Ordinary People 1980

Beth, Calvin, and their son Conrad are living in the aftermath of the death of the other son. Conrad is overcome by grief and misplaced guilt to the extent of a suicide attempt. He is in therapy. Beth had always preferred his brother and is having difficulty being supportive to Conrad. Calvin is trapped between the two trying to hold the family together.

Ordinary 2012

Ordinary is a 2012 Malayalam comedy drama film directed by Sugeeth and written by Nishad K. Koya and Manu Prasad. The film stars Kunchacko Boban, Biju Menon, Asif Ali, Jishnu, Shritha Sivadas and Ann Augustine in the main roles. The cinematography is by Faisal Ali and the music is composed by Vidyasagar. The film follows the adventures of a K.S.R.T.C. bus that travels from Pathanamthitta to the village of Gavi. It received mixed critical reviews and turned out to be the first blockbuster film of 2012 in Malayalam cinema.

Ordinary Miracle 1978

A wizard invents characters who all come to life and start to arrive at his house: a King, his servants, a princes, a bear trapped in a man's body - the usual lot. The Plot mainly rotates around the bear, who the wizard had turned into a man. The Bear, who wishes to be a bear once again, can turn into his old self if he were to kiss a princess. It gets complicated when he falls in love with that princess, that arrived at the wizard's house. For how can they be together, if a single kiss will destroy their love?

Ordinary World 2016

Perry is a happily married father of two living a comfortable but sedate life in the suburbs. On the occasion of his 40th birthday, he seeks to revisit his former life as the lead singer in a popular punk band though his middle-aged reality quickly (and hilariously) clashes with the indulgences of his youth.

A Life Less Ordinary 1997

A couple of angels, O'Reilly and Jackson, are sent to Earth to make sure that their next supervised love-connection succeeds. They follow Celine, a spoiled rich girl who has just accidentally shot a suitor and, due to a misunderstanding, is kidnapped by janitor Robert. Although Celine quickly frees herself, she stays with Robert for thrills. O'Reilly and Jackson pursue, hoping to unite the prospective lovers.

An Ordinary Man 2017

A war criminal in hiding forms a relationship with his only connection to the outside world - his maid.

Ordinary Decent Criminal 2000

Michael Lynch is a notorious criminal with two wives and a flair for showmanship. He's also a huge embarrassment to the local police, who are determined to bring him down once and for all.

Ordinary Victories 2015

Marco, in his thirties, is a little lost and tormented at the thought of truly settling. A former war photographer, he no longer wants to cover conflict and is more interested in the world of longshiremen.

Ordinary Magic 1993

When his father dies, Jeffrey is sent to live with his aunt Charlotte in Canada. Once there he leads his aunt and his friends in staging, a non-violent hunger strike to try to save his aunt's house from being demolished to make room for a ski resort.

Extra Ordinary. 2019

A driving instructor must use her other-worldly gifts to save a lonely man’s daughter from a rock star looking to use her for Satanic purposes.

The Ordinary People 2009

The Muller company organizes a reception to mark the launch of a new product. During the evening, we discover that this is actually a coaching exercise for company executives. Gradually, rumours about the upcoming acquisition of the company start to emerge and everyone finds themselves trying to save their place.

Very Ordinary Couple 2013

The probability of a couple that had broken up getting back together and having a successful relationship is just 3%. Dong-hee and Young, who had broken up over a minor tiff, later realize their love for each other and end up getting back together. But will they be able to fit into the 3% bracket?

No Ordinary Baby 2001

A reporter (Bridget Fonda) gets the scoop on the first ever human cloning, but the furor surrounding the event jeopardizes the baby's birth and the career of the doctor (Mary Beth Hurt) responsible for creating the clone.

The Magic of Ordinary Days 2005

Pregnant out of wedlock, an educated young woman is pressured by her father into an arranged marriage with a lonely farmer in this drama set during WWII.

Ordinary People 2017

A typical employee, Goo Jaepil is on the verge of a breakdown. His wife files for divorce and his boss demands that he perform an absurd task. He agrees to the task in order to keep his job, but a mishap spawns a new predicament and soon Jaepil is suspected of murder.

An Almost Ordinary Summer 2019

Two very different families spend their holidays in the same seaside house: the aristocratic Castelvecchio’s – open-minded, eccentric, but quite selfish – and the working-class Petagna’s – very tight-knit and united around solid conservative values. What brought such distant worlds together? Only Tony and Carlo, the two middle-aged heads of the families, know! The unexpected announcement of their engagement will disrupt an apparently ordinary summer and turn the lives of everyone around them upside down. With the wedding already set for three weeks, even more chaos will ensue.

