Close to Leo 2002

When 21 year-old Leo, the oldest of four brothers, announces to his rural French family that he's HIV positive, his family quickly rallies around him. Leo travels to Paris with his youngst brother Marcel for treatment. When Leo tries to push his brother away to protect him, the love and loyalty of the two brothers is tested.

Leo the Last 1971

Prince Leo, last in the line of rulers of a long-deposed monarchy on continental Europe and jaded with the frenetic search for kicks with the European jet-set, returns to his father's London town house for rest.

Leo 2002

A young mother is plagued by a tragic mistake and alienates her little boy. A brilliant writer is released from prison after serving a 15-year sentence and begins working at Vic's Diner. Their stories converge when the man must overcome obstacles of the past to save the little boy and ultimately himself.

Léo 2019

Léo finds out that his father, who left him eight years before, is weak and wants to see him.

Johan Falk: Leo Gaut 2009

A car explodes outside a primary school where GSI's Chief Patrick Agrell has just left his children.The event reconnects Johan Falk to Leo Gaut, a former criminal restaurant owner Johan put behind bars a decade ago.

Leo's Room 2010

Leo, a young man coming to terms with his own sexuality, runs into Caro, a primary school friend he fancied when they were kids, who's now trying to ward off her own personal demons. This casual re-encounter will affect their personal conflicts without either truly grasping the other's problem.

Leo 2007

Leo firar sin 30-årsdag. Omgiven av familj och vänner skålar han för framtiden. Men när festen är slut och Leo och hans flickvän vandrar hemåt, händer något som för alltid ska förändra deras liv.

Leo Da Vinci: Mission Mona Lisa 2018

Life flows peacefully in Vinci: Leonardo is struggling with his incredible inventions, Lorenzo helps him and Gioconda observes them mockingly. When A mysterious storyteller comes to town and speaks of a hidden treasure, an adventure begins.

Leo 2006

A murderous community of heirs is looking forward to big money too soon. After a long time, the Dargatz family meets again for the grandmother's funeral on her farm. Leo, the local priest, is entrusted with the regulation of family affairs and the opening of the will. What begins as a harmonious family gathering is slowly becoming a drama about hidden passion, greed and lust for murder. And the devout Leo must learn that not everything that is meant well ends well.

Leo the Lion 2013

It’s a hard life for young Leo: his family just doesn’t understand why he’s a vegetarian lion. His solitude ends when he meets Avoria, the elephant queen, who has recently given birth to two calves with braided tails. Mysteriously widowed, Avoria is courted by dapper Zanco. By a series of misfortunes she is separated from her young. Leo steps in to take care of them: thus begins his search for legendary Milk Lake, during which he experiences all sorts of incredible adventures. This fable with a happy ending handles the themes of diversity and racism with engaging originality.

Jungle Emperor Leo 1997

Tezuka Osamu's most famous work "Jungle Emperor Leo" has been made into an animated version a number of times. In this theater version, Tezuka Osamu was able for the first time to depict the theme that "All life is equal" through Leo's self-sacrifice.

Leo 2000

Salva working as security guard in an industrial estate on the outskirts of Madrid. There he meets Leo, a girl who makes a living collecting cardboard. Gradually Salva be falling in love for the young, but the life of Leo holds a dark past.

Tickling Leo 2009

Drama - When Zak and his girlfriend Delphina visit his estranged father in the Catskills, they find him suffering from dementia and inadvertently uncover a dark family secret from WWII: an impossible sacrifice Zak's grandfather (Eli Wallach) made to join Rudolph Kasztner's controversial freedom train out of Hungary. - Lawrence Pressman, Daniel Sauli, Annie Parisse

Léo 2017

Desperate to make money, Léo accepts a job to smuggle a refugee couple through France, but he and the couple have different expectations about their destination. Eventually, Léo is forced to confront the couple, his boss and himself in order to understand how far he is willing to go for people he never intended to help.

Leo 2019

Following a mass shooting, high schooler Leo returns to school, where he must face the fact that his brother was the shooter.

Léo l'impassible 2010

In Leo's world, people have a single expression face. Leo wears the mask of impassiveness. Invisible to the beautiful Suzie, he will have to employ an artifice to be noticed by her.

Edison & Leo 2008

The film is about the relationship between crazy scientist George Edison and his son Leo. After being electrocuted as a child, Leo is no longer able to touch people without electrocuting them.

Léo e Bia 2010

Brasilia, 1973. At the height of the military dictatorship, seven friends, young as the city in which they live, dream of living in theater. Led by director Léo, the group carries out the rehearsals of a play that weaves comparisons between Jesus Christ and the cangaceiro Lampião. While political repression runs wild in the federal capital and sexual freedom is still taboo, Bia is increasingly being held prisoner by her mother's obsession, causing everyone to increasingly question the concepts and values of society.

