Rarandoi Veduka Chudham 2017

A happy-go-lucky boy falls in love with a village belle and after initially facing rejection from her, realises that he has a lot to do to win her love.

China Dolls 1992

Tong catches Chiu attempting to rape his wife May (Amy Yip). They scuffle and Tong shoots Chiu dead with Chiu's gun. They flee but Tong is killed in a shootout with police. May begs an officer to take her child, since if he is repatriated he'll have a horrible life. So, the infant son ends up in Hong Kong separated from his mother. Six years pass and May is a hotel maid then gets forced into prostitution. She longs to see her son, who is now a young boy, maybe to fully reunite with him. The problem with this film is it becomes so sleazy. There is nudity (not Ms. Yip), violence and forcible rape.

CJ7: The Cartoon 2010

As the animated version of Stephen Chow's 2008 hit comedy CJ7, CJ7: The Cartoon loosely adopts the original plot of how a father and a son accidentally pick up an alien named CJ7. The film has a newly developed story line during which CJ7 protects the environment and saves the earth.

A War Named Desire 2000

Younger brother from HK visits older brother, who is a mid-level mobster in Thailand. He is looking to recoup money the brother took from the family when he fled HK 15 years earlier. His pesky girlfriend, refusing to stay in HK, learns the hard way that there's more to Thailand than elephant rides. The elder brother is caught up in an internal struggle within the mob. Someone is injecting drugs into their gambling operation. His search leads to a tug of war, with the brother and girlfriend caught in the middle.

Evandoi Sreevaru 2006

Drama/Family movie Supporting Actor(s): Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Krishna Bhagavan, M S Narayana, Ramaprabha, Sarath Babu Music: Srikanth Deva Director(s): E Satti Babu Language: Telugu

Οι Απέναντι 1981

The story of a young man who every day watches the inhabitants of the apartment across the street. They have a very beautiful daughter, but after a few days he finds himself in love with the mother...

Hong Kong Ghost Stories 2011

Wong Jing's Classroom follows Ling, the new substitute teacher at a suburban high school. She feels something wrong about her class. The students in her Class 4E are an unruly bunch, except for Don Don, who always sits quietly in the corner. Suspecting that her students Gi Gi, Co Co, and Fong engage in prostitution, Ling reports the problems with her class to the dean, only to be told that there has never been a Class 4E in the school... In Patrick Kong's Travel, a group of friends go on vacation in Mainland, during which Bo gets killed in a road accident. At Bo's funeral, her travel mates meet Bo's estranged lover Ka Ming , with whom Bo had a heated quarrel on the phone just prior to her tragic death. At the hot-pot dinner after the funeral, a pale-faced Ka Ming reveals to the survivors the secret of his relationship with Bo before going on a killing spree...


A depressed man in a bar recounts the story of the completely original idea that led to his being there.

The Guava House 2000

A man who at the age of thirteen had an accident that left him with a permanent mental disability returns obsessively to the house where he spent his childhood and the beloved guava tree outside. His childhood remains more vivid to him than the reality he now inhabits, and when the young woman who currently inhabits the house finds out about his story she allows him inside, so he can roam through the rooms of his memory.

I Love Hong Kong 2011

After his business goes bust, Ng Shun (Tony Leung Ka Fei) and his family move back to his old apartment to stay with his father. He has not returned for 10 years because the apartment is too small for his family. Furthermore, the environment is unfamiliar to Shun's family. Coincidentally Shun's old childhood friend, Lung (Eric Tsang) returns too. Due to an old misunderstanding, Shun is distrustful of Lung. Will Lung regain Shun's trust again?

Oi angeloi tis amartias 1966

A young man with ideals, equipped with a high-school diploma, dreams of a quiet and honest life. Nevertheless, being unable to find a job and facing the problems of unemployment, he gets involved in a ring of thieves. The hoodlums organize a major heist. Lefteris agrees to take part in order to solve his money problems and live happily with his girl. Things, however, do not develop smoothly. The hero, at the last moment, manages to escape and avoid arrest by the policemen, thanks to the help of a girl who works in a cabaret in Piraeus and is in love with him.

