Porky's 1981

Set in 1954, a group of Florida high schoolers seek out to lose their virginity which leads them to seek revenge on a sleazy nightclub owner and his redneck sheriff brother for harassing them.

Porky's 3: Revenge 1985

As graduation nears for the class of 1955 at Angel Beach High, the gang once again faces off against their old enemy, Porky, who wants them to throw the school's championship basketball game since he has bet on the opposing team.

Porky Chops 1949

Lumber jack Porky Pig intrudes upon the peace of a hipster squirrel vacationing in the Northwoods by trying to chop down the squirrel's tree. The squirrel retaliates by enclosing the base of his tree with steel so that Porky's axes cannot penetrate. The ensuing conflict between Porky and the squirrel awakens an angry bear.

Porky's II: The Next Day 1983

When the students of Angel Beach High decide to stage "An Evening With Shakespeare," their efforts are threatened by Miss Balbricker, who views the works of Shakespeare as obscene. She enlists the help of Reverend Bubba Flavel, a religious fanatic who brings along his flock of followers to pressure the school into shutting down the production.

Porky in Egypt 1938

Porky is a tourist. He's missed the main camel, so he rents one of his own. Both of them are soon overcome by the hot desert sun; the camel starts hallucinating, and marches off, playing the bagpipes. Porky sees the camel swimming in a pool, but it turns out to be a mirage. The camel eventually recovers enough to bring both of them back to town, where Porky goes mad.

Porky Pig's Feat 1943

Porky Pig and Daffy Duck owe an outrageous sum to the Broken Arms Hotel. The manager thwarts their efforts to escape without paying their bill.

Porky's Railroad 1937

Porky is the engineer on the most pathetic train in the fleet. After some routine episodes (using pepper to get the engine to sneeze itself up a hill, chasing a cow off the tracks, only to discover too late that it's been replaced by a very angry bull), Porky gets word that he's going to be replaced by the new streamlined Silver Fish. He insults it under his breath, but the Silver Fish engineer hears and challenges him to a race. The angry bull catapults Porky to victory.

Trap Happy Porky 1945

Porky can't sleep because mice demolish his plates. A cat offers help and gets the mice out, but invites some friends so Porky still can't sleep.

Porky's Poor Fish 1940

Porky Pig owns a fish store and goes out to lunch. After a cat is not having much success with a mouse, he goes into the fish store when Porky is away. When the cat thinks he has the good appetite, the fish go to war against him and drive him out of the store. He is then freaked out by the mouse and shrinks as the mouse grows.

Porky and Teabiscuit 1939

Porky Pig is sent out by his father with $11.00 spending money for help on the farm, unfortunately, he accidentally spends it on an auction, for a sickly, broken-down race horse known as Tea Biscuit. Porky shapes him up for a race, although Tea Biscuit's attention is diverted to a trombone. However, a balloon pop assures that Porky wins with Tea Biscuit and gets the reward...

Little Beau Porky 1936

Porky's in the foreign legion. But he's not allowed to fight; all he can do is scrub camels, and he's not particularly good at that. The other soldiers ride off to find the evil Ali Mode, leaving Porky behind. Ali Mode notices, and tries to gain entrance to the fort, first by tricking Porky, then by tunnelling, then by military assaults, but Porky rebuffs all attempts, ultimately landing Ali Mode in a big vat of "Cairo Syrup" and collecting a chestful of medals.

Porky's Hare Hunt 1938

Porky goes after a rogue rabbit who manages to frustrate him at each turn. He is unsuccessful and the rabbit comes to visit him just to make recovery tougher for him.

The Sour Puss 1940

Porky decides to go fishing the next day and tells his cat. The cat sleeps fitfully. The next day, while they are fishing, the cat gets into a battle with a flying fish who behaves rather like Daffy Duck.

Patient Porky 1940

Porky checks into a hospital with a tummyache; he has the bad luck to encounter a patient posing a "Dr. Chilled-Air" who is a bit too eager to operate.

Scaredy Cat 1948

Porky and Sylvester spend the night in an old dark house, whose horrors only Sylvester sees. His repeated attempts to save Porky from the ghoulish doings of the killer mice infesting the place only make the skeptical Porky all the more convinced of Sylvester's cowardice.

Porky & Daffy 1938

Porky is Daffy's fight manager who gets Daffy a fight with "The Champion", but things get looney.

The Case of the Stuttering Pig 1937

Porky Pig and his family inherit Uncle Solomon's estate, but if they die, everything goes to the lawyer, who turns himself into a Mr. Hyde-style monster in an effort to kill off the pigs.

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies

Daffy Duck and Porky Pig Meet the Groovie Goolies is a 1972 animated one-hour TV-movie that was part of The ABC Saturday Superstar Movie. In this Filmation-produced movie, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, and other Looney Tunes characters interact with the characters from the Filmation series Groovie Goolies. This movie is notable for being the one and only time that Warner Bros. "loaned out" their famous Looney Tunes characters to appear in a Filmation production. Warner Bros. had shut down their animation studio in 1969. While Warner Bros. had outsourced production to other companies since the 1960s, it was usually to studios run by former Warner Bros. alumni, something that was not the case with Filmation.

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