Porn to Be Free 2016

Porno & libertà is a film documentary about the generation who fought against puritanism and censorship to defend freedom of speech and sexual freedom. From Italy, Denmark and France through to California, the film follows a group of rebels who started a battle against censorship through pornography. Together they shook the church, the politics and the institutions. Through uncensored exclusive footage and archive material, the film explores the story and the fights of a group of pioneers.

Free Rein: Valentine's Day 2019

Love is in the air as Zoe and friends go on a quest to find a fabled Maid's Stone. But when rivalry blinds them to danger, it's Raven to the rescue!

Free Entry 2015

Betty and her friend V have a major project: the open-air music festival, Sziget Festival held every summer on one of the Danube islands in Hungary. Instead of money the teenagers have a stash of grass waiting for a buyer. Food? Nothing wrong with the leftovers from other people’s plates. Tent? Why bother when you can sleep under the stars. Sleep? No way: the party goes on all night. V is a pretty girl who knows how to use her charms to the best advantage. Betty, more reserved and shy, never quite knows what to do with her hands, how to hold a cigarette, what to say to the boys they meet. But the tables are turned when the pair go their separate ways after an argument.

Free and Easy 1941

This brief (56-minute) MGM B-picture was adapted from Ivor Novello's play The Truth Game. Max and Florian Clemington (Robert Cummings and Nigel Bruce), pretend to be members of the landed gentry. Max romances the much-older Lady Joan Culver (Judith Anderson) before finding true love in the form of pretty heiress Martha Gray (Ruth Hussey).

I'm Free

An intimate documentary about Geir Karijord, his disappearance and its tragic effect on the family.

A Free Man 2017

22-year-old Kei refuses to conform to the Japanese achievement-oriented society. He is homeless by choice, living on the streets and under the bridges of Kyoto. His love for nature and music keeps him afloat in his dream world. However, when he runs out of money, he is forced to face reality.

Sucker Free City 2004

The film follows three young men as they are drawn into lives of crime. Nick (Crowley) uses his entry-level corporate job to commit credit card fraud and deals drugs on the side. K-Luv (Mackie) is a member of the "V-Dubs", an African-American street gang. Lincoln (Leung) is a rising figure in the Chinese mafia. Gentrification forces Nick's family to move out of their home in the Mission District into Hunter's Point where they are harassed by the V-Dubs. K-Luv's side business of selling bootleg compact discs leads him to enlist Nick's help to bootleg CDs and to negotiate a truce with Lincoln. Lincoln conducts an affair with his boss' daughter Angela (Carpio), a Stanford student engaged to a medical student classmate.

Free Radicals 2003

Following the death of Manu (Resetarits) in a car accident, the film relates the interwoven stories of several people who become indirectly connected by the events and aftermath of the crash.

Free Havana 2012

Gay Rights is an issue heard around the world, including Cuba. Free Havana paints a vivid picture of what it has been like to be gay in Cuba through the candid stories of six gay and lesbian individuals. From the Batista era to the Revolution to the Mariel Boatlift to present-day Cuba, Free Havana exposes the evolution of gay life from a time when homosexuality was considered a punishable crime to current efforts to promote a greater acceptance of freedom of sexual orientation. Honest in approach and poignant in content, the stories of the six Cubans will inform and inspire as they touch your heart.

Free García 2014

The relationship between two young girls lost in a moment of personal introspection and detachment from their own family universe.

Free Dacians 2018

People living in a Dacian village, a group of Dacian mystics, the administrator of Sarmizegetusa Regia, the UNESCO site, and participants in Dacology congresses. They are all united by their passion for the Dacians. They are also divided by their perspective on this part of history that is increasingly popular in Romania...

Free Fall 2004

Nikola is getting ready to parachute jump from an airplane. During the jump he falls into a state near death and lives through a series of dream-like sequences in which he recapitulates his life.

Free Love 2017

In a café in Paris, two friends—one single, the other in an “open” relationship—catch up on their lives and loves. In this animated short where the real story plays out in what’s not said, French cartoonist Aude Picault (Moi je) delivers a delightful ode to the sometimes-complex amorous relationships of modern times. She also takes an affectionate but penetrating look at friendship between women—and the jealousy, envy or judgment that can lurk behind the prettiest speeches.

Be Free! 1986

Adventures of a young high school teacher and his oddball students.

Free City 1958

The heroic struggle of Polish post office workers in Gdansk on the first day of World War II.

