The Angels' Share 2012

Narrowly avoiding jail, new dad Robbie vows to turn over a new leaf. A visit to a whisky distillery inspires him and his mates to seek a way out of their hopeless lives.

Time Share 2000

Two single parents - male and female - along with their kids have to involuntarily share a house for their holidays.

Share 2012

The rich yuppie Rene (played by superstar Paolo Rivero) lives in his grandmother's house, which he loves and adores. His driver Levi (Kristofer King, the new idol of the Philippine screen) lives in the house, too. Rene focuses on his career entirely and goes to work every day. However, Rene has a dark secret: he loves men. One weekend he goes to his house by the sea with Levi. Overwhelmed by the masculine beauty and grace of Levi, Rene drops all restraints... it is a weekend that changes the lives of both forever. The Filipino master director Miko Jacinto, whose film BINYAG already an international success, has brought us his new film SALO - a familiar theme interpreted with great empathy. With great cinematic skill, his camera tells a wonderful and touching story in magical realism. Another classical Philippine film!

Share 2015

A 15-year-old girl returns to school after an explicit video of her goes viral.


A savvy social media influencer forces himself to reconcile his hugely public online persona with the fact he's still closeted to his family.

Franck's Share 2011

Malik & Franck are dustbin men. They have just accomplished their dream: buy a pizza van, to at least be their own boss.

Time Share 2018

Two men team up to rescue their families from a tropical resort after becoming convinced an American timeshare company has an evil plan to take away their loved ones.

The Share Out 1962

A gang of high class corporate thieves use blackmail to induce their victims to sell property at knock-down prices.

The Lion's Share 1978

Story of a ordinary human being who, by chance, take possession of the money that was stolen from a bank, thinking that will solve all his problems.

The Devil's Share 2018

Quebec, on the cusp of the 1960s. The province is on the brink of momentous change. Deftly selecting clips from nearly 200 films from the National Film Board of Canada archives, director Luc Bourdon reinterprets the historical record, offering us a new and distinctive perspective on the Quiet Revolution.

Half-Share 2011

Fresh out of a long-term relationship, Mac leaves Oregon for a summer on Fire Island and must decide if he can handle his eccentric new housemates on the mythical Island of Misfit Boys.

Live My Share, Mother 1970

At school, Fumio is good in everything. His cheerful, out-going personality makes him a great favorite with teachers and classmates alike. He is in perfect health and there does not seem to be a single shadow to cloud his life. Then, one day, he feels a sudden pain in his shoulder. His parents take him to a doctor who tells them that their son has bone cancer and must be hospitalized. The parents cannot believe their ears, for Fumio had always been the picture of abounding health. The whole family with the exception of Fumio is cast into the depths of despair. They wonder why it had to happen to their Fumio and their happy family. The father who recovers first and decides to fight cancer to save his son's life.

Grin and Share It 1957

Butch and Droopy have equal shares in a gold mine. When they finally strike gold, Butch tries to make his share more equal by doing away with Droopy, with no success.

Thermos - Share the Heat 2006

It's a movie, a documentary, an exploration of the European summits, a road trip guided by seven snowboarders and many friends rediscovering the pleasure of snowboarding... and sharing a unique thermos.

Love for Share 2006

Three women from three different social, economic, and ethnic groups discuss their lives in polygamous household.

The Dream Share Project 2013

The Dream Share Project is an inspirational documentary film that follows two recent college graduates on a road trip across America, as they explore how successful people have chased their dreams.

Share My Kingdom 2013

Share My Kingdom delves into the lives and art of three artists with disabilities who emerged from the art studio at Little City located in Palatine, IL. The documentary provides a view into the compelling life histories and artistic creations of Harold Jeffries, Wayne Mazurek and Luke Tauber. While these men seem to have the odds stacked against them, they are able to turn their ideas into reality. With no formal art education or training, each of them transforms their vision into artistic works of expression free from cultural, political and worldly influences found in most art today.

The Cracked Share 2006

t is in the spirit of an experience and experiment that Hang Jun Lee's «The Cracked Share» must be viewed. Seized in moments of visual detachment during periods of emotional contact, these images are oxidized residues of fixed light and chemical elements of transformed from living organisms. No plastic expression can ever be more than a residue of the experience and yet, the residue is the recognition of the experience, loss permeates the work and yet somehow the experience endures, recalling the event more or less clearly, like the undisturbed ashes of an object consumed by flames. The recognition of this object, so little representative and so fragile, speaks to us of this artist's isolation. «The Cracked Share» is quite wonderfully dense and visceral in nature ...

Share the Wealth 1936

A local shoe clerk runs for mayor under a "Share the Wealth" platform but finds himself in trouble when he's the recipient of $50,000.

Drive Share 2017

Comedy show focusing on the drivers and bizarre passengers who use the world’s most popular ride share app.

Peter Kay's Car Share 2015

John Redmond and Kayleigh Kitson have been thrown together in a company car share scheme, forcing their paths to cross. Each trip brings fresh insight into John and Kayleigh's lives, with twists and turns in their unlikely relationship.

The Lovers of Share House 2013

Shio lives in a share house and falls in love with a man who lives with her. This is the first time Shio has had such feelings in a long time. Unfortunately, the man is in love with another man. Meanwhile, her housemate's love interest becomes attracted to her.

Plage -Share House for Losers- 2017

A humorous suspense drama starring Gen Hoshino, currently Japan's most popular actor. The story is set in a shared house for people with various complicated pasts who have no place to go. Once rejected by society, the residents help each other as they try to get back on their feet.

Himote House: A Share House of Super Psychic Girls 2018

From Kotaro Ishidate, tthe creator of some popular ad-lib animes such as Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono and gdgd Fairies. This new anime centers on five girls and one cat all living as housemates in Nakano, Tokyo: the three Himote sisters (Tokiyo, Kinami, and Kokoro) whose family manages the "Himote House," Kokoro's classmates Tae and Minamo, and the cat Enishi. The girls live their daily lives trying to figure out ways to be popular, and they (and the cat) all possess a mysterious secret power...

Love to Share

Love to Share is an Australian Saturday cooking series airs on Network Ten on Saturday 15 September 2012 at 4pm. The show is based around people, including chefs, and celebrity guests, sharing their recipes with others. The show also has a website collection of recipes that users can share and read recipes.

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