South Sea Storm 1991

The Kahuripan Kingdom is facing a crisis due to the loss of a sacred heirloom and the threat of attacks from one of its regencies. This situation provides background for the story of Pujo (Dede Yusuf) and his wife, Kartikasari (Fitria Anwar), who are shown at the beginning of the film in a mysterious invisible cave where they discover the secret of the green pearl amulet. Their enemies are Wisangjiwo (Baron Hermanto), who has long been attracted to Kartikasari, whom he eventually rapes while she is meditating in the nude, and Joko Wanengpati (Gito Gilas). This story primarily features fight scenes among the main characters.

South of Algiers 1953

Archaeologists Van Heflin and Eric Portman undertake an expedition in Tunisia in search of an ancient mask. Director Jack Lee's 1954 adventure film also stars Wanda Hendrix and Jacques Francois.

Aloma of the South Seas 1941

A young South Seas native boy is sent to the U.S. for his education and returns to his island after his father dies to try to stop a revolution.

South Beach 1993

Former NFL star Mack Derringer now works as a private detective. Someone is out to get Derringer and his ex-wife. Can Derringer put the pieces of this deadly puzzle together before its too late?

South by Southeast 2005

Sonja, once a popular Serbian actress settled in Slovenia is on a short visit to Belgrade. She panics claiming that her daughter Sofia has been kidnapped, then disappears. Inspector Despotovic is assigned to the case and when he finds Sonja, she admits that she made everything up, that she never had a child, and therefore there was no kidnapping. But a Secret Service veteran approaches Despotovic and tells him that the story about kidnapping is true. It is highly classified information. The father of the child is Foreign Affairs Minister. On the other hand, Minister claims that the Secret Service has made everything up trying to compromise him. Despotovic is puzzled... Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who is insane? Who is about to die?

South of New York 2010

Jenny is a former Broadway star looking to revive her career one last time. When her rich uncle dies she leaves New York and goes to the south of Italy to claim her inheritance, only to find out that all that’s left are debts and a worthless self-portrait. In her quest for fame she decides to team up with the up and coming and shy young talent Carmelina.

South to North 2014

Following the steps of the Nan Shui Bei Diao - South to North Water Transfer - the world's largest water transfer project, stretching between southern and northern China.

South Bound 2013

Hae-gap is a director who makes anti-government documentary films. One day, Hae-gap’s son, Na-ra, runs away from home, but Man-deok, a freeloader living in Hae-gap’s house ends up bringing him back. Later, Man-deok raids the head developer of Deul Island to stop its exploitation, and Na-ra helps and ends up getting caught. In order to bring Na-ra out from jail, Hae-gap signs to stop making anti-government films and moves to Deul Island with his family. Na-ra sees his father leading a good, quiet life there and starts opening up. But when a construction company charges in to clear-out the island and the islanders fall at risk of losing their homes, Hae-gap leads a strike against it and his family fall in grave danger...

Girl from the South 1988

ANNE is the daughter of well-to-do parents in the South of England.One morning, bored with Granny's attempts to entertain her, she leaves the safety of the rich suburbs and sets out towards 'the poorer part of town' determined to meet her own real-life, tall dark stranger. Walking up a street of back-to-back houses – and still in her daydream – ANNE bumps into an old woman sending her shopping flying. A lucky accident as the old woman's grandson, RALPH, turns out to be exactly the boy she is looking for... well, nearly – he does have a strange penchant for art galleries and Elgar. But ANNE doesn't only fall in love. Discovering that not everyone is as rich as her, she determines to balance things out by persuading RALPH to take part in an unusual form of burglary. She assures him that if things go wrong, she will own up and say it was her fault. "They'll never believe you!" says Ralph. And they don't.

The South Sea Wolf 1961

Namie's back in trouble, after getting snatched by an evil gang in search of the treasure. Kirimaru sets out to rescue his sweetheart and falls in with a band of pirates also hunting the hidden stash.

South of the Clouds 2004

Xu Daqin, a retired Chinese factory worker, returns to the remote Yunnan province, where he hopes to reconcile himself with the life and opportunity he passed up in this place 40 years ago.

South Seas Adventure 1958

Cinerama takes you on a South Seas Adventure to tropical islands set like sparkling jewels in dreamy cerulean waters. Thrill to the lure of sunbrowned, luscious maidens and a paradise of coconut palms, coral strand and blue lagoons. Enchanted South Pacific archipelagos beckon with all the beauty and color of a painter’s palette. Stepping stones in the vast expanse of far-away seas, they promise romance, adventure, excitement—an irresistible blend of fascinating people and exotic places.