Oi 900 tis Marinas 1961

In a countryside village, a veteran politician, Damalas, and a young attorney, Ntinos, son of the village doctor, are rivals in the upcoming elections. Main controller of the political dispute is the all-powerful president of the village, Spyros Dalengos, who affects 900 of the inhabitants. The power acquired by those 900 people is the only dowry of his daughter Marina, who is in love with Ntinos. He has fallen for her to, but his conscience doesn't allow him to accept the unrighteous deal offered by Dalengios, who, after that, decides to support Damalas. However, Marina secretly changes the ballots handed out by her father's men, granting victory to her beloved, who goes straight to ask her to marry him, certain that he won thanks to his own abilities and effort.

Radioactive Dreams 1986

After an atomic war Phillip Hammer and Marlowe Chandler have spent 15 years on their own in an bunker, stuffed with junk from the 40s and old detective novels. Now, 19 years old, they leave their shelter to find a world full of mutants, freaks and cannibals. They become famous detectives in the struggle for the two keys that could fire the last nuclear weapon.

Oi for England 1982

During the Manchester, Moss Side riots of 1981 a struggling skinhead punk band try to secure their first gig.

We are Family 2006

Alan Tam plays as many as four roles in the film: a guy always in baseball cap, a man resembling the legendary Wong Fei Hung, a sloppy middle-aged man with a big belly, and even an eighty-year-old lady! Hacken Lee is an up-and-coming office manager named Kit who is about to marry his flight attendant girlfriend. However, her family members - all played by Alan Tam - are pretty strict when it comes to choosing the right husband for her!

Οι Μικρομεσαίοι

I mikromesaioi is a Greek comedy series that aired during the 1992-1993 television season and received the Greek lifestyle of the time with TV stars with different modner Greek eras. As well as To Retire, it was that the show had a record number of reruns mainly during the summer months.

OI Khaplai 2018

OI KHAPLA is a comic tele-serial and its plot is set in a village. The plots are taken from the daily affairs of a villager’s life. OI KHAPLA is a stress buster of sorts and the comic plots give viewers a respite from the rigours of daily life. OI KHAPLA, therefore, has received wide viewership and the different storylines and plots have been widely acclaimed by viewers.

Oi frouroi tis Achaias

Oi frouroi tis Achaias is a Greek popular television series that was broadcast on Mega Channel in 1992. It is an adaptation of a novel of the academician Tasos Athanasiadis and ran for 40 episodes. The directing was done by Giannis Diamantopoulos. The show stars Mimi Denissi, Stratos Tzortzoglou, Anna Synodinou, Katerina Helmi, Nikos Garyfallou, Vladimiros Kiriakidis, Babia Hadjidakis, Kostas Triantafyllopoulos, Thomas Kindynis/Kindinis, Christoforos Papakaliatis, Akindynis Gkikas and many more.

Oi Treis Harites

Oi Treis Harites is a Greek comedy series created by Michalis Reppas and Thanasis Papathanasiou which aired on Mega Channel from February 8, 1990 to April 20, 1992. The name "Harites" was taken partly from ancient Greek mythology and partly from their surname, which was "Haritou". The series describes the daily life of three single sisters in their middle forties who live in the same house. Oi Treis Harites received positive reviews, becoming one of the most popular and successful programs ever shown on Greek television, achieving high ratings throughout its run. During the season 1989-1990 and 1991-1992 Oi Treis Harites was the most popular series in Greek television, making history reaching 65% according to AGB Nielsen Media Research on February 3, 1992. According to Mega Channel, the initial title of the series was "Anna and her Sisters". The series was released in DVD from the magazine Tilerama in April 2010.

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