Ra.One 2011

A father trying hard to ‘fit-in’ in his son’s badass world. A son trying hard to ‘dude-up’ his dad from ‘aiiiyyyo’ to ‘Yo!’ And a mother lost in translation between her husband’s ‘ingeva’ and her son’s ‘inn’it!’ While Shekhar was trying every trick in the book to woo his son, get ‘dude-ified’ and ‘up his coolness quotient’ his son had given up on him. Just when the father-son duo hit a deadlock, Shekhar strikes gold when he designs one hell of a game. Finally it all starts falling into place, as the family comes together, only to find themselves in the middle of a crash…not just a hard drive crash but a crash that would drive them to a disaster and make their lives go – KABOOM! All hell breaks loose when – the game that was meant to be played with starts playing them. Ra.one – The next level.

Sandra Boynton's One Shoe Blues 2009

It's a highly original new book and a Boynton filmmaking debut. One Shoe Blues is a thoroughly captivating story and a dazzling music video. And what an unexpected yet oddly perfect team: Sandra Boynton and—wait for it—B.B. King! Boynton writes, designs, and directs (her first film ever), B.B. stars (singing, playing, and turning in a wry and brilliant comic acting performance), and exuberant Boynton sock puppets chime in.

The Raw Ones 1965

Sun-kissed Floridians enjoy volleyball, jumping rope, trampolines, and relaxing in the sun.

The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven 1998

When a serial killer mysteriously and savagely murders a young native woman in rural Los Angeles County, her sister McKenna (Carmen Electra) must replace her as the keeper of an amulet, the sacred crescent. Reluctantly, McKenna accepts the role of chosen one. With the amulet and after the rigors of the ritual, she takes on the spirit and powers of the raven, the good forces in the battle against evil, the wolf. McKenna's powers include a thirst for milk and great sexual energy, which she unleashes on her former boyfriend, Henry, a cop. The spirit of the wolf inhabits Rose, Henry's jilted lover. Rose wreaks havoc of her own before a final showdown with the chosen one. Carmen Electra appears nude in this film although some have suggested it is a body double.

One Rat Short 2006

A city rat pursues a nearly empty bag of cheese snacks that's drifting in the breeze. His journey takes him through a vent into a highly mechanized rat lab, where one particular white female gets his attention.

Only One Race 2002

Boldly discussing a topic that many Christian leaders avoid, Ken Ham gives biblical answers to the normally divisive "race issue": - Did belief in Darwinian evolution fuel racism? - How has evolutionary teaching in schools had a devastating effect on relations between different people groups? - Why has skin "color" become an excuse for prejudice? - What does the Bible say about "interracial marriage?

One Rainy Afternoon 1936

An unknown stage actor in Paris becomes an overnight media celebrity after he kisses a woman in a movie theatre. Comedy.

One Day Like Rain 2007

A teenage girl living in California suburbia devises a metaphysical experiment designed to save the world from what she sees as an impending doom...but the results of such an experiment prove to be both beneficial and destructive.

Rap War One 2004

Dequan, just like any other kid who grows up in the jungle of Brooklyn, has a dream to escape. He does not want to end up like so many others around him who are destined for jail or the cemetery before they make it out of their teens. He tries to follow the right path but after losing his dead-end job and discovering that his live-in girlfriend is pregnant, he decides that he has to cook up a plan to get money - lots of money, and fast. His best friend Brandon introduces him to a secret club in Brooklyn known as The Pit, where unsigned street rappers from all across New York City battle it out on stage rapping for money and the title to be called the best. Run by a local gangster named G-Mega, Dequan enters The Pit where he finds himself winning the rapping wars, making more money but also getting caught in a world of corruption, drugs and death that he can't escape.

The Radiant One 2016

A troubled man turns himself in, believing he's harmed others but is at war with himself over the facts surrounding his quest for clarity and a brush with supernatural phenomena.

Ken Ham’s Foundations - One Blood One Race 2011

Understanding what happened at the Tower of Babel is key to understanding the origin of nations, “races,” prejudice, and much more! Ken discusses Charles Darwin’s destructive teaching regarding skin color, facial features, etc. On the lighter side, this video uses Ken’s comical perspective on poodles to teach on natural selection and speciation.