Guilt Free 1997

A poetic young man's life and mental health are destroyed by his scheming, jealous older brother. This Gothic, psychological melodrama follows the events that caused his descent into madness. The decision about what to do with the ashes of their recently deceased deadbeat father plays a central role in the fraternal turmoil. At 21, Esteban is the oldest son. He eventually returns to his hometown of Curerenavaca one year after his father's funeral. Esteban loves travelling around. He arrogantly calls himself a writer and considers himself among the intellectual elite. But despite his grandiose pretensions, Esteban is decidedly lacking in talent; however, his good-hearted, humble little brother Juan is brimming with it.

Free CeCe 2016

This film confronts the culture of violence surrounding trans women of color. It is told through the voices of Laverne Cox and Cece McDonald.

Free Maria

The mysterious disappearance of Maria, revolutionary leader and symbol of struggle of a whole generation, makes Adrian, conductor of a humble political program, decide to summon two of his habitual guests to debate and analyze the subsequent consequences that the fact would bring. In the midst of a tense and melancholy climate where incommunicado rule reigns, Adrian must decide, before it is too late, whether to prioritize his journalistic impartiality or his own ideals.


Freewheelers is a British television series made by Southern Television between 1968 and 1973. It was the brainchild of television producer Chris McMaster, who was aware of the popularity of adult action series such as The Avengers and Department S amongst teenagers and saw the potential of a version aimed at a younger audience. In 2010, reruns of Freewheelers were being shown on the British satellite television channel Film 24.


Freetime was a twice-weekly children's television programme shown on ITV between 1981 and 1985. Produced by Thames Television, it was a magazine format show devoted to hobbies and interests, and was designed to encourage viewers to get out and about rather than staying at home and watching television. It was hosted by the former Magpie presenter Mick Robertson. Robertson was initially joined on set by Trudy Dance, but she was soon replaced by Kim Goody, who co-presented the show with Robertson until it was axed by the network in 1985. The object of the show was to shed light on the manifold hobbies and interests that viewers might wish to pursue. However, not all of these were really possible. One famous show from the final season featured two teams of dogs playing football, with Robertson providing commentary, while Goody attempted to act as referee. Following the show's finale, Robertson went on to help launch The Children's Channel, and was briefly reunited with Goody a few years later when she joined him as a presenter on his show, Roustabout. However, after a year or so, she left to pursue a career in music. On 16 September 1988, Thames Television briefly re-launched Freetime, this time fronted by Andi Peters, but the series was cancelled after its fifteenth and final edition on 23 December 1988

Freefonix 2018

Freefonix is a British CGI animated television series about the adventures of fictional band of the same name. The series launched on 4 January 2008 and aired on children channel CBBC's on their daily segment on BBC One for thirteen weeks. The rest of the series, which consists of 40 x 24 minute episodes, along with the first thirteen, broadcast over the winter period on weekends on CBBC from 8 December 2008 into the January of 2009.


Freezerburns is a frozen food review web show hosted by Gregory Ng. Calling himself the "Frozen Food Master," Ng eats and reviews various brands of frozen food, and assigns it a rating based on his opinion. The show started on his website,, but has now expanded into YouTube, and joined Next New Networks' Hungry Nation channel, and can be seen on around 20 other websites. With 55,000 site visitors a month and 5,000 views per show, Freezerburns has attracted the attention of large food companies like Kraft and ConAgra, who have sent packages of frozen food to review. Freezerburns has been featured on a variety of news and blogs.

Freedom 2006

More than 160 years has passed since the orbital station (Skyport) fell on earth and wiped out all of humanity. The moon colony, Eden, has survived and expanded. In the year 2267, at the age of fifteen, Takeru is taking full advantage of Freedom - the short interlude between the end of compulsory education and the rite of becoming a full citizen. He has taken to hanging out with his friends and running his custom built vehicle in the local races. Angry at a racing loss, he goes for walk outside of the dome and stumbles across some strange items and pictures scattered about in a crater on the surface of the moon. Entranced by a picture of a girl standing under a blue sky, Takeru begins to ask questions that the Eden's ruling Foundation does not want answered. For unknown reasons, The Foundation has perpetuated the myth that all life on earth has been wiped out and is willing to take extraordinary steps to keep the secret secure.

