Tel Aviv Stories

Filmed on location in the titular Israeli capital, Tel Aviv Stories is a feminist comedy (from the country's top two female film directors) that both women and men will enjoy. It's a breakneck comedy about three determined women with the courage of lions and nerves of steel. Get set for some unexpected twists.

Where Are Their Stories? 2007

Vicente (Gabino Rodríguez) is a young farmer in a rural village who scrapes by while taking care of his ill grandmother. Several of Vicente’s uncles intend to their ailing mother’s land without her knowledge. Vicente seeks help from the municipal president who, between shooting hoops on a desolate court, tells him that if he wants justice, he must head to the capital to meet with government officials. Although he hasn’t seen her since he was a child, Vicente sets off in search of his mother, who works as a maid in maze-like Mexico City. With the help of his mother’s employer, a sophisticated middle-aged woman, he finds the government offices where he presents his case. His situation isn’t easily resolved, especially since he does not have the deed to his grandmother’s plot of land, and Vicente finds the complexities of the legal system to be completely overwhelming.

Yodok Stories 2008

Today, more than 200.000 men, women and children are locked up in North Korea's concentration camps. Systematic torture, starvation and murder is what faces the inmates. Few survive many years in the camps, but the population is kept stable by a steady influx of new persons considered to be 'class enemies'. A small group of people have managed to flee from the camps to a new life in the prosperous South Korea. Some of them gather and decide to make an extraordinary and controversial musical about their experiences in the Yodok concentration camp. Despite death treats and many obstacles the musical becomes a tour de force for this ensemble of refugees and for them a possibility opens to talk about their experiences and inspire others to protest the existence of the camps.

Moving Stories 2012

The story of two women linked by an apartment from which one is moving out the other in. For the first one this is a definitive move and the closing of a chapter, while for the second it is just a stage, and the start of a new life.

Killer Stories 2011

The wrap around storyline consists of a couple who have come home from a nightclub to have sex, then get into telling each other these stories about local serial killers they know, but not all is what it seems as the man shows his true colors.

Dreadtime Stories 2014

A party turns bizarre when a malevolent book makes its way into the hands of the attendees who reveal its tales of monsters, madmen and the supernatural.

Stockholm Stories 2013

The lives of five seemingly unrelated lost souls intertwine in Sweden’s chilly capital in this delicate and wryly funny ensemble film. A precocious yet untalented young writer, a friendless advertising genius, a tight-lipped workaholic, a shy upper-class boy with a secret crush, and a recently dumped young woman all come to realize hard truths about love and life over the course of several days.

Graveyard Stories 2017

Horror legends Lloyd Kaufman and Jim O'Rear take you on a spine-tingling journey through five blood-drenched tales that will make your skin crawl.

Revealing Stories 2011

Mock documentary exploring how the internet has changed the lives of ordinary people.

Bedtime Stories 1988

Three short films. I: The Wet Dream-Questions of seduction, viewer/viewed and personal stories are collaged in this heavily postproduced account of a 'hot tub relationship. II: The Erotic Intellect-Shot in Garbo's Hairdressing Salon, Hammer suggests intellectual stimulation to be as provocative as overt sexuality. III: Clip, Grab, and Paint-A sunstroke delirium as the videographer identifies with Georgia O'Keeffe and her radio obituary using a frame buffer and computer program for paintbrush and easel.

Bamboo Stories 2019

A group of men in North-Eastern Bangladesh are facing a dangerous mission. They are to conquer the river, with a 70 meter long raft. The ride is 300 kilometre long, always downstream. The freight: 25 000 bamboo trees. The men's path begins in the dense forests of the Sylhet region in North-Eastern Bangladesh. Millions of bamboo trunks are hacked down there and being slid down by the workers along the dangerous mountain-stream into the valley. The bamboos reach the river Kushiara through hundreds of these channels. Here, the trunks are bundled - a giant raft arises. Then the long journey begins.

Three Stories 2011

The connection between these three short films is initially indicated by their sound and music: In all three films, Lee Anne Schmitt does without direct sound and dialogue, letting the music of Jeff Parker accompany the images. In the first miniature, Schmitt films graves from the American Indian Wars as silent witnesses of a past that have left their traces on the collective American consciousness. Subsequently, we see blackandwhite street scenes in Hollywood, which are followed by almost familiar images – a garden bench, a bouquet of flowers. Thus history, the public and the private form a new, abstract and yet tangible unity.

