Birth 2004

It took Anna 10 years to recover from the death of her husband, Sean, but now she's on the verge of marrying her boyfriend, Joseph, and finally moving on. However, on the night of her engagement party, a young boy named Sean turns up, saying he is her dead husband reincarnated. At first she ignores the child, but his knowledge of her former husband's life is uncanny, leading her to believe that he might be telling the truth.

Birth of the Dragon 2017

Set against the backdrop of San Francisco’s Chinatown, this cross-cultural biopic chronicles Bruce Lee’s emergence as a martial-arts superstar after his legendary secret showdown with fellow martial artist Wong Jack Man.

The Birth of Hunter Finkelstein 2018

Two families rush to the hospital. Tikva is in heavy labour. The baby is coming! The expecting father, a scholarly Orthodox Jew, arrives at the hospital with his parents and some cousins. From other cars out pour every generation, from great-grandparents down to children. They greet each other warmly. There’s a buzz in the air. But later, when a violent feud breaks out between the two families, in the maternity ward, Tikva will stand before them to protect her newborn son.

Birth Certificate 1961

Three separate stories depicting the tense everyday life during occupation, as seen through the eyes of children. In “On the Road,” the two main protagonists are lost in the September’s strife: a young boy, and a soldier transporting the valueless documents of his broken unit. In “Letter from the Concentration Camp” the story’s protagonists are young boys who help their mother during the hardships of the occupation. Their treasure is an officer uniform belonging their father who is being held in a prisoner of war camp. In “Blood Drop,” the Germans find a set of typical Aryan characteristics in this story’s protagonist – a Jewish girl, hiding in an orphanage.

The Birth of a Nation 2016

Nat Turner, a former slave in America, leads a liberation movement in 1831 to free African-Americans in Virginia that results in a violent retaliation from whites.

The Birth of a Nation 1915

Two families, abolitionist Northerners the Stonemans and Southern landowners the Camerons, intertwine in director D.W. Griffith's controversial Civil War epic. When Confederate colonel Ben Cameron is captured in battle, nurse Elsie Stoneman petitions for his pardon. In Reconstruction-era South Carolina, Cameron founds the Ku Klux Klan, battling Elsie's congressman father and his African-American protégé, Silas Lynch.

Separated At Birth 2018

Lucy Pierce grew up believing she had a normal childhood. Until, one day, she discovers old articles about the "Baby Victoria" disappearance - a high-profile abduction case. She is shocked to see that her baby picture is front and center. Determined to find answers, Lucy tracks down her biological mother, Elizabeth Marshall, a criminal prosecutor running for Governor of Pennsylvania. While Lucy's reunion with Elizabeth is heartfelt, the same can't be said for her relationship with her newfound sister, Terri. The family reunion spirals out of control as Lucy finds herself in the middle of a police investigation. As Lucy questions who is really trying to defame her, is something more sinister happening to tear this family apart, yet again?

Birth 2004

Short featured slovenian film, directed by Lea Menard in 2004.

Birth 2004

Jananam is a 2004 Tamil film directed by Ramesh Selvan. The film stars Arun Vijay, Priyanka Trivedi, Raghuvaran and Vadivelu in lead roles.


Amina, a young woman (17) is pregnant and afraid to give birth. For a consolation and advice she goes to older women but their stories scare her even more.

Murder Princess: Birth 2007

In order to preserve her noble bloodline, Princess Alita reluctantly flees her besieged kingdom. Her hasty escape takes a curious turn when a collision with the infamous bounty hunter Falis leads to an unwilling exchange of souls.

The Birth 1981

An education documentary that takes you through the process of birthing to puberty.

The Birth 2006

On a morning just like any other, a man hurries toward his busy day, unaware it could be his last.

The Birth of Saké 2015

Through the unrelenting winter in the north of Japan, a small group of workers must brave unusual working conditions to bring to life a 2,000-year-old tradition known as sake. A cinematic documentary, The Birth of Sake is a visually immersive experience of an almost-secret world in which large sacrifices must be made for the survival of a time-honored brew.

Switched at Birth 1991

This is the story of the two babies who were switched at birth. A few years later when one of the girls gets sick and tests revealed that she was not the daughter of the couple who raised her. Eventually she dies. And the couple most especially the mother, search for their real daughter. Eventually they suspect that it's a widower who has their child. Now while they try to find out if she is their daughter, the widower is advised by his attorney not to be so hasty to cooperate, cause if she is their daughter, he might lose her, and she is all he has.

Birth Control Revolution 1967

The insane gynecologist, Dr. Marukido Sadao (Marquis de Sade), theorizes that a woman is unable to become pregnant if she is writhing in intense pain during intercourse. He sets about testing this new method of birth control by torturing women during sex.

Birth/Mother 2006

Tarachime is a documentary film which observes 'life' through childbirth. Kawase Naomi, a film director working under the theme of family, life and death, presents the bond of life through her own childbirth experience. Since the summer of 2006, the film has been broadcast throughout Europe and awarded a number of prizes at film festivals, arousing sensations around the world. Bearing a new life means dividing our life. First, I was planning to film from the day I conceived a child and to the moment I gave birth. But I realized, while filming, that this is not the story of "one life." In the end, the film sublimed to a higher stage on which we can witness the knot tying one life with another.

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