Christmas Inheritance 2017

To inherit her father's company, socialite Ellen must first visit his small hometown, where she learns the value of hard work and helping others.

Inheritance 2017

A man learns his estranged father has passed away and willed him the family home. He returns with his pregnant girlfriend to his childhood home of Belize, where he must face his past while fighting for intimacy in the present.

Inheritance 2017

When Ryan mysteriously inherits a house from his biological father, a man he thought long dead, he and his pregnant fiancé travel to the property with high hopes for the future. But curiosity about his deceased father leads Ryan to uncover a dark family history...

The Inheritance 2011

Five ambitious cousins set out on a family reunion during the dead of winter. The purpose of the retreat is to secure their inheritance, a fortune that dates back many generations. Upon their arrival, Uncle Melvin (Keith David) welcomes them with open arms, but warns them to respect their family traditions. During the weekend, as each of the cousins mysteriously disappear, they learn the truth about their family legacy, blood ancestry and the ultimate sacrifice they must make in exchange for their beloved inheritance.

Inheritance 2005

In an impassioned message from the grave, one concentration camp Liberator forces us to remember the horror humanity is capable of. Utilizing actual photos from the Buchenwald concentration camp, and a soulful performance by Harrison Young, Inheritance is a gut-wrenching experience that not only informs, but puts the burden of defending humanity squarely on the viewer.

Inheritance 2012

A Palestinian family living in the north of Galilee gathers to celebrate the wedding of one of their daughters, as war rages between Israel and Lebanon. Internal conflicts explode between the family - secrets are revealed and lies are unmasked. The battles between different family members become as merciless as the outside war once their father falls into a coma and inches toward death.

Inheritance 2004

Inheritance tells the tale of sinister old lady Lillian Baker (Marjorie Nelson) & her kind hearted, good natured carer Abigail Nielsen (Jen Taylor). Abigail feels sorry for Lillian & does her best to keep her happy, however one fateful night Lillian passes away in her sleep. Abigail is obviously upset & attends Lillian's funeral to say her goodbyes, it soon comes to light that Lillian has left Abigail her large house & it's entire contents a situation which Lillian's daughter Joan (Kathryn Mesney-Hetter) is unhappy with. The reason for Lillian's generosity becomes clear as her spirit starts to possess Abigail & take complete control of her body...

The Inheritance 1997

At the lush Evenswood estate in Concord, Massachusetts, Edith Adelon, a beautiful orphan, lives as the paid companion to the daughter of the wealthy Hamilton family, although they regard her as one of their own. Years ago, Henry Hamilton saved Edith from an Italian orphanage at the request of his long-deceased brother. Now, Edith is his daughter Amy's prized friend and confidante. As the Hamiltons await a trio of visitors for the annual Greens Cup horse race, Beatrice Hamilton asks for Edith's help in finding a suitable husband for a cousin, Ida Glenshaw, with one of two visiting eligible bachelors. But when it becomes clear that both the young men have affection for Edith and not Ida, jealousy soon develops, leading to malicious conniving and brutal backstabbing.

Inheritance 2001

Peter, a young German, enters a suburban Buenos Aires restaurant; seeking only directions, he instead accidentally ends up with a plate smashing into his head, thrown by the irritable Olinda, the 60 year-old Italian immigrant owner of the restaurant. The two develop a friendship once they discover that the reasons for their having moved to Argentina are strikingly similar.


A patriarch of a wealthy and powerful family suddenly passes away, leaving his wife and daughter with a shocking secret inheritance that threatens to unravel and destroy their lives.

Inheritance 2006

Until she was thirteen years old, Monika Hertwig thought her father died fighting for his country in World War II. Then a chance comment led Monika to the horrific truth: her father was the brutal Plaszow concentration camp commandant Amon Goeth, and he was executed for his crimes.

Inheritance 1989

Indri quickly rushes home from abroad when her father suddenly dies. At home, she finds her nursemaid Tuti tied up while her stepmother has gone back to the village. At night, someone is stalking the house. So she suspects that her father’s death was unnatural and her suspicions ring true. Somali, the vice-president in her father’s company, wants to take over the latter’s wealth by colluding with her nursemaid.

Fatal Inheritance 1991

Jack Carnegie (Kevin Davis) is an American ‘heir-hunter’, whose job it is to trace unknown family members who should rightly inherit unassigned fortunes. He arrives in Ireland to find the sole heir to a fortune — Timothy Murphy. Murphy cannot believe his good luck and he goes out that same night, to celebrate with his fiancee, Brigid O’Toole (Emma Samms). On his way home he is attacked and murdered by a mystery assailant. Brigid is grief stricken, as is Jack — Timothy had no known heir, so he won’t able to collect his commission for delivering the inheritance to the heir.

The Inheritance 2001

Reunited for their mother’s funeral, four sisters – Selma, Regina, Laura and Lúcia – find themselves forced to divide much more than a spacious apartment in Copacabana. While dividing the articles – from the apartment’s sale to splitting a toy tea set – the sisters compare options, destinies, lifestyles, expectations. The divergences are inevitable, because they’ve followed very different tracks. The turbulent sale of the apartment represents a turning point in their lives: they know they have never been so deeply involved as accomplices, or as sisters.