George & Leo 1997

George & Leo is a short-lived American sitcom starring Bob Newhart and Judd Hirsch. Set on Martha's Vineyard, the series aired on CBS from September 15, 1997 to March 16, 1998.

Leo the Lion 1966

Leo the Lion is a sequel to the Japanese-American co-produced series "Jungle Emperor", or Kimba the White Lion. Osamu Tezuka had always wanted his story of Kimba to follow Kimba's entire life, and the Jungle Emperor/Kimba series was such a hit in Japan that Dr. Tezuka produced a sequel, without his American partners, in 1966. Making the series without a co-producer gave him complete creative control. For example, Dr. Tezuka changed the conclusion of his original manga story to a happy ending. Leo the Lion does not follow immediately from the end of the Kimba series. Instead, the story begins a couple of years following the end of the previous series. To English-speaking audiences, the behavior of the title character is inexplicably out of line with what was established in the first series. At the end of the first series, in the original Japanese script, Kimba promises to keep his animals separate from humans. It is this promise that drives the seemingly hermit-like Leo in this series. As the series unfolds, the focus shifts from the title character to one of his cubs, the male named Rune. This series as a whole is about Rune's growth, from a whining weakling to a confident leader.

Leo Little's Big Show 2009

Leo Little's Big Show is a Disney Channel short television series featuring a boy named Leo Little and his sister, Amy Little, who host a show from their family room about Disney stars, movies and programs, in a manner very similar to its predecessor, Mike's Super Short Show. It began airing on February 26, 2009, replacing Disney's Really Short Report.

Leo and Me 1976

Leo and Me is a Canadian television sitcom that was originally produced in 1976 but did not air until 1981. It starred a 15 year old Michael J. Fox, in his television acting debut, playing Jamie, the 12 year old younger brother of Leo. Leo and Me was produced by Don Eccleston, directed by Don S. Williams and written by Marc and Susan Strange.

Ultraman Leo 1974

Ultraman Leo is an Ultra foreign to the Land of Light, instead hailing from the fallen Planet L77 of the Leo constellation, where he and his brother Astra were royalty. After his planet was destroyed by Alien Magma and his twin Giras kaiju, Leo traveled to Earth, intending to make it a second home. While there, he blended into human society as Gen Ohtori, and became a gym instructor at a fitness club for children. But, when the Alien Magma that destroyed L77 came to conquer Earth, he was forced to take action. Leo met Ultraseven during his initial fight against Alien Magma, and became the first Ultra Crusader of Earth to not hail from the Land of Light. Unlike most of the previous Ultras to visit Earth, Leo's fighting style specializes in martial arts giving him far greater physical abilities than any other known Ultras. Despite his foreign origins, he, along with Astra, were readily accepted into the pantheon of the Ultra Brothers. During his tenure on Earth, Leo and Seven became very close, and it was for this reason that Seven would eventually entrust the training of his son Ultraman Zero to Leo and Astra.

The Lab with Leo Laporte

The Lab with Leo Laporte was a technology-based television program hosted by Leo Laporte. Episode #1 debuted on April 23, 2007 on G4techTV Canada and HOW TO Channel Australia. The program was produced by Greedy Productions in Vancouver, BC. Production was overseen by the show's producer, Matt Harris and Marc Lefebvre. The show also now airs on Citytv after Rogers Media acquired control of the stations, and episode segments were also posted to Google Video several weeks after initial airing.

Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills 1986

Leo & Liz in Beverly Hills is an American 1986 situation comedy broadcast Friday night at 8:30 p.m Eastern time by CBS starring Harvey Korman, Valerie Perrine, Sue Ball, and their lovable monkey Bernard. Leo and Liz Green were nouveau riche social climbers who had just moved to posh Beverly Hills from New Jersey and were desperate to fit in with their new surroundings, which they found to be quite intimidating. They had typical sitcom problems including zany servants, odd neighbors, and pretentious, snobbish in-laws, as their daughter Mitzi Sue Ball had married into a family of "old" money. The pilot for this program had been aired the fall before as part of George Burns Comedy Week. However, the program failed to deliver an audience as a mid season replacement and was canceled after only six regular weekly episodes were aired.

Silent Witness 1996

Silent Witness is a British crime thriller series focusing on a team of forensic pathology experts and their investigations into various crimes.

Hap and Leonard 2016

A darkly comic swamp noir story of two best friends set in the late 1980s. Based on the novels by Joe R. Lansdale, the series follows Hap Collins, an East Texas white boy with a weakness for Southern women, and Leonard Pine, a gay, black Vietnam vet with a hot temper.

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