My Name Is Bill W. 1989

Based on the true story of Bill W. (James Woods), a successful stock broker whose life falls apart after the stock crash of the 20's and how he comes to grips with his alcoholism. Along with a fellow alcoholic (James Garner) he forms a support group that would eventually become Alcoholics Anonymous.

Dimension W 2016

Humanity has found a way to achieve infinite energy by using coils to draw it from the fourth plane: dimension "W". With the production of coils having been monopolized by the New Tesla energy company, freelance collectors are hired to find and remove any illegal, unofficial coils. This is the story of collector Kyōma, who also happens to have a huge hatred towards coils. During one of his missions he stumbles upon a female android that perceives herself as being human, leading the two to enter an unlikely partnership.

Tiger Mask W 2016

Two young wrestlers face each other in a recently revived underground wrestling organization, the Tiger's Lair, which destroyed the wrestling dojo they grew up in. One took over the training facilities of Naoto Date at the foot of Mount Fuji, as well as the mask he left behind. The other dared to enter the Tiger's Lair and won a fierce competition, receiving a jet-black tiger mask. One tiger walks the path of light, while the other walks the path of shadows. Neither one knows the other's face. On the ring, they are natural enemies, but they have the same purpose—destroy the Tiger's Lair!

W/ Bob & David 2015

After being dishonorably discharged from the Navy Seals, Bob and David are back serving our country the way they do best, making sketch comedy. Four half-hours of brand new comedy featuring all new characters, all new scenes, and most importantly, all new wigs.

Burn-Up W 1996

Burn Up W is an anime OVA directed by Hiroshi Negishi and released in 1996. It was soon followed by a series version called Burn Up Excess though it occasionally lacks continuity with the series. The OVA consists of four episodes, chronicling Team Warrior through more missions. Like the original series, there is still a large amount of fan service.

W: Two Worlds 2016

Han Hyo-joo plays a surgeon whose father is a famous comic book creator. One day Dad goes missing and she rushes to his workshop to look for him, and instead finds a strange man bathed in blood. She gets kidnapped by the bloody man, which is where their story begins. The drama takes place in 2016 Seoul, but in different dimensions that exist in parallel with one another. It’s described as a suspense romance melodrama about “a man and a woman who are living in the same time, but different worlds.”

W Wish 2004

Junna Tōno has a twin sister named Senna. He is an ordinary student at Sakurahama Private High School. However, in the past, a traffic accident deprived him of his parents and his memory. Junna survived the accident and since then, he lived only with his sister, though he's been looked after by his relatives. His present life with Senna at the same high school is so pleasant that he can forget his severe past. However, Junna begins to recall the memories he lost in the accident. He enjoys the happy and pleasant days, but he is tossed by his past, his present, and his future. What is the truth hidden in his memory?

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing 1995

Mankind has moved into space. Thousands of people live on giant orbiting space colonies called "Sides." However, the Earth Government, which rules the colonies, is unjust and cruel. A group of revolutionaries builds five robotic weapons called Gundams and plans to send them to Earth to begin their fight for independence. Piloted by five young men, these Gundams carry the hopes and dreams of freedom of the colonists with them as they descend to Earth to begin Operation Meteor!

The Tragedy of W 2012

"W no Higeki" is an adaptation of a novel by Natsuki Shizuko, which was first published in 1982. It was turned into a theatrical movie in 1984, and has seen numerous adaptions into TV drama in 1983, 1986, 2001 and 2010 respectively. This new version of the story has Takei Emi playing two different characters with the exact same face. One is Mako, the future successor of a billion-dollar pharmaceutical conglomerate. She has always lived in comfort, but yearns for freedom. The other character is Satsuki, a lowly cleaner in a show pub who lives in solitude and destitution, and would do anything to get money, including prostituing her own body. One day, they met and decided to exchange lives.

Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld 2007

Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld is an American late-night/early-morning satirical talk show on the Fox News Channel, airing at 3:00 am ET Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 pm Saturday, and 2:00 am Sunday. The show features panelists and guests discussing the latest news in politics, pop culture, entertainment, business, sports, and religion. The show is hosted by Greg Gutfeld, a self-described libertarian, who is a former Maxim UK editor. In 2007, VH1 contributor Michelle Collins described watching Red Eye w/Greg Gutfeld as, "You almost feel like you’re going out and not going out. It’s like being at a bar with your friends and hearing all their opinions—while laying in bed eating Snackwell cookies."

The 'W' Files 2003

The 'W' Files is a 2003 Hong Kong fantasy-adventure-mystery television period drama serial based on Ni Kuang's novel series Wisely, starring Gallen Lo as Wisely. The series was first broadcast on TVB in Hong Kong from 2 June to 11 July 2003. The 30-episodes long series contains a total of eight different stories, set in China in the 1930s.


THEORIES WITH ZEKE is a strange new series starring Zeke Taylor. Where he talks about theories, conspiracies, escape the night & other shows, and also does commentaries.

Strzał w 10

Strzał w 10 was a Polish game show based on the original American format of Power of 10. The show was hosted by Cezary Pazura. The main goal of the game was to win 1 million zlotys by choosing correct range of percentage in 5 questions. Strzał w 10 was broadcast from 29 March 2008 to December 2008. It was shown on the Polish TV station Polsat. No one won 1 million zlotys grand prize.

Kamen Rider W 2009

In the ecologically-minded city of Futo, where nearly everything is powered by windmills, the people live in harmony. However, the Sonozaki Family sell mysterious devices resembling USB flash drives called Gaia Memories to criminals and other interested parties who use them to become monsters called Dopants, committing crimes with the police force powerless to stop them. To make matters worse, the Gaia Memories carry a dangerous toxin that cause their users to go insane to the point where they could die from the life-threatening devices. After the death of his boss, the self-proclaimed hard-boiled (actually half-boiled) detective Shotaro Hidari works with the mysterious Philip, who possesses the true Gaia Memory, to investigate crimes which involve Dopants. Using their own Gaia Memories, Shotaro and Philip use the Double Driver belts to transform and combine into Kamen Rider Double to fight the Dopant menace and keep Futo safe. While joined in their fight by investigator Ryu Terui, who transforms into Kamen Rider Accel, the mystery of Philip's past, his relation to the Sonozaki Family, and their Museum organization are revealed.

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