Triple Threat 2019

A crime syndicate places a hit on a billionaire's daughter, making her the target of an elite assassin squad. A small band of down-and-out mercenaries protects her, fighting tooth and nail to stop the assassins from reaching their target.

Threat 2006

Jim, a white straightedge punk with a violent past, and Fred, a young black hip-hop revolutionary struggling to raise a son, spend their lunch breaks at St. Mark’s Comix together. Overwhelmed by the violence that surrounds them, the two form a friendship despite the fact that they come from different worlds. Jim's friends, a crew of noble but misguided kids, learn that a friend was killed by a drunk driver. In their rage and frustration, they form a gang called One Less Drunk, intent on stopping drunk drivers before they get to their cars.

The Threat 2004

A programmer who's working with the secret EWS computer system at a military air force base is threaten by foreign agents, along with his family. His only chance of rescue seems to be the war veteran Haglund who is a leader of a special taskforce.

The Threat 1960

A sadistic police detective, falsely accused of murdering an underworld kingpin, embarks on a hunt for the real killer, the men who put him away, and a singer who may have squealed on him. As he fights for his own brand of justice, he discovers the frightening truth.

Camera Threat

Somewhere in the dreary nooks of Mumbai's film industry, Camera Threat explores the ambivalent relationship this film city has with the moving image. Seated on a casting couch, two actors are getting stuck in impromptu conversations on the side effects of a world that no longer bothers to tell facts from fiction.

The Threat 1981

Film about enemy agents trying to infiltrate the Albanian military.

Double Threat 1993

A former movie star, Monica Scott, returns to the big screen along with younger boyfriend, Eric Cline, after a long absence. Monica is very jealous of the attention Eric gives to her body double - Lisa. The plot becomes difficult to follow as it changes between real life and the movie they are making. The jealousy inevitably leads to murder attempts and denials

Caved In: Prehistoric Terror 2006

An extreme adventure tour group headed by deep caving expert John Palmer descends into a 2000 Ft abandoned salt mine , that was mysteriously closed down years ago after an unexplained disaster trapped all of the miners . They prepare for rock slides , blackouts , cave-ins - whatever might threaten their journey and commence their descent into the depths.

Imminent Threat 2015

A look at the War on Terror and the threat it's causing to our civil liberties and political discourse. Academy Award nominee James Cromwell presents Janek Ambros' directorial debut. The feature doc tackles the War on Terror's impact on civil liberties and the strange coalition it's creating between the progressive left and libertarian right. The doc examines the NSA, drones, the war on journalism and other encroachments on civil liberties started by the Bush era and expanded by the Democratic establishment.

Deep Threat 1977

Zlatko Grgic's short animated film depicts how humans evolved from the sea and the problems that ensued. Using humour, he shows how industry leads to waste and pollution, which in turn wreak havoc on the delicate balance of our ecosystems.

Idle Threat 2012

Since 1971, the City of New York has had laws restricting curbside engine idling. One man, determined to reduce air pollution in his neighborhood and combat global climate change, confronted the city's lax enforcement efforts. This film chronicles the challenges and triumphs of his campaign. Licensed for personal, home use only - Purchase the Educational/Institutional Version for classroom or agency use.

CyberWar Threat 2015

Amid the ever-changing cyberwar landscape, the powerful National Security Agency is viewed with a mixture of awe and fear around the world.

Triple Threat 1948

An arrogant college football player turns professional, taking his bad attitude with him.

Nonspecific Threat 2003

An experimental documentary using animation and direct application film techniques to explore the artificial construction of xenophobia in American society.

Greater Threat 2008

Director and actor Ray O'Neill presents the movie Greater Threat in the year (2008). the movieis an action-crime film starring Ray Goodwin as Ray Kieffer, Ray O'Neill as Mike Johnson, Tamas Menyhart as Nicolai, Leeann Johnson as Carol Green, Chuck French as Steve Mancini, Caitlin Noah as Marie Kieffer, Jason McAleer as Sachon, Cheryl Goodlin as Eileen Conway, Ray Dippolito as Judge Overton, David Schramm as Ivan, Mikel Mahoney as Santos DeJesus.

Triple Threat 2005

Ex-assassin, Dina Lo Bianca, receives an offer she cannot refuse, thrusting her back into the world of hired guns, espionage, and surveillance. Thriple Threat is an action filled thriller loaded with bikinis, bikes, and brawls. A fun, entertaining, rocking feature with rising star talent presented by a true independent film director.

Threat Matrix 2003

Against the rising threat, the Homeland Security Agency has created a highly specialized, elite task force trained and equipped to counter anyone or anything that threatens our nation. The head of this super-secret team is Special Agent John Kilmer. He reports only to the President and has authority to call upon the technical skills, firepower and the specialist agents of the FBI, CIA and NSA.

Triple Threat

Triple Threat is an American television game show that pitted two teams of three generations against each other to test their knowledge of past and present television, movies and music. Produced by Television Program Enterprises, the original version aired in weekly syndication from October 8, 1988 to October 1, 1989. A second version aired daily on the BET cable network from September 14, 1992 to September 17, 1993. The original version was hosted by Jim Lange and sub-hosted by Alan Hunter. Spencer Christian hosted the BET version. The original series was produced at the Aquarius Theater in Hollywood, while the 1990s run of the show was taped at NBA Entertainment Studios in Secaucus, New Jersey. The announcers were Sam Riddle on the 1988 version and John Walker on the 1992 version. The original pilot was hosted by Sam Riddle and announced by Johnny Gilbert, with Ben Vereen and his daughter and Scott Baio and his mother as the celeb duos.

May I Blackmail You? 2017

Kanji Senkawa receives requests which the police or private investigators can't handle. He solves the cases by threatening people. Kanji Senkawa meets wealthy university student Mio Kanesaka. She has a good heart and and can't ignore those in difficult situations. Kanji and Mio get involved in various cases including voice phishing and kidnappings.

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