Mary, Mother of Jesus 1999

Mary, Mother of Jesus is a 1999 made-for-television Biblical film that retells the story of Jesus through the eyes of Mary, his mother.

The Jesus Storybook Bible 2011

The award-winning Jesus Storybook Bible, written by Sally Lloyd-Jones and illustrated by Jago, now comes to life. Narrated by British actor David Suchet.

Jesus '71 1993

This patriotic Bengali movie by Nasiruddin Yusuf, based on Shahriar Kabir's story, depicts a pastor's involvement in the Independence war.

A Child Called Jesus 1987

The film attempts to fill in the "missing years" of Jesus, from ages 3 through 12. When King Herod fearing that the Messiah has indeed been born, orders that all Hebrew male children under the age of three be slain, Joseph moves his family near Egypt. Here, Jesus, sensing His divinity, expresses a desire to return to Nazareth. Travelling homeward with His mother Mary, Jesus flashes forward to events that will unfold in his adult life.

Jesus Fish 2008

Gyro, Jerome, Hope, and Jay are all the typical fundamentalist christian characters you see in most christian films. Both hilarity and hypocrisy ensue as we follow these characters when they are all thrust into real life situations where not just their lives are at stake, but their faith, preconceptions, and perspectives as well. Throw in some Tarantino loving film making, and just a hint of Kevin Smith-esque writing, and you get Jesus Fish.

The Parables of Jesus 2003

This story reinforces the principles of forgiveness, compassion and stewardship. The parables teach us to be good stewards of our time and the things we have been given. The Parables of Jesus includes three of the most loved parables: The Two Sons, The Rich Man and Lazarus and The Talents. The video begins with Jesus telling the story of the two sons. It is harvest time and the two sons cannot be found. Their father searches out to find his sons so the harvest would not be lost. The oldest son, who is suppose to inherit the vineyard, is found relaxing by the shore and promises to come help but does not. The younger son is frustrated about doing all the work since his brother will inherit the land. He refusing to come help, but changes his mind and returns to the vineyard to ask his father for forgiveness and to help with the harvest. In the end, the father rewards the youngest son with the vineyard because he was always there for him and used his time wisely...

Jesus lever 2000

In an idyllic small town unpleasant things happen. A pastor gets upset by the wife walking on hot coals, his former wife's grave is desecrated and his son's girlfriend suddenly disappears. What is happening?

Jesus Saves 1988

The political emotions of the butcher shop are discussed within the codes of Catholicism. Purging Catholic guilt, sins of the flesh, and flesh eating. The confessions of a butcher gone astray. An ambiguous layering of images, one is not sure whether the confessor is human or a pig, or if the priest is a butcher.

Foobie Jesus 2007

A woman in Florida is perplexed, as she receives signs from above that her cat, Foobie, is Jesus.

Batman & Jesus

Was Jesus a historical person? We'll trace and compare existing evidence to modern mythology.

Jesus Returns

Jesus uses the parables of the King's Wedding Feast and the Thief in the Night to teach his disciples to have humility, to repent, and to be prepared for the day He comes again. Through parables Jesus teaches His disciples to patiently watch for the significant signs that will precede His Second Coming.

The Lost Tomb Of Jesus 2007

Academy Award winning director James Cameron and Emmy Award winning investigative journalist Simcha Jacobovici have joined forces and produced a documentary film claiming to have identified the tomb and physical remains of Jesus of Nazareth.

American Jesus 2013

AMERICAN JESUS is an exploration of Christianity in every faction of American Life, from the breadline to the yoga studio, from the humble churches of snake handlers to the mega churches in the ex-urbs. Christian cowboys, bikers and musicians, comedians, surfers and cage-fighters, they are all doing it for Christ. Aram Garriga travels from his native Barcelona to the politically divided United States to chronicle the sometimes bizarre relationship between faith, materialism, politics and personal passions in this uniquely American tableaux. Populated by an array of religious and secular characters offering candid, often illuminating testimonials, AMERICAN JESUS is a vivid mosaic of personalities and conflicting points of view that emerges as a portrait of an America yearning for solace and meaning in the modern world.

Jesus Hospital 2012

A tough milk delivery woman, Hyun-soon has a secret that she doesn' t want to reveal to others. Her unconscious old mother in a hospital and her pregnant daughter in her 20' s only know Hyun-soon’s secret. When her sister and brother are against to their mother' s life prolongation, Hyun-soon says weird things. As the family has noticed about her secret, they think that Hyun-soon is into a heretic. They plan to leave Hyun-soon out in the cold.

Jesus Christ Superstar - Live Arena Tour 2012

Celebrating 40 years since it first opened in London’s West End, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of Jesus Christ Superstar, directed by Laurence Connor, promises to be the rock event of 2012. The star-studded line-up includes award-winning musical comedian Tim Minchin for the role of Judas Iscariot. Three million album selling pop icon and former Spice Girl Melanie C will take the only female lead as Mary Magdalene. Former BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show host Chris Moyles will make his major stage debut as King Herod and Winner of the ITV primetime show Superstar Ben Forster in the title role of Jesus in the 21st century Rock Musical re-invention of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Jesus Town, USA 2014

For 88 years a small town has pantomimed the story of Christ in a 'unique' construction of Jerusalem built into an Oklahoma Buffalo reserve. It's real-life Christopher Guest meets Fellini in a comedic, poignant, cinematic 'hybrid' doumentary chronicling a 300-strong amateur cast, a 6-hour production, and Zack, the venerable paperboy-cum- Jesus actor who's massive secret threatens to de-rail the entire show.

Jesus & Buddha 2014

Three leading figures in today's Buddhist-Christian dialogue share their personal journeys in the new documentary Jesus and Buddha: Practicing Across Traditions. We learn how following the path of the Buddha has informed and deepened their understanding of who Jesus was and what he taught. Their experience and insight bring these two liberating archetypes alive in a way that can help guide us through our own confusion and struggle toward lives filled with joy and gratitude, compassion and service.

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