Backyard stories 2006

The Norwegian animated film “Backyard Stories” shows how the childrens game “Refuge Reception Center” becomes sad reality for one of the players

True Stories 2007

Based on letters sent in from actual Hot House viewers, True Stories showcases a cast of hunky studs (including superstars Cliff Parker and Mark Baxter) who reveal their private tales of sleazy sex. Starring Hot House Exclusive Mark Baxter!

Andersen Monogatari 1971

Hans Christian Andersen Stories is a Japanese anime series by Mushi Productions and aired on Fuji TV from January 3 to December 21, 1971.

Soundbreaking 2016

Explore the art of music recording with a behind-the-scenes look at the birth of brand new sounds. Featuring more than 160 original interviews with some of the most celebrated recording artists of all time, Soundbreaking explores the nexus of cutting-edge technology and human artistry that has created the soundtrack of our lives.

On Death Row 2012

Most people do not know when and how they will die. Death row inmates do. They are told the exact day, hour and minute of their death, including all the precise details, procedures and rituals of their execution.

My Favorite Fairy Tales 2016

Old Japanese anime, originally released on VHS in 1986, with each episode telling a different story from the Grimm's Fairy Tales.

Maple Town 1986

Maple Town, known as Maple Town Stories in Japan is a 1986 anime series created by Chifude Asakura and directed by Junichi Sato. The series is animated by Toei Animation, consisting of 52 half-hour episodes, which aired on TV Asahi in Japan from January 19, 1986 to January 11, 1987. It focuses on the adventures of Patty Rabbit, Bobby Bear, and their families, in a small utopian anthropomorphic city named Maple Town. The series gave way to a 50-episode sequel, New Maple Town Stories: Palm Town Chapter, which made Patty Rabbit the only ongoing member from both series, although Maple Town's citizens made cameos from time to time. To date, this has not seen an official English release. The program spawned collectible figurines with changeable clothing as well as houses, furniture, and vehicles; Tonka was the licensee and manufacturer in the US market. VHS compilations of Maple Town appeared in North America, Europe and Japan during the late 1980s and early 1990s. As of 2009, official DVDs of the show have only surfaced in Spain and Hungary, with no release plans announced for other territories.

The Living Christ Series 1951

The Living Christ Series is a 12-part drama series about the life of Jesus Christ. In some ways, it was a version of the typical Hollywood serial film. Each episode was thirty minutes long, bringing the total running time of the series to what might have been considered an epic six hours long if the films had been shown consecutively. Filmed in color in 1951, it is notable for being one of the few American film series of that time in which Christ's face was actually shown. Since the early days of sound, American film producers had been afraid that some members of the audience would be alienated if an actor who did not fit the public's image of Christ was chosen to play the role, so virtually all had played it safe by showing Him only from the back or in long shot. Sometimes only Christ's hand would be seen. Foreign film makers, however, had no such doubts, and Christ was actually shown in such films as the French Golgotha, the Mexican El Martir del Calvario, and the 1953 British serial Jesus of Nazareth. However, The Living Christ Series was not meant to be shown in movie theatres, but more as an instructional, inspirational film in churches or on Sunday-morning television. Far from being a religious epic, the series was clearly shot mostly on soundstages and on a low budget, much like a typical television program of the era shot on film. Directed by John T. Coyle, the series featured mostly unknown actors or actors who appeared mostly in B-films. A notable exception was Lowell Gilmore, who played Pontius Pilate, and whose most famous previous role was as Basil Hallward in MGM's classic 1945 film The Picture of Dorian Gray. Character actor Lawrence Dobkin also appeared in the series, and Will Wright, perhaps most famous for appearing as Ben Weaver on several episodes of The Andy Griffith Show, was somewhat incongruously cast as Herod. Screen unknown Robert Wilson, who would go on to practically make a career out of playing the role, portrayed Christ. Noted movie trailer announcer Art Gilmore served as narrator.

The World's Most Famous Tales 1995

Based on Western tales from the usual suspects: 1001 Nights, C. Perrault, Beaumont, J. & W. Grimm, H. C. Andersen, C. Collodi, English fairytale, H. Pyle, L. Carrol, J. Swift, A. Dumas, E. T. A Hoffman, L. F. Baum, and J. Spyri. Only 21 stories were broadcast, with the last five being released on VHS.

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