Nuit noire, 17 octobre 1961 2005

Parisian authorities clash with the Front de Libération Nationale (FLN) in director Alain Tasma’s recounting of one of the darkest moments of the Algerian War of Independence. As the war wound to a close and violence persisted in the streets of Paris, the FLN and its supporters adopted the tactic of murdering French policemen in hopes of forcing a withdrawal. When French law enforcement retaliated by brutalizing Algerians and imposing a strict curfew, the FLN organizes a peaceful demonstration that drew over 11,000 supporters, resulting in an order from the Paris police chief to take brutal countermeasures. Told through the eyes of both French policemen as well as Algerian protestors, Tasma’s film attempts to get to the root of the tragedy by presenting both sides of the story.

Formula 17 2004

More interested in romance than sex, "Formula 17" swoons with youthful innocence. Naive country-boy Tien-Tsai travels to Taipei, where his quest to lose his virginity is impeded by his insistence on finding true love first. The film's Chinese title translates as "17-Year-Old's World" which accurately describes its niche.

Swaying 17 Year Old 2003

The Horipro Caravan Scout winner's number 1 DVD is here. Ayase Haruka is Japan's most popular drama actress and a stunning beauty to behold.

Slednecks 17 2014

The Slednecks crew was once again up to their usual antics of destruction. Brett Turcotte and Chris Burandt hit the southern hemisphere in August to explore new lands, new cultures, and do a little snowmobiling in Chile. Reagan Sieg shows the world what can be done on a snowbike while Derek Wood, Brodie Evans, Kalle Johansson, Nick Woods, Tyler Blair, and Chris Brown continue the onslaught in Canada. Dane Ferguson preps the next breed of Slednecks in Alaska with Jason Semler, Tim Beckner, and crew. Fueled on adrenalin and a passion for danger, Slednecks continues to take snowmobiling to new heights all over the world!

Sex Plate 17 2017

A woman moves in next door who can make all of one man’s fantasies come true.

Betrayed at 17 2011

A mother vows to get justice when her daughter's life is destroyed by a sex video that goes viral.

17 1968

"Erik Soya's novel "17," now a movie, is the tale of a young lad who spends the summer by the seashore and is initiated into the arts of love by his comely cousin, the upstairs maid and the downstairs maid, in that order. It is not to be confused with the novel of the same title by Booth Tarkington." - Roger Ebert

17 2017

"17" is a social exploration into the lives of young women who are passionate about a sport they have been told was only for men. The film follows the Jordanian under-17 women's football team as they prepare for the FIFA U17 Women's World Cup Jordan 2016. Coming from different backgrounds, each of the girls has faced a different set of challenges as a national team player. But now they come together to face their biggest challenge yet.

Tengo 17 años 1964

A young girl decide to escape from home because her stepmother doesn´t like her. She finds a modest family that welcomes her as a family member. She learns how to live in lowliness and fall in love with David.

The Virtuous Bigamist 1956

The Provence, somewhere in the 1950's. Paul Verdier, traveling salesman, leaves his home and his quarrelsome wife for his weekly round. On the train he meets a young woman, Marie, who looks a little lost. No wonder. Marie is pregnant but lacks the customary husband. She's returning to her village but is not exactly looking forward to the confrontation with her parents and the villagers, all pretty conservative people. After getting to know Paul a little better (for which there is ample time during the trip by train and bus) Marie decides to ask Paul to act as her husband, just to allay the suspicions of her family. After some hesitating Paul accepts, charmed by the girl and unaware of the complications such is bound to cause to his own life.

Stalked at 17 2012

When 17 year old Angela fell for Chad, he promised to love her forever. When she got pregnant with his child, he promised to take care of them both. When she realized he was deceptive and abusive, he promised to change. When she wanted to leave, he made one final promise: to hunt her down and kill her if she ever took his child away.

Slut in a Good Way 2018

Three 17-year-old girlfriends get a job at the Toy Depot for the holiday season and become smitten with the guys who work alongside them.

Twisted Desire 1996

A teenage girl convinces a young, love-struck ex-con that the only way they can be together is to do away with her domineering parents.