Rare Manson Family News Footage: Volume One 2016

This DVD contains the first 2 hours of 4 hours of raw footage of KTLA from the UCLA archives. Contents (both discs): News footage shot during the Tate-Labianca trial. News footage shot during the Hinman & Shea trials News footage shot during the trial following the Hawthorne gun store robbery. News footage shot during the Leslie Van Houten re-trials in 1977 & 1978. Footage of an interview with Bernard Crow (a.k.a. Lotsapoppa). Footage of interviews with prosecutors Vincent Bugliosi and Stephen Kay. Footage of interviews with Manson Family members Bruce Davis, Sandra Good. Nancy Pitman, and Leslie Van Houten. Footage of the arraignment of Kenneth Como, Catherine Share, Mary Brunner. Footage of Charles Manson, Susan Atkins, Steve Grogan and others.

Ranma ½: One Flew Over the Kuno's Nest 1994

In Team Ranma v.s. The Legendary Phoenix, poetry sprouting high school swordsman Tatewaki 'Blue Thunder' Kuno comes into possession of the egg of the legendary phoenix, said to grant its owner incredible powers. A reluctant shop keeper sells the egg to Kuno but in exchange, Kuno must just follow one rule: "never, never, in any circumstance, put the darn thing on your head." It's bad enough that boy-type Ranma accidentally puts the egg on Kuno's head, but worse is, it has imprinted in it's mind that Ranma is it's mortal enemy. Worse than that, when the phoenix begins to grow, it attacks innocent people and then the whole town! Can Team Ranma (Ranma, Akane, Shampoo, Ukyo, and Ryoga) stop the gigantic phoenix before it wreaks havoc in town?

One Piece: Chopper's Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals 2002

As the Straw Hat Pirates sail through the Grand Line.A line of geysers erupted from under the Going Merry. And the whole crew find themselves flying over the island. Unfortunatly, Chopper fell off the ship and was separated from his friends. Luffy and the others landed on the other side of the island. Chopper meanwhile finds himself being worshiped as the island's new king by the animals. To make matters worse, a trio of human "horn" hunters are on the island. The leader, Count Butler is a violin playing/horn eating human who wants to eat the island's treasure to inherit immense power. Will Luffy & the rest be able to prevent the count from terrorizing the island? And will they be able to convince Momambi that not all pirates are bad?

One Heart: The A.R. Rahman Concert Film 2017

One heart is an upcoming documentary picture describing about true internal feelings of the band people (singers,musicians and so on) used in his concerts ,efforts made in organizing it, and most importantly the endless joy resting in this work.

Truck Rascals: No One Can Stop Me 1975

The first of many movies featuring the lighthearted adventures of two truck drivers. Momojiro and his best friend Kinzo take to the road on their cargo trucks impressing each other with their skills in driving fast and evading the police while transporting commodities throughout the country. Chance encounters with people along the way help them to come to terms with events clouding their past and offer them a shot at redemption.

Joshua Tree 1994

Wellman Santee (Dolph Lundgren) a former race car driver, whose livelihood is transporting exotic stolen super cars, is involved, with his partner Eddie, in shoot out, resulting in the deaths of his friend and a highway cop. Santee is framed for the cop's murder and jailed in a maximum security prison. A few months later, Santee breaks out after narrowly escaping an attempt on his life. He reaches a local diner where he steals a car, abducts the owner, Rita and flees, completely unaware that his hostage is a deputy sheriff. A massive manhunt ensues, spearheaded by Lt. Severance a tough, obessive cop. Santee leads the detective and his men on a dramatic high speed chase, from the desert wilderness to the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Santee's out to clear his name and when it comes to getting even, he's taking revenge into overdrive.

Onegai! Ranking

『お願い!ランキング』とは2009年10月5日からテレビ朝日で放送している深夜の情報バラエティ番組である。ハイビジョン制作。 2010年10月から2012年3月・2012年9月22日から放送されている『お願い!ランキング GOLD』、2012年7月14日放送開始した『お願い!ランキング サタデー』、2013年4月にテレ朝チャンネルで放送開始した『お願い!ランキング予備校』についても本項で記述する。

Chivalry of a Failed Knight 2015

Magic Knights are modern magic-users who fight with weapons converted from their souls. Ikki Kurogane goes to a school for these Magic Knights, but he is the "Failed Knight" or "Worst One" who is failing because he has no magical skills. However, one day, he is challenged to a duel by Stella, a foreign princess and the "Number One" student. In this duel, "the loser must be obedient for life."

One Well-Raised Daughter 2013

Jang Ha Na is the fourth daughter of the eldest son of a family that’s been making soy sauce for hundred of years. She has to dress up like a man because of their financial situation. The family needs a male representative for their soy sauce business. After giving birth to four daughters, they gave up for trying for the male heir and the fourth daughter will just have to pretend tobe a boy and act like a son within the family.

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