Robinson Crusoe 2001

Robinson Crusoe flees Britain on a ship after killing his friend over the love of Mary. A fierce ocean storm wrecks his ship and leaves him stranded by himself on an uncharted island. Left to fend for himself, Crusoe seeks out a tentative survival on the island, until he meets Friday, a tribesman whom he saves from being sacrificed. Initially, Crusoe is thrilled to finally have a friend, but he has to defend himself against the tribe who uses the island to sacrifice tribesman to their gods. During time their relationship changes from master-slave to a mutual respected friendship despite their difference in culture and religion.

Robinson Crusoe: The Wild Life 2016

On a tiny exotic island, Tuesday, an outgoing parrot lives with his quirky animal friends in paradise. However, Tuesday can't stop dreaming about discovering the world. After a violent storm, Tuesday and his friends wake up to find a strange creature on the beach: Robinson Crusoe. Tuesday immediately views Crusoe as his ticket off the island to explore new lands. Likewise, Crusoe soon realizes that the key to surviving on the island is through the help of Tuesday and the other animals. It isn't always easy at first, as the animals don't speak "human." Slowly but surely, they all start living together in harmony, until one day, when their comfortable life is overturned by two savage cats, who wish to take control of the island. A battle ensues between the cats and the group of friends but Crusoe and the animals soon discover the true power of friendship up against all odds (even savage cats).

Robinson Crusoe 1954

An English slave trader is marooned on a remote tropical island, forced to fend for himself and deal with crushing loneliness.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1903

Georges Méliès adaptation of Robinson Crusoe, the first film adaptation of the story. Filmed in black & white, Méliès would then paint the film by hand to colour it. Originally a 15 minute film, the only footage known to survive is a black and white clip just over a minute in length. (edit: twelve and a half minutes of painted film have been found and are being restored)

Robinson Crusoe and Cuma 2015

Robinson Crusoe and Cuma, who celebrate the 15th anniversary of ending up on a desert island, see a ship approaching shore when their troubles about loneliness come out. An adventurer man whose name is Viktor get off this ship that has neither a sail nor a mast. He has run away from retrogressive world together with his animals in the ship and has been looking for a new place to survive. Furthermore, he did not come alone to the island. His two beautiful daughters, one of them is stepchild, made this journey with him. Donelya and Yanarin who grew up in abbey discipline are two young and attractive girls. Robinson and Cuma embrace this guests and their ordinary life starts to be more exciting. The buddies who fall in love with girls before long try all the ways to score. However, Viktor "a conservative dad" is an important obstacle for them. Even so Robinson and Cuma try to struggle determinedly for their love.

Robinson Crusoe 1970

The classic Daniel Defoe tale as told by a narrating tiger that witnesses castaway Robinson Crusoe's struggles to survive the man-eating cannibals on the tropical island

Robinson Crusoe 1927

Silent film version of Daniel Defoe's novel Robinson Crusoe, directed and produced (and starring) M.A. Wetherell.

Robinson Crusoe 1933

Terrytoons version of the Robinson Crusoe story with Farmer Al Falfa.

Robinson & Crusoe 2013

An art film brings a strongly actual topic in a very original way, a topic that interferes with the theme of intercultural dialog of two different cultures in the European context. two men, pilots of combat air crafts, meet on a 'film' island. Between them too, the language problem presents a communication barrier. Enemies in the sky. On the ground? A Slovak and a Hungarian - two different people, different countries, different problems, but in the lives of both there is She - the woman. For her their lives are turned upside down. They do not understand what was obvious so far and they face the decision which way to turn to.

Robinson Crusoe Island 1999

A passionate fan of Daniel Defoe’s Robinson Crusoe as a 13-year-old boy, Guzmán was delighted to find in his adult years that the story is based on actual events & a real place in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 700 kilometres from the Chilean coast. This moves him to film & construct a kind of ironic travel journal as he sets out to rediscover the island, all the while in constant play with the fields of history, literature & imagination.

Mr. Robinson Crusoe 1932

Steve Drexel voluntarily strands himself on a deserted island on a bet. He intends to re-create civilization and carves a miniature city of 52nd Street and Park Avenue out of the jungle. Drexel is befriended by his dog, a native monkey, and a wild goat that is captured in one of his traps. He attempts to cultivate a native as his Man Friday from Robinson Crusoe, but fails as the native escape.

Robinson Crusoe Jr. 1941

Stranded on an island after his ship was wrecked by a hurricane, Porky meets a friendly African Native. They build a house, and Porky begins to explore the island. On his way we see various sight gags.

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1922

An 18-part silent American adventure film serial now considered to be lost. Chapter Titles: 1. The Sea Raiders 2. Shipwrecked 3. The Cannibals' Captives 4. Hidden Gold 5. The Ship of Despair 6. Friday's Faith 7. The Swamp of Terror 8. Marooned 9. The Jaguar Trap 10. A Prisoner of the Sun 11. No Greater Love 12. The Island of Happiness 13. The Sword of Courage 14. The Buccaneers 15. The Jolly Roger 16. The Idol's Bride 17. When the Heart Calls 18. Back to the Primitive

The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe 1965

Shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, Robinson Crusoe fills his time in either building a shelter for himself, or by reminiscing about the years he spent at sea and the adventures that led him to where he is. The months roll by and the hardships become easier, especially with his herd of wild goats, the ship's dog and a friendly parrot to keep him company. But one day he comes across a strange footprint - friend or foe?

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