The Devil's Sword 1983

The DEVIL'S SWORD lies hidden in a secret cave inside Devils Mountain, everything evil will fight to the death for it... "For whoever possesses the sword, will rule the kingdom!" Four warriors attack the keeper of the mountain and try to force him to hand over the map that will lead them to the sword. The tortured keeper escapes and runs to MANDALA his master, who after hearing of the attempt, sets off on his own journey to save the DEVIL'S SWORD. He has many blood-curdling battles along the way, he is attacked by the evil crocodile men and encounters many fiendish traps set for intruders entering the mountain. At last MANDALA captures his prize - can he call upon the Gods and use the mystical sword against the raging warriors with their awesome magical power? Will he win the fight with the crocodile queen who craves the DEVIL'S SWORD at any cost?

Satan Jawa 2016

A young man is kept distant from his lover by a strict and unforgiving society. He’d go through hell to be with her, but when a deal with the devil goes sour, hell comes to him instead. This unprecedented collaboration across cultures brings together the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra and a 20-piece Indonesian gamelan orchestra to conjure the bewitching live score for the newly commissioned film Satan Jawa. Directed by revered Indonesian filmmaker Garin Nugroho, Satan Jawa’s soundtrack has been jointly written by award-winning Australian composer/conductor Iain Grandage and renowned Indonesian composer Rahayu Supanggah.

Possessed by the Devil 2013

Eddy has quite a strange hobby: looking for demons and wants to meet Satan. Eddy always thinks logically and doesn't believe just talk. All must be with real evidence. Nearly two years of trying to find evidence of the existence of Satan always reap nothing. One day Eddy felt bored. Finally he chose the extreme path to be able to communicate with "magical" beings.

Ali Setan 1985

A story about a very naughty graduate named Ali who is always in Asmidar’s hair disturbing in all kinds of manor. But all the hate feeling is transformed into love between them. But their love is on the rocks when Ali’s step sister makes accusations that Ali has slept with her.

Satan's Cemetery 1975

In the Islamic tradition, when a person is buried and the binding of their cover cloth is not released, the dead will become a ‘pocong’ ghost (mythical ghost of the dead who can jump around). Another belief is that if you have unpaid debts, a cat will jump over your dead body and you’ll become a ghost. Joyoprono, a rich landlord and a loan shark, who was greedy during his life dies when a tree falls on him. After his death, a ‘pocong’ ghost comes to the village and disturbs the peace.

Ali Setan 2 1986

After graduation, Ali and Asmidar planning on getting married. However, Jeff has led to their marriage was canceled because Jeff tells the background of the father Asmidar Ali. Asmidar father, forced to marry Jeff. After a few months, Jeff has divorced Asmidar because their marriage was not happy. Asmidar and Ali met and reunited.

Lagenda Budak Setan 3: Kasyah 2014

After Kasyah looses his beloved wife and daughter, he is determined to start anew with Kate. They adopt his brother`s daughter and the couple get married. However, ill fate and misunderstanding soon befall them when Kate`s insane ex-husband and Kasyah`s ex-colleague return with bad intentions.

Satan's Slave 1982

Since the death of his wife, Munarto and his two children Rita and Tommy are quite shaken, especially Tommy. On the advice of his friend, he goes to a fortune teller who forecasts the destruction of his family. At the suggestion of the fortune teller, Tommy learns black magic through books. Munarto gets a housemaid through an agency. Darmina starts to work in their house. Tommy is suspicious because she looks exactly like the fortune teller he once visited… (

Lagenda Budak Setan 2 2012

After the death of Ayu, Kasyah raised their daughter Athirah all by himself. Katherina met with Kasyah again even though she was heartbroken. When their love has gone stronger they have to go through many challenges in order to make the relationship works. Will their love survive? Watch this epic love story and find out...

Setan Budeg 2009

A vengeful spirit of a deaf girl follows three corpse hunters as they search for missing corpses in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Satan in Her 1974

Every country deserved their own Exorcist rip-off... and here's one from Indonesia! Imbalanced old spinster Laskmi is fed up with being mocked by her niece Dewi and one day dies after a drug overdose. Laskmi then decides to fuck up Dewi's world from beyond by possessing and torturing her, plus turning her into a murderess. In a surprising development, an exorcist is eventually called in to help.

Credit Devil 1982

When they're not romancing their girls, the Warkop comedy trio forms a team to help people in need, which includes solving a child kidnapping case and finding themselves facing off against ghosts and the kuntilanak (the Indonesian version of a banshee).

Pocong Ghost 1988

Orphan Sari goes to live with her uncle Mr. Padmo, his wife and their daughter Yuni. Trouble begins when the wife and daughter (who is jealous a boy she likes prefers her cousin) accuse her of stealing and threaten to kick her out. The innocent Sari's parents return as ghosts to help her out, including creating a "pocong" (death shroud) ghost to scare them.

Satan's Whisper 1985

Tony loves singer Vina and helps financially support her even though she's already in a relationship. However, his jealousy eventually ends up getting the better of him and he accidentally causes Vina to crash her car and die. Her vengeful spirit later returns.

Anak Setan 1974

Son of Satan is a Malay film published in Malaysia in 1974 Movies Son of Satan published in any format without the color white. This film was directed by director Omar Rojik.

Anak setan 2009

Gabrielle is tasked to make changes to how a mental hospital is being run.while she is making changes to the hospital she uncovers a dark secret of children that dissapear in this hospital..

Lagenda Budak Setan 2010

Based on the all time best-selling novel, Kasyah (Farid Kamil) is a troublemaker in high school but things change when he meets Ayu (Lisa Surihani). However, Kasyah is force to part with Ayu when he has to go for a research project. Ayu then meets her ex-lover Azmi (Que Haidar) who is an abuser.

Special 1 TV

Special 1 TV is a satirical football television programme, produced by Blue Elf Productions and Caboom Entertainment. The stars of the show are puppet caricatures of various football personalities: namely José Mourinho, Sven-Göran Eriksson, Wayne Rooney, Fabio Capello and Arsène Wenger. All of the characters on the programme are voiced by Irish actor, comedian and impressionist Mario Rosenstock. Typical episodes are recorded on the day before transmission in Dublin and run for up to six minutes length. Nearly all episodes appear in full on YouTube.

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