Devil in the Flesh 1998

When her mother is killed in a mysterious house fire, rebellious teen Debbie Strand is sent to live with her grandmother, where she becomes even more unhinged. She develops an intense crush on her hunky creative writing teacher, Peter Rinaldi, but her numerous attempts at seduction end in failure. Soon Peter's friends start turning up dead, and he fears that his fiancée, Marilyn, may be Debbie's next victim.

In the Flesh 1998

A police detective assigned to work a gay bar on an undercover drug operation gets hooked up with a gay student hustler. After the student witnesses a murder, the cop provides him an alibi and invites him to stay at his apartment. There a homosexual relationship develops...

Devil in the Flesh 1964

About pleasure seekers of both sexes. The pill is introduced. No need to fear pregnancy. But other dangers increases.

The Devil In The Flesh 1991

Dough-crazed mercenaries Sammy and Klaus are on a mission to escort the seriously ill prime minister of a South American country that has just been taken over by the rebels to his buddies over the border. Chased by the rebels, and with the politician's health rapidly deteriorating, they stumble onto an infirmary staffed by a quartet of nurses and take them hostage, forcing them to cure the prime minister, and fast. After an initial rape, romantic feelings begin to emerge as Helga has it off with Klaus, Katrin with Sammy, and Sophie with Hellen...until a squadron of rebels drops in.

Roger Waters: In The Flesh Live 2000

Recorded on a single night in June 2000, In the Flesh is a thrilling live testament to the strength of Roger Waters's peculiar artistic vision. Backed by a crack ensemble of both fresh and seasoned players, the former Pink Floyd songsmith powers through Floyd classics, underserved relics, and highlights from his spotty solo career. [Tracklist:] 01 In The Flesh 02 The Happiest Days Of Our Lives 03 Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 04 Mother 05 Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Desert 06 Southampton Dock 07 Pigs On The Wing (Part 1) 08 Dogs 09 Welcome To The Machine 10 Wish You Were Here 11 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1-8) 12 Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 13 Breathe (In The Air) 14 Time 15 Money 16 The Pros And Cons Of Hitch Hiking (Part 11) 17 Perfect Sense (Part 1-2) 18 The Bravery Of Being Out Of Range 19 It's A Miracle 20 Amused To Death 21 Brain Damage 22 Eclipse 23 Comfortably Numb 24 Each Small Candle

Teacher's Pet 2000

Psychopath Debbie Strand escapes from a mental institution for the criminally insane and takes the identity of a co-ed she meets and dies out of fear of Debbie and sets herself up on a college campus where she once again begins killing students and faculty who get in the way with her obsession with her former high school teacher Sam Deckner now teaching at the college.

Devil in the Flesh 1989

She was a married woman, tone apart from her husband. He was an innocent schoolboy on the verge of manhood. While the world was at war, they found comfort in each others arms and shared an impossible love that couldn't possibly continue... and an uncontrollable passion that they could not resist.

Devil in the Flesh 1998

The palms of Lana Turner's hands were full of scars; the technique she used in order to achieve melodrama was to tighten her fists, digging her fingernails into them until she began to cry. Day after day, soap opera actresses smear Vick's Vaporub into their eyes in order to cry. The effect of these false tears are the tears of the public. In Devil in the Flesh we see the camera's tricks, and even so the action seems dramatic. This piece once again exemplifies my fascination with the artificial: the fabricated emotions; the Christian looking for pain in order to live out Passion; the discomfort of the everyday melodrama; the emptiness that defeats everything

In the Flesh 1951

A beautiful cabaret dancer falls in love with a sailor who promises to return and marry her. Trouble ensues.

Razor in the Flesh 1969

A decadent hooker, her pimp and the bordello's gay cleaner fight over the gigolo's missing money, with the utmost mental cruelty.

Tempest in the Flesh 1954

A dam is under construction in the Pyrénées mountains. All the workers only have eyes for pretty, sensual Clara, the canteen waitress. And what she exchanges with many of them is more than just looks, this is for sure. Nevertheless, despite her frivolity, Clara falls truly in love with Tonio Borelli, the site foreman. The latter takes her to Paris and they marry. But Clara soon realizes that the call of the flesh still consumes her...

Prometheus Triumphant: A Fugue in the Key of Flesh 2009

Europe, the late 19th Century: Janick is a brilliant but ultimately doomed young doctor in a remote town under the black cloud of a great Plague. His radical theories about life and death make him an outcast, driving him from his position at the medical college and from his beloved Esmeralda, into exile. Soon after Janick disappears Esmeralda becomes sick, and without his help, shortly dies. Enter a mysterious masked figure who exhumes her newly deceased body, takes her back to his remote lair and begins performing experiments upon it. Waking to find herself given a new life, Esmeralda slowly begins to re-learn the simple acts of life: eating, walking, dancing... all under the watchful tutelage of her mysterious savior. As awareness slowly creeps back into her psyche, she begins to wonder what his true motivations are.

In the Flesh 2017

Daryn, a seventeen-year-old girl, fed up with her life in a greenhouse, ran into a human smuggler and learnt the way to escape the town. She had not known at the time that this plan would change her life and those around her in the worst way possible.

In the Flesh 2000

Six exotic dancers discuss their backgrounds, careers and hopes interspersed with clips of them at work.

Devil in the Flesh 1986

An Italian high school student becomes infatuated with a woman he sees outside his class window. Her fiancée is in jail for being involved in a radical movement, and she spends much time in court providing moral support. At first she resists the student's advances, but eventually begins an affair with him. Their situation is condemned by her family and his father, who is the woman's psychologist.

I'm a Girl with a Devil in the Flesh 1933

This Czech sophisticated romantic comedy, filmed by director Anton also in a parallel French version ("Une petite femme dans le train"), casts beautiful Czech star Baarova in the role that Meg Lemonnier played in the Gallic version.

Bullet in the Flesh 1964

The Masters and the Cherokees living in relative peace until a key member of this tribe falls in love with a woman from the Masters family. From there the situation is complicated to unknown heights.

Devil in the Flesh 1947

In France during World War I, pretty nurse Marthe waits for her husband, Jacques, while he fights on the front lines. The lonely Marthe begins a tempestuous affair with 17-year-old François, with whom she had a dalliance before marrying Jacques. Jealous François struggles with the fact that Marthe is married, while she tries to prove her devotion to her young, hotheaded lover. Things become even more complex when Marthe becomes pregnant with Jacques' baby.

Flesh for the Inferno 2015

At a local Catholic school, the nuns have noticed that the priest is doing more than just leading his students in prayer. Not content to stand idly by as evil walks their halls, the Sisters decide to take action. Confronted by the nuns about his wicked ways, the priest retaliates. For defying him, the Father takes the Sisters hostage and bricks them into the walls of the school's basement. The sadistic and fatal punishment shakes the faith of the women, forcing them to renounce their holy vows in the moments before their demise. How could they continue to believe in a power that would allow them to suffer such a fate when they were merely trying to do what's right? Decades later, the school is now vacated and in a state of disrepair. Selected by the community as a building marked for urban renewal, a neighborhood youth group has volunteered their afternoon to come clean up the premises and prepare it for construction.

In the Flesh 2013

Thousands of dead people have risen from their graves and nearly destroyed Britain. A cure has been found - but can the treated zombies be rehabilitated back into living society?

The City 1999

Lawyer Katherine Strachan Berg, married to real estate tycoon Jack Berg, gets one heck of a shock when her former lover (now a priest), Shane Devlin, comes back into her life.

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