Armour of God 1986

Jackie Chan stars as Asian Hawk, an Indiana Jones-style adventurer looking to make a fortune in exotic antiquities. After Hawk discovers a mysterious sword in Africa, a band of Satan-worshipping monks kidnap his ex-girlfriend Lorelei, demanding the sword as ransom as well as other pieces of the legendary Armour of God - a magical outfit dating back to the Crusades.

Operation Condor 1991

Agent Jackie is hired to find WWII Nazi gold hidden in the Sahara desert. He teams up with three bungling women (the 3 stooges?) who are all connected in some way. However a team of mercenries have ideas on the ownership of the gold. A battle / chase ensues as to who gets there first. Lots of choregraphed Kung-Fu and quirky Chan humor.

Chinese Zodiac 2012

Asian Hawk (Jackie Chan) leads a mercenary team to recover several lost artifacts from the Old Summer Palace, the bronze heads of the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals which were sacked by the French and British armies from the imperial Summer Palace in Beijing in 1860. Assisted by a Chinese student & a Parisian lady, Hawk stops at nothing to accomplish the mission.

Dios Inc. 2016

A researcher's life changes when he discovers the tomb of Marduk, the creator of the concept of God.

Válgame Dios

¡Válgame Dios! is a Spanish-language Venezuelan telenovela written by Mónica Montañéz for Venevisión. Sabrina Seara and Eduardo Orozco star as the main protagonists while Ricardo Alamo, Carlota Sosa and Raquel Yanez star as the main antagonists.

The Phoenix 1982

The Phoenix is a 1982 television series starring Judson Scott which was on ABC for about one month. The plot revolved around an ancient extraterrestrial named Bennu of the Golden Light, who is discovered in a sarcophagus in Peru and awakened in the 20th Century. The series was first seen on a TV-movie on April 26, 1981.

Lasko – Die Faust Gottes 2009

Lasko – Die Faust Gottes is a German action television series, an RTL co-production with ORF. First aired on 18 June 2009, it is set in a monastery and involves martial arts. Fifteen 45 minute episodes have been produced as of October 2011 in two series. The series was shot in the Naumburg an der Saale area, Pforta, Schloss Neuenburg and Königstein Fortress.

Hand of God 2014

A morally corrupt judge suffers a breakdown and believes that God is speaking directly to him, compelling him onto a path of vigilante justice.

Si Dios Me Quita La Vida

Si Dios Me Quita La Vida is a telenovela made by Mexican TV network Televisa. This telenovela was broadcast in 1995. This is a remake of the 1961 telenovela La Leona starred by Amparo Rivelles and Ernesto Alonso.

El paseo de la gracia de Dios

El paseo de la gracia de Dios is a Venezuelan telenovela which starred Luis Fernández, Nohely Arteaga, Beatriz Valdés and Carmen Julia Álvarez. It was produced and broadcast on Marte TV in 1993.

A Man Called God 2010

A man named Choi Kang-Ta (Song Il-Kook) gains powers similar to a God. As a child he lost his parents and became adopted by American parents. He returns to Korea to exact revenge on the murderer of his father. Kang-Ta learns that four people are responsible for the death of his father. While carrying out his plans he is betrayed by his partner Vivian (Han Go Eun). He is then nursed back to health by Jin Bo-Bae (Han Chae-Young), a woman he met by coincidence. After Kang-Ta recovers he settles down in a slum neighborhood and finds peace with the residents and himself. But, peace doesn't last long as Korean CIA official Hwang Woo-Hyun (Kim Min-Jong) is filled with jealousy that Kang-Ta has stolen Bo-Bae. Hwang Woo-Hyun then orders the death of Kang-Ta...

The God of Risk 2015

Satoshi Saigyouji worked in crisis management for General Electric in the USA and the Japanese government. He is known as a legend in crisis management and known as "The God of Risk." To deal with numerous problems and scandals, Sunrise, the largest general trading company, hires him.

The Story of God with Morgan Freeman 2016

Morgan Freeman presents his quest in order to find how most religions perceive life after death, what different civilizations thought about the act of creation and other big questions that mankind has continuously asked.

Master: God of Noodles 2016

When Moo-Myung was young, he had an once-in-a-lifetime event. He walked into orphanage by himself. To take revenge, he attempts to become a God of Noodles.

A Pledge to God 2018

Seo Ji Young is an anchorwoman and talk show host who is also fiercely devoted to her children. Meanwhile, Kim Jae Wook is the heir to a large architecture firm who is willing to lay everything on the line and stand up against his family in order to protect his children.

God's Gift - 14 Days 2014

Kim Soo Hyun experiences the unfathomable when her daughter is kidnapped and murdered. Discovering a miraculous ability to go back in time exactly two weeks before the event, Soo Hyun races against the clock to unravel the plot and save her daughter. But when a private investigator sheds new light on the crime, Soo Hyun uncovers a secret far more treacherous than she could have ever imagined.

La Diosa Coronada

La Diosa Coronada is a Spanish-language telenovela produced by the United States-based television network Telemundo and RTI Colombia. Telemundo is airing the serial from Monday to Friday about 10 weeks. As with most of its other soap operas, the network broadcasts English subtitles as closed captions on CC3. It will air 10:30 p.m. on Telemundo, sharing 1 hour slot with Donde Esta Elisa. It will occupy the whole slot after Elisa ended. From August 28, 2012 the series aired on Zone Romantica in Central & Eastern Europe.

Feast of the Gods 2012

Feast of the Gods is a 2012 South Korean television series, starring Sung Yu-ri, Seo Hyun-jin, Joo Sang-wook and Lee Sang-woo. The series follows the fate of two girls whose identities were switched and later become rivaling chefs of traditional royal cuisine. It aired on MBC from February 4 to May 20, 2012 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:50 for 32 episodes.

Spartacus 2010

Spartacus is an American television series inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BCE led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic departing from Capua.

Athena: Goddess of War 2010

Athena: Goddess of War is a South Korean espionage television drama series broadcast by SBS in 2010 and a spin-off of 2009's Iris. Budgeted at ₩20 billion like its predecessor, the two series are among the most expensive Korean dramas ever produced. Starring Jung Woo-sung, Cha Seung-won, Soo Ae, and Lee Ji-ah, the series premiered in December 2010 after filming in a number of overseas locations, including Italy, New Zealand, Japan, and the United States. The series is set in the same universe as its predecessor, allowing for select characters from Iris to reprise their roles throughout the story.

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