The Escort 2015

Desperate for a good story, a sex-addicted journalist throws himself into the world of high-class escorts when he starts following a Stanford-educated prostitute.

Sugarbabies 2015

Persuaded by her roommate, a college student makes an arrangement with an older man who pays for her companionship.

Trois 3: The Escort 2004

When a hip-hop promoter is bailed out of a hefty debt by a club owner, he becomes one of her call boys and nearly loses his life in the process.

The Bikini Escort Company 2004

Having been set the task of setting up a successful business as part of their college course, a group of students take a surprising route by setting up their own escort agency!

Escort in love 2011

35 year old Alice has a husband and a son. Her life seems a beautiful dream, but it soon turns out to be a nightmare. Her husband dies in a car accident and her lawyer tells her that she is on her uppers. The only way she finds to earn money in short time is to do the oldest job in history.

Special Escort 2007

The subject of male prostitution gets a distinctly zany and offbeat twist in Stellungswechsel (AKA Special Escort), Maggie Peren's tale of five male underdogs who promulgate themselves as female escorts in the city of Munich. Of that group, we meet policeman Gy, in hot water with his insurance company and enduring the vicissitudes of an on-again, off-again romance with comely Daphne; twentysomething Lasse, who lives with his mom and is pathetically henpecked by her; Giselher, a chronically unemployed former manager; Frank, a philologist who spends his days as a house husband; and Olli, a deli proprietor whose business is rapidly going under. These five conjure up the wild idea of charging for liaisons with emotionally needy women, but the scheme doesn't exactly go as planned - as none can even begin to anticipate the eccentricities or oddities of the female clients who turn up in response to their offer.

The Escort 1996

In this melodramatic French Canadian comedy-drama, a sexy male escort sashays into the living room and life of a gay man and proves to be the catalyst for turmoil. Until Steve showed up to strip as a birthday present, the life of lovers Jean-Marc and Phillipe had settled into a comfortable but passionless rut. Jean-Marc is alone at the time and has sex with Steve. Later that night, Steve tries to change a light bulb and falls, causing his friends to jump to the conclusion that he tried to kill himself. Soon Phillipe too gets involved with Steve. Finding Steve a tonic to his doldrums, Phillipe begins pursuing a real relationship with him. Steve then proves to be a troubled character who is involved secretly with another man who has been diagnosed with HIV. The problem stems from the fact that the mystery lover is none other than Phillipe's dearest friend. Matters are complicated by Nathalie -- who secretly loves Phillipe -- and by his recently divorced mother.

The Escort III 1999

The veteran detective Grabovsky investigates the mysterious murder of a business beauty, Julie Clark. The main suspect becomes her colleague, the young architect Jim Corrigan.

The Escort 2016

A young woman works as a secretary for a high class escort service, and is drawn into the intrigues of a client and the man who has fallen in love with her.

Half Moon Street 1986

Dr. Lauren Slaughter, a research fellow at the Arab-Anglo Institute in London is utterly frustrated by her job. To supplement her income, she starts moonlighting at the Jasmine Escort Service, where she has more control over men and money than she does at the office. On one of her 'dates', Lauren meets the politician Lord Bulbeck who is trying to mediate a peace accord between the Arabs and Israelis. Bulbeck falls in love with his escort, and unwittingly, Lauren becomes a pawn in some very dirty politics.

Escort Girl 1941

A pair of nightclub owners run a string of escort bureaus where men pay for the "companionship" of young women. The district attorney sends an undercover agent to infiltrate the bureaus.

Matching Escort 1982

A prince wants to marry a common girl, but is forbidden from doing so. When the girl's parents are brutally murdered, she's taken in by the Silver Fox, and taught the ways of killer kung-fu techniques, which she masters completely. When she finds out that the prince's life is now threatened by the same warlord who killed her parents, it's time to take revenge.

Escort 2006

An escort girl gets the opportunity to inherit 6 million euros from a wealthy old and sick man by marrying him. Unfortunately things don't always go as planned.

The Escort 1999

A movie about a middle aged french man who after a family crisis travels on the spur of the moment to London only to get caught up in the male prostitution business and eventually drugs.

The Escort 1993

The film shows the difficulties of an honest, imperiled judge and his bodyguard of four men, trying to clean up a Sicilian town. Corrupt local politicians, working hand-in-hand with the Mafia, will stop at nothing to prevent exposure of their rackets.

Escort West 1959

Seeking a new place to call home, former Confederate soldier Ben Lassiter (Victor Mature) and his daughter meet Beth (Elaine Stewart), whose fiancé is a Union soldier. Lassiter falls for Beth, and when Indians attack, they head to a cavalry camp where Lassiter must battle the Indians as well as Beth's fiancé.

Secret Games 2: The Escort 1993

A performance artist has an affair with a call girl and then starts having a crisis over the adultery.

Escorts 2015

Get an unflinching look at two high-priced call girls who rely on the internet to find clients and the effects of their lifestyle on their families.

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