Fist Fight 2017

When one school teacher gets the other fired, he is challenged to an after-school fight.

F.I.S.T. 1978

Johnny Kovak joins the Teamsters trade-union in a local chapter in the 1930s and works his way up in the organization. As he climbs higher and higher his methods become more ruthless and finally senator Madison starts a campaign to find the truth about the alleged connections with the Mob.

Tokyo Fist 1995

A businessman, Tsuda, runs into a childhood friend, Tajuki, on the subway. Tajuki is working as a semiprofessional boxer. Tsuda soon begins to suspect that Tajuki might be having an affair with his fiancée Hizuru. After an altercation, Tsuda begins training rigorously himself, leading to an extremely bloody, violent confrontation.

Whiskey Fist 2017

A branding intern loses the life he once had after an encounter with a mysterious blonde and her whiskey bottle... but gains something very special in return.

Kung Pow: Enter the Fist 2002

A movie within a movie, created to spoof the martial arts genre. Writer/director Steve Oedekerk uses contemporary characters and splices them into a 1970s kung-fu film, weaving the new and old together. As the main character, The Chosen One, Oedekerk sets off to avenge the deaths of his parents at the hands of kung-fu legend Master Pain. Along the way, he encounters some strange characters

Viper In The Fist 2004

1920. Jean Rezeau and his elder brother were living happily in their family estate in Brittany, until the death of their grandmother. The return of their mother, a worthy descendant of fairytales' witches, brings an all new atmosphere to their home.

The Foot Fist Way 2006

An inept taekwondo instructor struggles with marital troubles and an unhealthy obsession with fellow taekwondo enthusiast Chuck "The Truck" Williams.

Fist of the North Star 1995

From the immensely popular FIST OF THE NORTH STAR comic book series, comes a new hero. The fate of mankind rests with superhuman warrior Kenshiro who roams the wastelands of the future waging a battle against overwhelming evil. With the spiritual guidance of his dead father, Kenshiro fights to free his stolen love from the brutal tyrant Lord Shin. Through his struggle he must confront his destiny.

Fist of Legend 1994

Chen Zhen, a Chinese engineering student in Kyoto, who braves the insults and abuse of his Japanse fellow students for his local love Mitsuko Yamada, daughter of the director, returns in 1937 to his native Shangai, under Japanse protectorate -in fact military occupation- after reading about the death of his kung-fu master Hou Ting-An in a fight against the Japanese champion Ryuichi Akutagawa.

Bruce and Dragon Fist 1977

In a village in Northern Manchuria, Min-gyu's Taekwondo training hall faces Sujuki's karate hall. With his defeat at a martial arts match, Sujuki loses his pupils to Min-gyu's Taekwondo hall. With growing hostility, Sujuki hires three masked men, Heuk-chun and Hwang-pyo, and has them kidnap Min-gyu's wife, Suk-hi. They torture Suk-hi forcing her to write a letter to her husband asking him to close the training hall and return to his home country. Heuk-chun and Hwang-pyo received from Sujuki a large sum of money for it. They are about to leave when Min-gyu stops and fights them. Along with Jin-pyung, Min-gyu tears down Sujuki's fighting hall and rescues his wife.

Crying Fist 2005

Jobless, besieged by creditors, and abandoned by his wife, the once silver medalist Tae-shik has sunk to street hustling, becoming a human punching bag. Meanwhile, young Sang-hwan's delinquent ways land him behind bars. Both men look to boxing to turn around lives gone astray, aiming for the amateur title, ultimately pitting them against each other, but more importantly, against themselves.

Fist of Jesus 2012

When Jacob tells Jesus that his son, Lazarus, is dead, Jesus goes to his home to resurrect him. Only, this is the first time that Jesus has ever tried to bring back someone from the dead. You do not always get it right the first time. What follows is a gore-tastic nine minutes of Biblical splatter violence and comedy. Even our Lord and Savior goofs up once and a while. But he makes amends. Big time.

King Kong's Fist 1985

Berlin Film Fest 1984. The best place for every cinema fan. Everyone wants to be in on the festival, but that may be really difficult, if one has no accreditation. Also Journalist Matthies gets to know the rules of being in or out when he wants to see a screening and is not welcome. Thus he watches an old German silent flick which he is barely interested in. The next day the newspapers are full of reports about a newly discovered German masterpiece from the silent era. It seems that Matthies had luck. He just saw *the* film everybody is talking about now. Also everybody is speculating about its director, who remains unknown. When Matthies talks to Ackrewa, an old befriended projectionist, about the film, the latter seems to recall the name of the director. Matthies decides to research the case. An odyssey into film-history begins and if it is successful Matthies will come up with a top story.

Fist & Faith 2017

Set during the 1930s after the Japanese invasion of Manchuria, high school kids separate the area and fight day after day. When a beautiful teacher starts her new post at an all-boys high school Cheonghwa, things start to change.

Iron Fist Pillage 2001

The Wu-Tang Clan's Cappadonna redubs a 1970s martial arts thriller to hilarious effect, casting himself in the lead role as a pot-smoking rapper who wakes up in an Asian kung fu dreamscape. There, he's framed for the murder of a rival gang leader and is quickly banished. Liberally changing characters into drunks and prostitutes, Cappadonna crafts a unique comedy experience that also features the voices of Hideo Seaver and Shawn Wigs.

Trava: Fist Planet 2003

Ace pilot Trava and his personal mechanic buddy Shinkai, on their way to mark an out-of-the-way planet, pick up Mikuru, a girl with no memory. The three are about to discover that the planet is more than it seems. A four-part OVA that was part of the "Grasshoppa!" video anthology/DVD magazine.

Eternal Fist 1992

In a post-apocalyptic world, a man helps a beautiful young girl get revenge against a roving gang of renegades that destroyed her village.

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