Sad Inheritance 1993

After filling her life with addictions, Christina (Susan Dey) is left with a dead-end job, a deadbeat boyfriend and a bad rapport with her mother (Piper Laurie). The last thing she needs is a baby, a sentiment the authorities agree with when the infant is born with a drug dependency. Now, Christina's future is in the hands of a dedicated social worker (Lorraine Toussaint), whose own instincts as a mother have her fighting for the child's rights.

The Inheritance 2007

2 brothers take a road trip through contemporary Scotland to discover the inheritance their late father left them.

The Inheritance 1964

The Inheritance shows what life was really like for immigrants and working Americans from the turn of the century through the fight for civil rights in the 1960s. This stirring history of our country shows their struggle to put down roots, form labor unions, survive wars, and finally, create a new and better life for themselves and our nation. The film explores a landscape largely unknown to the present generation - the dim sweatshops, coal mines and textile mills filled with children; the anxious years of the depression and labor's bloody struggle for the right to organize; the battlefields of WW I and II; the seldom seen newsreel footage of the Memorial Day massacre at The Republic Steel strike in Chicago; the civil rights struggle - as every generation fights again to preserve and extend its freedoms. This is the film's theme. Judy Collins sings this theme song, as well as more great music sung by Judy, Pete Seeger, Tom Paxton and others.

The Inheritance 2014

An intimate story of a courageous family ultimately strengthened despite a dehumanising hereditary disease that takes no prisoners


Inheritance was a 1967 Granada produced ITV drama based on a 1932 novel by Phyllis Bentley. The ten-part period drama revolved around the fortunes of the Oldroyds, a Yorkshire mill owning family from 1812 to 1965. The early part of the series featured the Luddite riots involving the burning of mills and the subsequent execution of those responsible. The series turned the expression "There's trouble at t'mill" into a catchphrase. The series featured Michael Goodliffe, John Thaw and James Bolam in leading roles over the generations. Each new generation saw Goodliffe and Thaw playing father and eldest son with Bolam usually playing the part of the younger son. The series also included later books by Phyllis Bentley including The Rise of Henry Morcar and A Man of His Time. Cast with original parts ⁕Michael Goodliffe as William Oldroyd ⁕Daphne Heard as Janie Smith-Oldroyd ⁕Royston Tickner as Charley Mellor ⁕Madeleine Christie as Charlotte Stancliffe ⁕John Thaw as Will Oldroyd ⁕Wilfred Pickles as mill overlooker ⁕Thelma Whiteley as Mary Bamforth ⁕Judy Wilson as Martha Ackroyd ⁕James Bolam as Joe Bamforth ⁕David Burke as Henry Morcar ⁕Basil Dignam as Mr Shaw

Great Inheritance 2006

Great Inheritance is a 2006 South Korean television drama starring Kim Jaewon and Han Ji-min. It aired on KBS2 from May 3 to June 29, 2006 on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 17 episodes.

Strange Inheritance 2015

Love, loss, and a legacy left behind. "Strange Inheritance" is a ground-breaking new reality program from the Fox Business Network. From multi-million dollar treasures, to truly bizarre collections and one-of-a- kind artifacts, this series tells the stories of how families decide what to do with their newly acquired possessions. Shocking secrets are discovered, gut-wrenching decisions are made about priceless heirlooms and fascinating histories are uncovered along the way.

Shining Inheritance 2009

Go Eun Sung leads a charmed life. Her wealthy, adoring father allows her to live her dreams of studying abroad, and the only difficulty in her life is her younger brother's struggle with autism. Despite all this good fortune, everything changes for Eun Sang when her loving father dies of mysterious circumstances. After the family discovers that Eun Sang's father left behind a tremendous amount of debt, her stepmother promptly throws her and her brother out of the house. Homeless and penniless, Eun Sung takes a job as a waitress at a nightclub to support herself and her brother. Eun Sung hits rock bottom when her brother disappears. Her fortunes turn, however when her kindness lands her a new lucrative job and a new family of sorts, which leads to new fortune, but also new obstacles. Brilliant Legacy was among the top-rated Korean dramas of the year; it maintained its number one spot in the viewership ratings chart for 19 consecutive weeks and reached a peak rating of 47.1% for its last episode.

Don't Blow the Inheritance

Don't Blow the Inheritance was a 5:00pm daytime quiz show that aired on ITV from 20 to 31 August 2012 for a 10 episode run as a summer replacement for The Chase. It was hosted by stand-up comedian Tim Vine.

A Hundred Year Legacy 2013

A Hundred Year Legacy is a 2013 South Korean television series starring Eugene and Lee Jung-jin. Revolving around themes of food, love and family, the warm human drama is about a modest Seoul noodle house that's been operated by the same family for three generations. It aired on MBC from January 5 to June 23, 2013 on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:50 for 50 episodes. The early working title was Third Generation Noodle House.

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