to a meal, unaware that the dollar has fallen out of their money pouch. They must eat and run, and the plot escalates to an all out train chase in the best slapstick fashion.

An Experiment in Leisure 2016

An Experiment in Leisure explores the link between free time and creativity, between leisure and the kind of imaginative contemplation it facilitates.

Doctor Who: The Leisure Hive 1980

The Doctor and Romana arrive on Argolis in search of a peaceful holiday at the famed Leisure Hive. Instead they become embroiled in both a takeover scheme by the Argolins' historic enemy the Foamasi and the machinations of Pangol, child of the Generator.

A Leisure Society of Severe Preponderence 2011

Filmed on location in The Hague September 1995 at the Crossing Border Festival A Leisure Society Of Severe Preponderence delivers a devastating assault on conformity culture, neo-liberal politics, literary pretension and the all around follies of the Western world. Using, ironically, anti-art strategies – appropriation, violation and collage, he Kaganof splinters the division between the high and the low, revelling in the contradictions and absurdities that transpire in a life lived crossing borders.

Leisure Talk

《大城小聚》,是加拿大新時代電視製作的一個清談節目,逢星期一至五 加拿大溫哥華和多倫多時間晚上18:20在新時代電視播出。 節目在1998年8月啟播,內容是報導、邀請,內容包羅萬有。每集請來溫哥華和多倫多城中名人或藝人討論熱門話題。前半年於溫哥華錄影,而後半年則於多倫多錄影。

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