South Side Story 2000

In Roberta Torre's "true story of Romeo and Julet", Toni Giulietto is a vulnerable street singer and Little Tony-impersonator (who is himself an Italian Elvis-impersonator) who is constantly deceived and hoodwinked by almost everyone he knows. Romea is an attractive Nigerian immigrant who sells sex on the streets of Palermo to pay off her huge fee to the man who smuggled her in to the country. Various characters plot against each other and the plots, which draw in people from all the different social strata, spiral out of control as the tug-of-war between these different factions of Sicilian society is fought to the last.

The Way South 1988

A thirty year old man returns from South America to his native village, in the mountains of Yugoslavia, to find his spouse and take her along. He chooses the youngest daughter of self-supporting Jewish woman. The deceit gets discovered on the way to South America. Seven poor girls, among whom is his future wife, are imprisoned in ship's deck. He took them, promising rich marriage, and his real intention is to employ them in bordello houses of Buenos Aires, where the girls, not knowing the language, would be left to his mercy.

The Goose Goes South 2018

Woozoo visits Osaka to finish his business as his boss Dae-jung has gone missing in a ship accident. On the last day, Woozoo chases someone looking exactly like Dae-jung. He ends up losing him, but the guitar sound draws him to a small bar, Pier 34. Its owner, Snow, somehow reminds him of Dae-jung and listening to his music brings back memories. After passing out right there, Woozoo misses his flight back to Korea and then quits his job on a whim. He soon meets Haruna who learns guitar from Snow. And he decides to stay at Pier 34 till he finds Dae-jung.

Based Down South 2010

The lives of four Turks born in Germany but now living in Istanbul.

The Great South East

The Great South East is an Australian television programme, airing exclusively in Queensland. Currently hosted by Sofie Formica, the half-hour-long program showcases tourist attractions in the south-eastern corner of the state surrounding the state capital Brisbane. It airs Sunday afternoons at 5.30 pm. It is produced by Fiona Deadman.

South Dakota Adventure

South Dakota Adventure is an educational television series about the state of South Dakota. The program was hosted by Richard Muller and was produced from 1980 to 1984 by South Dakota Public Television. Each of the thirty-two episodes is just under fifteen minutes in length.

In the South Seas

In the South Seas is a Canadian travel documentary television series which aired on CBC Television in 1973.

The Dirty South

Down South is an upcoming reality television series that is expected to air on CMT in the fall of 2013. The series was created by Jersey Shore creator SallyAnn Salsano and 495 Productions and is being filmed in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The series is a Southern spin on Jersey Shore and depicts the South’s most outrageous personalities, as a group of friends converge on a popular beach for the summerr

South Asian Veggie Table

South Asian Veggie Table is a Cooking show first produced for the Omni Television, an Ontario television network in Canada. A half-hour TV show of Indian and South Asian vegetarian cooking. Hosted by Karen Johnson and Ronica Sajnani. The show has been syndicated internationally for the past 13 years. Karen Johnson and Ronica Sajnani have started a new cooking show called "South Asian Tasting Table". The television show "South Asian Tasting Table" is not a vegetarian cooking show.

Scene South East

Scene South East was a regional television news magazine programme produced by Southern Television, covering the south east of England. The weekly sub-regional programme was broadcast from October 1964 to December 1981.

Deep South Paranormal

Deep South Paranormal is an American paranormal television series on Syfy that debuted April 10, 2013.

South Side Story

South Side Story is a six-part observational documentary series about the takeover of National Rugby League team the South Sydney Rabbitohs by actor Russell Crowe and businessman Peter Holmes à Court in 2006.

Party Down South 2 2014

CMT introduces a whole new group of Southern thrill-seekers in this all-new sequel to Party Down South.

Las Brujas de South Beach

Las Brujas De South Beach is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo. It stars Natalia Streignard, Ana Lucía Domínguez, Jullye Giliberti as four alluring women who were sisters in a past life. This fantasy melodrama was expected to debut in 2009, but the project was CANCELLED. This serial features Lola, Catalina, Eva and Damaris, four beautiful, unique heroines searching for answers about their 16th century existence in Spain. Along with their unsolved mysteries, they must face the evil forces that once tormented them. This vivacious quartet must put aside its differences and work together to vanquish the past. The show will be shot in Florida by Telemundo Studios, Miami. Telemundo is expected to air the serial from Monday to Friday over about 26 weeks. As with most of its soap operas, the network will broadcast English subtitles as closed captions on CC3.

The Biggest Loser South Africa

The Biggest Loser South Africa is a South African reality television show which first aired from 7 January 2008 to 14 April 2008 on The show is a spin-off of the American reality television show The Biggest Loser. The South African version features Jasmyn Asvat as the host with trainers Bruce Claasen and Lisa Raleigh. The premise of the show is similar to other international versions following the format of "temptation", "reward challenge", "weigh-in" and "elimination". In addition to the 15 regular episodes, there are an additional 10 episodes of The Biggest Loser Extra which focuses on the eliminated contestants. Sharon Haarhoff was the winner of the first season, losing 61.8 kg.

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