Adhe Kangal 2017

The journey of a blind chef through a newfound love, a retrieved vision and an invigorating journey of twists, turns and answers along the way.

Athey Kangal 1969

A woman gets ready to leave for a get together and finds her husband dead in their room. In no time, she is also tried to kill by a black masked face man. His attempt gets failed and he escapes. The woman is now in state of shock and mentally paralysed. A murder case is registered and investigation take place. Susi (Kanchana) a young college girl comes to her home for vacation along with her friends. She lives with younger paternal uncles Kamalanathan and Vimalanathan who are the younger brothers of the victim and her aunt who was supposed to be the victim in the hands of the murderer. Susi meets Baskar (Ravichandran), a singer and both of them are attracted to each other at first sight.

Kangal Malsat 2013

Fyataroo: Flying human beings; Choktor: Black Magic sect Bhodi, the head of the Choktors, initiates a total war against the ruling communists of West Bengal, India. Fyataroos join hands with Choktors. Advised by Calcutta's progenitors Dandabayash (ageless primordial talking crow) and an Indo-colonial half-breed Begum Johnson(1732-1818) erupt a historic insurrection. They jointly launch guerrilla attacks against the Government. Skulls dance in crematoria and flying-discs flutter in the skies and cry anarchy, resident ghosts gossip and prattle, and the police is in total confusion. Government is forced to surrender and offer a peace proposal to the joint force. The film dissects almost everything wrong in the city with a cinematic knife sharpened on trenchant farce and fantasy. It is an anarchist film. —Anonymous

Iravukku Aayiram Kangal 2018

Three strangers, who were cheated by a three-member fraud gang, hatch plan to take revenge on their leader, and go to his home around same time. All of them get the shock of their life when they find someone murdered at the home.

Kangalal Kaidhu Sei 2004

John Vaseegaran is a young man who ranks fifth richest millionaire in India and 30th on the international level. The plot opens in a graveyard where Vaseegran's parents' funeral takes place. He is not disturbed by the demise of his parents as he had not been showered with any affection by them instead concentrated only on making money. A lady of his community expresses her condolence to him and leaves. While getting into her car she finds her diamond ring is missing and screams; the lost ring is in Vaseegaran's pocket. Vasee inherits the huge property of his parents and becomes the chairman of 32 companies in his twenties. Though rich he seeks true motherhood affection. He imagines his dream girl and names her Cinderella. He is a Kleptomaniac. He consults his family doctor for a solution. The doctor instructs him to get into love.

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