Sahara 2017

Two clans of snakes cohabit in the desert. Beautiful green serpents that live under the shelter of an oasis, protected and venerated by men and poisonous snakes that survive in the sand, dust and heat, hunted and killed by the Tuaregs. Here is the story of Ajar, a young poisonous serpent, laughed at by his peers because he still has not done his first moult and that of Eva, rebellious princess of the oasis who wants to escape to escape an arranged marriage. These two will meet and fall in love. Alas, Eva will be kidnapped by the Tuaregs and Ajar, accompanied by her best friend, Pitt the Scorpion, will have to cross the ruthless Sahara to save Eva from the terrible fate awaiting her.

Sahara 2005

Scouring the ocean depths for treasure-laden shipwrecks is business as usual for a thrill-seeking underwater adventurer and his wisecracking buddy. But when these two cross paths with a beautiful doctor, they find themselves on the ultimate treasure hunt.

Sahara 2007

49-year-old Laura experiences a wild night with a boy who is thirty years her junior. She realises that her life has to change.

Sahara 1995

After the fall of Tobruk in June 1942, U.S. Army sergeant Joe Gunn leads his tank into the Sahara desert, in order to evade advancing Rommel's forces and reach Allied lines. Along the way he picks up few Allied soldiers, but soon they are running out of water. They find water at the ancient well, but the well is a goal of an entire German battalion. Despite the impossible odds, Sergeant Gunn decides to defend the well.

Sahara 1943

Sergeant Joe Gunn and his tank crew pick up five British soldiers, a Frenchman and a Sudanese man with an Italian prisoner crossing the Libyan Desert to rejoin their command after the fall of Tobruk. Tambul, the Sudanese leads them to an abandoned desert fortress where they hope to find water. Soon a detachment of German soldiers arrives and attempts to barter food for water, but Gunn and his followers refuse. When the Germans attack, Gunn leads his desert-weary men in a desperate battle, hoping that British reinforcements can arrive in time.

Sahara 1983

After her father dies, young Dale takes his place in a trans-African auto race, but ends up being abducted by a desert sheik.

Sahara Heat 1987

A photographer and her lover travel to Morocco for photo shoots. While traveling there she has erotic adventures with residents of the area. But she ends up having an affair with someone who ends up betraying her and she murders the man.

Sahara Hare 1955

Riff-Raff (Yosemite) Sam, riding a camel that won't whoa, chases Bugs into a French Foreign-Legion post.

The Steel Lady 1953

Surviving a plane crash in the Sahara, four oilmen find and manage to repair a German Afrika Corps tank which had been buried in the sand since WWII.

Station Six-Sahara 1962

A beautiful blonde (Carroll Baker) joins a small group of men running an oil station in the Sahara Desert and starts the emotions soaring.

Adventure in Sahara 1938

Agadez is a lonely French outpost baking under the desert sun and commanded by the cruel and oppressive Captain Savatt. To it comes, at his own request, Legionnaire Jim Wilson soon followed by his fiancée, Carla Preston, who has been tracing him from post to post. Legionnaires seize the fort and turn Savitt loose in the Arab-haunted desert with only a fraction of the water and food needed to get back to civilization. But Savitt gets through and returns to the fort at the head of an avenging troop of men. But Arabs surround Savitt and his men, and the mutineers, knowing that to leave the fort and aid them means their own death

The Child of the Sahara 2015

While in high school class, a French teenager of Moroccan origin loses his parents in a car accident. A few days later, social services learn that he was adopted and that his natural parents are his aunt and uncle who live in a small village in the Sahara ... He decided to join them.

Sahara Cross 1978

While working for an oil company in Tunisia, Jean Ballard (Franco Nero) and his team are incensed when a terrorist attack kills one of their members. But as they pursue their attackers across the desert, the team's revenge plan transforms into a heist. Now, the terrorists will become instruments in a clever plot that could score Jean and his cohorts a cool $2 million, and the Sahara becomes a scene of sabotage and suspense in this Italian thriller.

Hotel Sahara 1951

World War II farce about the hotel of the title

Mondo Sahara 2014

Austin Vince is back with a thrilling new expedition and film – Mondo Sahara! The aim was, starting in London, to ride off-road, across Spain, Morocco and Western Sahara.

Beau Sabreur 1928

The film is about a desert-bound member of the French Foreign Legion who exposes a betrayer to the Legion and is then sent on a mission among the Arabs to conclude the signing of a crucial peace treaty.

Letters from Sahara 2006

The story of a young Senegalese man who treks the Sahara, takes an immigrant boat bound for Italy, the attempts to eke out a living there - finally deciding to return to his native place. Vittorio De Seta's first fiction feature since 1969.

Sahara with Michael Palin 2002

In this four-part BBC documentary, former Monty Python funnyman and renowned globe-trotter Michael Palin sets off from Gibraltar to travel across the Sahara, his witty humor downplaying the hardships he faces along the arduous journey. He travels to Morocco, Mauritania, Mali and beyond, across some of the harshest terrain on the planet.

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