Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back 2017

Tang Monk brings three disciples on a journey to the West. On the outside, everything seems harmonious. However, tension is present beneath the surface, and their hearts and minds are not in agreement. After a series of demon-capturing events, the monk and his disciples gain mutual understanding of each others' hardships and unease. Finally, they resolve their inner conflict and work together to become an all-conquering, demon-exorcising team.

Doraemon: The Record of Nobita's Parallel Journey to the West 1988

Nobita, Gian, Shizuka, and Suneo is preparing for a school play on the "Journey to the West". As they are arguing about who should play the role of the monkey king, Nobita suggested that the real monkey king should play the role. Because the monkey king is only a legend, Nobita and Doraemon have decided to go back in time using the time machine and make a fake one and show Gian, Shizuka, and Suneo to prove that they are right. Unfortunately, Doraemon's machine allowed the fictional monsters to come to the real world and defeated the entire human races, thus turning the future (Nobita's time) into a demon-ruled world. In order to reverse the change, Doraemon and gang needed to return to the past and capture the demons back into the machine. On the way, they have met the real monk and rinrei (a child). At the end, they have either returned the demons back to the machine or destroy them with Dorami's help, thus turning the future back to normal.

Journey to the West 2014

A Buddhist monk walks barefoot and incredibly slowly through Marseille – so slowly, that his progress is barely perceptible and he becomes a calming influence in the midst of the town’s goings-on.

Journey to the West 1991

The film follows the Tang Monk and his three disciples on their westbound pilgrimage, beating monsters and villains along the way.

Journey to the West

As the Sun threatens to explode and end all life on Earth, Goku wakes up and goes on a Journey to the West, in quest of meaning, guidance and wisdom. His adventures will make him face the most dangerous opponents and will decide the fate of humanity.

Journey to the West

Xuanzang, a Tang dynasty Buddhist monk, visits a Central Asian/Indian country populated only by women.

Journey to the West 2016

"Journey to the West" is an embedded documentary film into a bus full of Chinese tourists visiting Europe (6 countries in 10 days!) for the very first time. This road movie captures with humor, poetry and spirit the cultural differences between China and Europe in a play of mirrors and contrasts. It also destroys the stereotypes about the emerging Chinese middle class and reveals what they think about the "others" who are "us", the Westerners.

Journey to the West 2007

Journey to the West comes to the big screen like never before in the 2007 film Saiyuuki! Also known as Monkey Magic and Adventures of the Super Monkey, this is the latest in a long line of adaptations of the Wu Cheng'en tome.

Journey to the West 1960

Alakazam is a young and brave monkey who has been encouraged by all the other monkeys to become their king. After attaining the throne, he becomes rude and dictatorial, and does not believe that human beings are greater than he is. Then he tricks/forces Merlin the magician to teach him magic (reluctantly on Merlin's part, who warns Alakazam that the powers he acquires now will bring him much unhappiness later). Alakazam becomes so arrogant that he abuses his magic powers, and chooses to go up to Majutsu Land (the Heavens), to challenge King Amo. He is defeated by King Amo. For his punishment, he is sentenced to serve as the bodyguard of Prince Amat on a pilgrimage; in order to learn humility, mercy and to fight with wisdom. Ultimately, he learns his lesson and becomes a true hero.

The Word Universe: A Journey to West Africa

The filmmaker travels to West Africa to search for his friend, a Liberian man who fled the horror of Liberia along with hundreds of thousands of others. The journey probes into a world overrun with warring factions, refugees, arms dealers and profiteers.

The Monkey King 2014

Sun Wukong is a monkey born from a heavenly stone who acquires supernatural powers. After rebelling against heaven and being imprisoned under a mountain for 500 years, he later accompanies the monk Xuanzang on a journey to India. Thus, according to legend, Buddhism is brought to ancient China.

The Monkey Goes West 1966

THE MONKEY GOES WEST is the first entry in the studio’s epic, four-part screen adaptation of “Journey to the West,” a 16th-century novel recounting the efforts of a Buddhist monk and his magical companions to travel to India and bring back Buddhist sutras.

The Cave of the Silken Web 1927

One of the earliest cinematic adaptation of Chinese classic novel Journey to the West. When seeking for food alone, Tang Xuanzang was kept prisoner by seven spider monsters who took the form of seven beautiful women. The Monkey King and the other two of Xuanzang's disciples managed to rescue him with the help of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva/Guanyin. They renounced the desire for lust and continued the quest for Buddhist Scriptures.

Journey to the West 1996

Journey to the West is a Hong Kong television series adapted from the classical novel of the same title. Starring Dicky Cheung, Kwong Wah, Wayne Lai and Evergreen Mak, the series was produced by TVB and was first broadcast on TVB Jade in Hong Kong in November 1996. A sequel, Journey to the West II, was broadcast in 1998, but the role of the Monkey King was played by Benny Chan instead, due to contract problems between Dicky Cheung and TVB. Cheung later reprised the role in another television series The Monkey King: Quest for the Sutra, which was broadcast on TVB but not produced by the station.

Journey to the West 1986

Journey to the West is a Chinese television series adapted from the classical novel of the same title. The series was first broadcast on CCTV in China on 1 October 1986. The series became an instant classic in China and is still being praised as the best and most authentic interpretation of the novel. Unadapted portions of the original story were later covered in the second season, which was released in 1999.

New Journey to the West 2016

New Journey to The West (Hangul: 신서유기; RR: Sinseoyugi) is a South Korean travel-reality show that has been broadcast online via Naver TVCast from 4 September 2015. This is the first project from “tvN Go,” a digital-content brand from cable channel tvN.

Journey to the West 2010

Journey to the West is a Chinese television series adapted from the classical novel of the same title. The series was directed and produced by Cheng Lidong and starred Fei Zhenxiang, Victor Chen, Xie Ning and Mou Fengbin in the leading roles. It was first aired on Zhejiang Satellite TV in China on 14 February 2010. This version is not to be confused with the 2011 television series of the same title produced by Zhang Jizhong.

Journey to the West 2011

Journey to the West is a Chinese television series adapted from the classical novel of the same title. Production for the 66 episodes long series started on 12 September 2009, and it was first broadcast in mainland China on 28 July 2011 on TVS. The series was produced by Zhang Jizhong and was released a year later than another television series of the same title, but with a different cast and crew.

Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West

Wu Cheng'en and Journey to the West is a TV series adaptation of the novel Journey to the West by Wu Cheng'en. It is a story about Wu Cheng'en and his inspiration for writing the novel while following the legend itself. It consists of a total of 45 episodes shot in high definition, each 45 minutes long and containing 10 minutes of 3-D effects. The original main cast of Journey to the West was recruited: Liu Xiao Ling Tong, Chi Chongrui and Ma Dehua. Sha Wujing was played by Liu Dagang as the original actor, Yan Huaili, died in April 2009. Liu Xiao Ling Tong simultaneously played Wu Cheng'en and the Monkey King. It was broadcast by Shandong Qilu TV in July 2010.

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