Freeze 2006

Baek Joong-won once saved the vampire Ehwa from being burned at the stake by his fellow villagers. While attempting to escape together, Joong-won fell off a cliff, and Ehwa gave him her blood to save him from dying. Thus, Joong-won was also transformed into a vampire.In modern-day Seoul, the 350-year-old Joong-won runs a luxurious wine bar in Gangnam District with Ehwa. Though she holds a torch for him, Ehwa can only observe and protect her friend from afar, as he has long closed himself to any new emotion. One day, Joong-won receives a letter from a former lover, a human he had broken up with 20 years ago without telling her the truth about himself. In her letter, the dying woman asks Joong-won to look after her daughter, Ji-woo.After her mother's funeral, Ji-woo finds a photograph her mother treasured very much, and she searches for the man in the photo, her mother's long-lost lover. When she finds Joong-won, she assumes that he is the son of the man in the photo. As Joong-won spends time with Ji-woo, all his emotions which were frozen by time start to melt away, and the two fall in love. Ehwa has difficulty dealing with this turn of events. Meanwhile, a serial killer who sucks blood from his or her victims is on the loose.

Sword of Freedom 1958

Sword of Freedom was a 1958 drama adventure series for a family audience. Like several of its predecessors, it was produced by Sapphire Films for ITC Entertainment and fitted into the same swashbuckler genre as previous productions. It ran for 39 half-hour monochrome episodes.

Freezing Vibration 2013

Ever since the 10th NOVA clash, the Chevalier had concluded that the NOVA have been appearing at a steadier rate and they are losing more Pandoras than they can produce. Their solution is the E-Pandora Project which involves normal humans being given the power to become Pandoras. Inviting Pandora from around the world to their Alaskan base witness the unveiling of their new project, Satellizer, Kazuya & Rana are among those who have been summoned. However, as time goes the E-Pandora Project starts to become fishier and the Pandoras start to grow more and more concerned...

Mr. Freeman

Mr. Freeman is a Russian animated web series named after its main character. The series appeared on YouTube on September 21, 2009 and got considerable popularity in Runet. The main content of the series is monologues which in a harsh manner criticize the lifestyle of modern everyman. As of August 16, 2012 there are 19 episodes published. The total number of views is more than 35 million. The earliest five episodes were dubbed by the Russian actor Vadim Demchog. On November 14, 2010 Demchog officially announced his immediate relation to the project. After that, the production of new episodes temporarily ceased, but on January 11, 2011 a new video was released. Since the episode "Me?" Vadim Demchog dubs the series again. It is also known that an animator Pavel Muntyan worked on the first series. A possible prototype of the series is believed to be the main character of "Franky-show", broadcast from 2003 to 2011 on the Silver Rain Radio, which is also dubbed by exactly Vadim Demchog, and the script writer of some episodes is Pavel Muntyan. Many episodes of the program have been transferred to the cartoon, for example, the text of the ending of the episode "Franky-show. Cicciolina" is almost completely identical to the third episode of Mr. Freeman's "Part 03. Will Sell Myself Expensive".

Freedom Watch

Freedom Watch was a television show hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano, on Fox Business network. The show aired from 2009 to 2012, focusing mainly on libertarian-conservative issues and perspectives.

Freedom Song

Freedom Song is a film based on true stories of the Civil Rights Movement in Mississippi in the 1960s. It tells the story of the struggle of African-Americans to register to vote in the fictional town of Quinlan. In the midst of the Freedom Summer, a group of high school students in the small town are eager to make grassroots changes in their own community. The young activists meet resistance not only from white southerners, but from their parents, who have experienced firsthand the violence that can result from speaking out. As high school students band together with the support of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, they make strides in registering African American voters and gaining awareness for their cause. The film was made for TV and released on TNT. It was written and directed by Phil Alden Robinson, co-written by Stanley Weiser, and released in 2000. Winner of the Image Award, Writers Guild of America award, and Golden Gate Award, it stars Danny Glover, Vicellous Reon Shannon, and Vondie Curtis-Hall.

Speaking Freely

Speaking Freely is a public television show by the First Amendment Center hosted by Ken Paulsen. Recent guests have included Jim Bouton of Ball Four fame and Lewis Black of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Cry Freetown

Cry Freetown is a 2000 documentary film directed by Sorious Samura. It is an account of the victims of the Sierra Leone Civil War and depicts the most brutal period with the Revolutionary United Front rebels capturing the capital city. It was broadcast on CNN International on February 3, 2000. The film was produced with the assistance of CNN Productions and Insight News Television. Awards for the film include the 2001 silver award at the Alfred I. duPont–Columbia University Awards.

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