Schoolgirl 2017

The high school girls, Eunbyeol and Honei, are schoolchildren who rank first and second in academic accomplishment. 'Honei' is the charger of class with good grades, a lot of money. Their affinity with children is excellent and they are target of envy. 'Eunbyeol' is living with her mother in a poor family. Honei is the only friend that Eunbyeol can depend on. One day, a hardship comes to the Eunbyol.. - to save the children? The world of a girl who has brought social prejudice and indifference to what she has. In a sad reality that had to be getting more and more away, broken and abandoned dreams, trampled life. Will the children be healed? Can children come back to their place? Is there really a place to take children?

Schoolgirl Complex 2013

At an all female high school, a senior of the radio club becomes fascinated with the club's newest member. As graduation nears and the summer heat rises, so does the sexual tension between the girls.

Should a Schoolgirl Tell? 1969

Schoolgirl Josefine learns from an early age to use sex to gain advantages. The school's gym teacher is arrested and accused of indecent behavior but the court dismisses the case when Josefine uses her female charm on the jurors.

The Doctor...the Schoolgirl 1976

Claudia, a perky eighteen year-old girl, is crushed when her step mother prevents her from going on a vacation to London. She discovers her step mother is having an affair with a doctor and so, with the help of her friends, sets about getting her revenge.

Eat the Schoolgirl: Osaka Telephone Club 1997

"Eat the Schoolgirl" concerns two young adults who made a dirty work for a yakuza gang by making sadistic rape/snuff films. Both of them are sexually obsessed; one is addicted to telephone sex whilst the other can only function sexually, whilst seeing mutilated female corpses.

Schoolgirl Chums 1982

In the 1930's, Alison starts a new boarding school and becomes embroiled in a sinister plot to dethrone the royal family of Bosnovia.

The Schoolgirl 1975

A softcore erotic Italian-comedy movie, shot in Alatri (Frosinone, Italy) in 1975 (released in 1976) by Franco Lo Cascio (future porno director as Luca Damiano). The same Lo Cascio has written the script, based on a own subject, together with Piero Regnoli. The eighteen year-old Patrizia, after the school year in college, returned to his country being hosted by her grandmother and rediscovered his childhood girlfriends. By virtue of its lively temper, she arranges for itself and her friends a ballroom in a shed owned by a notary, who, determined to tear down the structure, calls for law enforcement to evict the young people from the building. The girl and her three uninhibited girlfriends, educated by Marilena (a prostitute also called "la bolognese") manage to corner the City Council by seducing its members: the tobacconist, the photographer and the butcher. They even help the girls to document the misdeeds of the treacherous notary and his lawyer brother.

Schoolgirl Apocalypse 2011

Japanese schoolgirl Sakura (Higarino) has her idyllic small-town life turned inside-out when the local males start savagely killing the females. Armed with only her kyudo bow for protection and an English textbook for comfort, Sakura journeys through an apocalyptic world of mayhem. As trauma from witnessing the violent deaths of friends and family drives her toward madness, Sakura takes refuge in an animated dreamworld where she meets Billy (Mackenzie), a character from her English text! Billy helps her survive murderous zombies, as well as an even more formidable foe in Aoi (Tsujimoto), as she races to find real-world Billy and answers to the questions: Why is all this happening? And who or what is behind it?

Secret Life of a Schoolgirl Wife 1971

The young, italian stud Franco comes to Munich to earn some money for his family in Italy. But soon he explores the womankind. And besides his affairs he finds a new friend, George, a sex film producer.

Hello, Schoolgirl 2008

Kwon Yeon-woo is a thirty year old low-level civil servant who works in a district office; quite innocent for his age, he has been on numerous blind dates in an unsuccessful bid to find a wife. After moving into a new place, he begins to encounter a high school girl, Soo-yeong, on his way to work every morning, and she begins to develop feelings for him. Meanwhile, Kang Sook has just started working at the district office straight out of high school, and falls head over heels for older woman Kwon Ha-kyeong.

Schoolgirl Report Part 1: What Parents Don't Think Is Possible 1970

A teenage girl is caught petting with the bus driver during an outing. The school's parent council discusses her punishment. One parent, a psychologist, suggests that her behavior is not abnormal or worthy of expulsion. He describes teen girls' experiments with sex, and these dramatized vignettes, interspersed with man-in-the-street interviews with young women about their attitudes and experiences, make a case for 60's generation's attitude of independence. The girls argue for telling the truth in the face of post-war German convention. In the end, will Renata be expelled or recognized as a girl from a new era?

Schoolgirl Strikers: Animation Channel 2017

It's the near future. The newly established girls' private school Goryoukan Academy has another face. This school has a special unit, Fifth force, who is assembled and selected from the school's student body in order to fight an enemy called Oburi. This is a story about love, courage and friendship about the girls called Strikers.

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