Ordinary People 2016

ORDINARY PEOPLE is a family portrait of Jane, 16, and her boyfriend, Aries, who live on their own in the chaotic streets of Manila. Surviving as pickpockets, the lives of the young couple change when they suddenly become teenage parents. But not even a month into parenthood, their child is stolen from them. In order to retrieve the child, the young couple is forced to take desperate measures.

An Ordinary Trip 1958

An ordinary trip suddenly becomes dangerous for two previously conflicted drivers.

Ordinary Person 2017

Major crimes unit detective Seong-jin arrests Tae-sung for petty crimes, but shocked to find out that he is the notorious serial killer. However, Seong-jin becomes doubtful of his identity as the serial murder case is investigated.

Ordinary Lies 2015

Exploring what happens when a bunch of white lies spiral out of control and the effect it has on an ordinary group of colleagues and friends.

No Ordinary Family 2010

After their plane crashes into the Amazon River, each member of the Powell family starts to show signs of new, unique and distinct super powers.

Nichijou: My Ordinary Life 2011

Follow the adventures of three ordinary girls as they make life’s awkward moments a thousand times worse. Along with a colorful bunch of classmates, they learn their most important lessons the hard way. Meanwhile down the street, a pocket-sized professor makes life difficult for a robot who just wants to be normal. But normal is the last thing you can expect in a town where salmon falls from the sky. In fact, the only thing you can count on is your friends, but even they are totally weird.

Ordinary Love 2012

"Ordinary Love" is about a psychiatrist who treats patients, while having many problems himself. He meets a woman who teaches him that love does not have to be complicated.

The Ordinary People 1993

Upon entering college, Narumi forms the Asunaro Group along with four other boys and girls. In time, she starts to date Tamotsu, whom she felt attracted to when she first saw him at the entrance exam. Although the two are happy together at first, their very different backgrounds cause them gradually to fall out and ultimately break up. Immediately following the break up, a member of the group dies a terrible death, and this brings the group to an end. The members go their separate ways, but Narumi and Tamotsu do not forget each other. Four years later, when the group reunites on the anniversary of the death of their friend, Tamotsu proposes to Narumi. The story follows the Asunaro Group members’ growth into adulthood as they struggle with the boundary between friendship and love, deal with bitter experiences, and find love for the first time.

Life Less Ordinary 2017

Wu Xiaoqiao (Xiang Yun) and Chen Feng (Chen Liping) used to be close like sisters. However, they turn into bitter enemies after falling for the same man. For many years, the duo will bring their animosity into their workplace, causing tension amongst the other employees. Others believed that Xiaoqiao is left on the shelf for good, but she secretly carries a torch for her boss Li Zhengye (Bernard Tan). In her youth, Chen Feng mixed with the wrong crowd and is often in and out of jail. She eventually gives birth to a son Chen Yalong (Romeo Tan) who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. Intern Zhang Qiyuan (Bonnie Loo) finds out that Li Ziyang (Ian Fang) is the son of Zhengye, who is the owner the factory. She later uncovers something even more shocking; that her foster mother Zhang Ruoyun (Cynthia Koh) is the biological mother of Ziyang and the former wife of Zhengye! Zhengye refuses to forgive Ruoyun for abandoning the family, but later finds out that he has misunderstood her. Lin Shuqi (Felicia Chin) is very supportive of her boyfriend, Xu Tao (Jeffrey Xu), whose dream is to be a star. To get the fame that he always wanted, Xu Tao agrees to spend a night with a wealthy lady, at Shuqi’s expense. Shuqi feels betrayed and break up with him. She then seeks Yalong for comfort and they become closer. Ziyang breaks up with Liang Wenjie (Jayley Woo) and gets together with Qiyuan. Wenjie is extremely bitter about the break up and plots to sabotage their relationship.

Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History 2016

Ordinary Women: Daring to Defy History explores the lives and accomplishments of fascinating women who defied gender stereotypes but often found themselves pushed to the sidelines or erased from history books that weren’t ready to acknowledge them. This series is made possible by generous donations to our Seed & Spark crowdfunding campaign for the project.

Ordinary Miracles 2009

One day, a middle-aged man, Fujimoto Makoto, is standing on a train platform, about to jump in front of a train. Nakashiro Kana and Tasaki Shota both happen to be on the same platform, and sensing what is about to happen, they quickly pull him back to safety. There's a reason why Kana and Shota realized Makoto's intentions, they both have the kind of emotional scars that can't be put into words. Even after so much pain, through a series of e-mails, they've become attracted to one another and slowly learn to open up their hearts once again.

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