1975 Vampire/ghost horror/drama from Malaysia

Pontianak Vs Orang Minyak 2012

Also known as "Ponti Vs Omi", Afdlin Shauki's latest comedy tells the story of a rivalry between two supernatural beings, a Pontianak (Vampire) and a Orang Minyak (Oil Man) who have just been inducted into the otherworld, however, in order for newbies to be accepted by the others, they have to be tested on their skills to scare the villagers of Kampung Puaka, which also consist of five Malay shamans. Ponti is a male vampire who is hated by the other vampires because most of them are women while Omi is a soft-hearted orang minyak who drives his kind crazy because of his naivety. To make things worse, the villagers of Kampung Puaka are not afraid of supernatural beings, as they descend from lineages of shamans or are supernatural beings who have repented. What will happen to Ponti and Omi?

Pontianak Gua Musang 1964

The story evolves around Amran and Rohani who are a couple who have slept together one night in front of Gua Musang. Amran then went off to sail but to cover up the shame he brought Rohani on the outskirt are of the village. On his return he was surprised not to have found Rohani there. He found out soon enough that Halimah killed Rohani because she wanted Amran. As of that Rohani’s spirit haunts Halimah in her dream in a form of a tiger.

Sumpah Pontianak 1958

The original "Pontianak" was made in 1957 directed by B.N. Rao and starred Maria Menado.The film was such a hit that in quick succession, two sequels were made "Dendam Pontianak" aka "Revenge of Pontianak" later in the same year (1957) and "Sumpah Pontianak" aka "The Curse of Pontianak") in 1958,both with Maria Menado."Dendam Pontianak" started the trend of introducing more than one supernatural being into the story,the other character being an old witch Nenek Kebayan(The Old Woman of the Forest)and by the time "Sumpah Pontianak" was made that had increased to four-female vampire Pontianak,an Orang Hutan(Wild Forest Man),a kind of bird-lizard creature and a Hantu Raya or "King Ghost"."Sumpah Pontianak" is an entertaining Malay horror movie with cheap special effects.The main female character Comel is infected by been infected with sumpah pontianak,the curse of the vampire and the villagers begin to die!

Pontianak Menjerit 2005

Datuk Pengiran Abdul Rahman has asked his lawyer to find the people to inherit his fortune worth RM30 million. Besides his two sons, Azlee, a businessman and Mazlan, a fashion designer, there are still two more people on the list. One of them is Saiful, an orphan and a mechanic who do not see that he will be inheriting his dad's million-dollar fortune, because he has never seen his dad before. The other is Ratnapuri, a Siamese woman. Azlee, Datuk's eldest son, cannot accept the presence of Saiful and also Ratnapuri when his father's will is read at Datuk's residence.

Paku Pontianak 2013

After the incident when ADAM hit a girl named Melati with his car, Adam and his family decided to take care of her. Melati wakes up the day after but she cannot remember a thing except her name. Seri feels threatened by Melati’s presence because Seri been dreaming to make Adam her husband.

Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2004

Mariam, a well-known dancer from Kampung Paku Laris is caught in a love triangle between the rich, powerful and handsome Marsani and the poor but kind-hearted Danial. When Mariam chooses to marry Danial, Marsani continues to obsessively pursue her. But when tragedy occurs and Mariam is found dead, while Danial's boat sinks at sea, strange things begin to occur. Fast forward 60 years later, and a young girl named Maria bears an eerily striking resemblance to the late Mariam.

Misteri Bisikan Pontianak 2013

A movie about Geena who is always bullied by the villagers because of his character, which is soft and feminine. His grandmother is the only person who understand him and encourage him to overcome the difficulties that he facing. Unfortunately Geena was burnt to death and no one knows who did that to Geena. At the same time, Hakim, who stays at the same village starts to see ghosts. Curious about what is actually happening, Hakim’s sister decides to investigate the connection between Geena and her brother.

Return to Pontianak 2001

A young American girl and her friends search for the resting place of her birth parents deep in the Malaysian jungle and encounter the Pontianak, a demonic female banshee seeking revenge on those who have wronged her.

Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak 2011

"Tolong! Awek Aku Pontianak" follows the naive yet kind Bob (Zahiril Adzim) who moves to a new apartment and falls in love with a peculiar woman named Maya (Sazzy Falak). Maya who lives with her sister (Liyana Jasmay), harbours a secret and other around her are beginning to suspect that she just might just be a vampire.

Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 2005

Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam 2 is the sequel to the movie of the same title in 2004. The story continues after the "pontianak" (banshee/vampire) has avenged her death by eliminating her murderer (Marsani) and his entire bloodline. The story also explains her possesion of her own daughter and the end of her revenge. The story also sees Meriam coming to terms with her death before releasing her daughter from possesion and dealing with the obsession of her killer's son (Zali). Although the movie is still classified in the horror genre, this sequel delves more into sad emotions compared to the rage inflicted in the first movie.

Asmara Pontianak K-Pop 2011

PONTIANAK K-POP tells a story about 2 guys who always compete with each other. Jejai whose real name is Sujaiman Jupri is a kind hearted, friendly, funny and honest guy. Love to lead a glamourous life although only works as a bus conductor at Bandar Kuala Selangor. His competitor, Rain whose real name is Tamirin Seeron is quite good looking, always act cool, trendy and quite fanatic about anything K-Pop related. He got dismissed from working at Kuala Lumpur and return to his village to look after his parents. Rain has financial difficulties while being unemployed. Find out whats next in both their life..

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