Zatoichi Challenged 1967

Ichi is staying at an inn when a woman dies. Her dying wish is that Ichi take her son to his father, an artist living in a nearby town. After arriving in the town, Ichi finds out that the father has been forced by a local boss to create illegal pornography to pay off his gambling debts. Ichi makes it his mission to save tha man and reunite the family, even though it brings him into conflict with a samurai he sort of befriended on his way to the town.

Syndrom 17 2016

In a village near Bednja all the inhabitants are born on the same date - 17th October. There are many theories about the causes of this unusual phenomenon, but one thing is certain: it has marked the locals' private and social life.

Case 17 2016

One evening, a married couple comes to the Itami Law Office. Narumi Suzumura, six months pregnant, and her husband Takuya have come to ask Itami to take the case of Narumi's mother, Kimiko Torii, indicted for the murder of her second husband, company president Takefumi Torii. Kimiko married Takefumi 19 years ago, making him Narumi's stepfather. The couple are questioning whether Kimiko had the intent to kill...

Age 17 2013

Matteo is a 17-year-old boy who comes to the realization that he is in love with Don Massimo, a young priest of the village that leads the marching band in which Matteo plays the drum. He sees in Massimo a person willing to listen to his fears and desires. For the first time in his life, Matteo feels ready to open up to someone...

Sallys Bizniz 1989

The neighbourhood is tough. New-built concrete towers, which are not yet completely finished but already slum. Daily police raids. Daily suicide jumps from the roofs. Here lives Sally in a two-bedroom, with her parents and younger brother. Sally is dreaming big. She wants to be a fighter pilot, and she wants to be rich! She has already started her own business, collecting empty bottles and bits and pieces of scraps. And Sally don't care much for the immigrants in her area. She takes every opportunity to vent her inner racist. Turkish Zuhal move in with his family. "A new flock of Bedouins" Sally condescendingly comments. But what she does not know is that this will be one of the major turning points in her life ...

1775 1992

1775 was a 1992 pilot episode for a CBS situation comedy, similar in style to the BBC situation comedy Blackadder. Set in colonial Philadelphia during the run-up to the American Revolution, the series was to follow the exploits of innkeeper Jeremy Proctor and his family. The series was not picked up by CBS. A similar idea for a situation comedy was mentioned by Andrew Alexander in a commentary track for SCTV.

Anno 1790 2011

Anno 1790 is a Swedish historic crime drama starring Peter Eggers, Joel Spira and Linda Zilliacus. The first season was broadcast on SVT in the autumn of 2011 and ran for 10 episodes.

Flight 175: As the World Watched

Flight 175: As the World Watched is an American television documentary film that premiered in August 2006 on TLC. It covers the final moments of the passengers and crew on board United Airlines Flight 175, which was the second commercial airliner to strike the World Trade Center, impacted with the South Tower, and was the most visually documented flight during the September 11 attacks. The documentary features interviews with a variety of people, including: ⁕relatives of the passengers and crew members, ⁕air traffic controllers who responded to the doomed flight, and ⁕the two F-15 fighter pilots scrambled from Otis Air National Guard Base who flew in the airspace over Lower Manhattan during the event.

19 Kids and Counting 2008

19 Kids and Counting, rendered graphically as 19 Kids & Counting in its onscreen logo, is an American reality television show on TLC. The show is about the Duggar family, which consists of parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their 19 children—nine girls and ten boys, all of whose names begin with the letter "J". The series began on September 29, 2008. The twelfth season premiere was September 17, 2013.

My Dear Loser Series 2017

Oh is a nerd who is considered the school's biggest loser. He hates the school because he is often bullied and mocked by his peers who call him Mushroom. However, even though he hates the school there is only one person who motivates him to come back every day and that is Peach, the school's prettiest and kindest girl. Can the biggest school's nerd end up dating this idol?

Maria Wern 2008

Crime Inspector Maria Wern returns to duty at the Police Department on the island of Gotland, and is immediately thrown into a murder investigation.

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