A Goofy Movie 1995

Though Goofy always means well, his amiable cluelessness and klutzy pratfalls regularly embarrass his awkward adolescent son, Max. When Max's lighthearted prank on his high-school principal finally gets his longtime crush, Roxanne, to notice him, he asks her on a date. Max's trouble at school convinces Goofy that he and the boy need to bond over a cross-country fishing trip like the one he took with his dad when he was Max's age, which throws a kink in his son's plans to impress Roxanne.

An Extremely Goofy Movie 2000

It's all extreme sports and a life of freedom as Max sets off for college -- but Goofy misses Max so much he loses his job and goes to finish college alongside Max and his friends. But as Goofy tries to get closer to Max, both must go to the extreme to learn how to live their own lives together.

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers 2004

In Disney's take on the Alexander Dumas tale, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy want nothing more than to perform brave deeds on behalf of their queen (Minnie Mouse), but they're stymied by the head Musketeer, Pete. Pete secretly wants to get rid of the queen, so he appoints Mickey and his bumbling friends as guardians to Minnie, thinking such a maneuver will ensure his scheme's success. The score features songs based on familiar classical melodies.

Everybody Loves Goofy 2003

It's nonstop laughs as Goofy, the world's wackiest hound dog, returns in a hilarious collection of his greatest cartoon shorts. The whole family will enjoy Goofy's patented brand of comedy chaos.Travel to the circus as Goofy matches wits with Delores the elephant (guess who wins?) in "The Big Wash," and laugh out loud when the loveable loser leaves his house in shambles after helping out with the household chores in "Father's Day Off." You'll love every minute of Goofy's outrageous antics in this delightful collection, overflowing with the magic of Disney animation.

Goofy Gymnastics 1949

Inspired by a magazine ad, Goofy sends for a mail order body building course. First is weight lifting; after Goofy finally gets the weights up, a fly lands and sends him crashing through several floors in the apartment building. Chinups: the bar itself goes up and down. Then a rubber-band stretch device, which Goofy quickly tangles up in, sending him crashing through the building and several other pieces of equipment.

Goofy Goat Antics 1931

A goat is driving his car but he is blocked off by a road hog. When he finally passes the road hog up the road hog quotes "D***!" The goat runs into some pretty weird antics. But he comes out in the end.

Two Gun Goofy 1952

Bandit Pistol Pete enters a lawless western town and robs a bank. The town is in desperate need of a sheriff. Enter wandering cowboy Goofy who notices a pretty girl being held up in a stagecoach robbery by Pete. Lovestruck and completely oblivious to Pete, he foils the robbery while getting to know the girl better. This earns him a reputation as a great gunslinger and he is challenged to apprehend Pete. Pete tries to get his revenge on Goofy but every attempt backfires due to Goofy's clumsiness usually directed unintentionally at Pete.

Goofy Goofy Gander 1950

Little Audrey isn't interested in reciting Mother Goose rhymes with the other kids in class. She'd rather read her modern comic book. When she's caught not paying attention by the teacher, she is ordered to sit in the corner. Audrey falls asleep and soon realizes that Mother Goose can be modern too.

Goofy Groceries 1941

Grocery store products come to life, along with caricatures of Jack Benny, Rochester and Ned Sparks, and take-offs on Superman and King Kong.

Sport Goofy in Soccermania 1987

Uncle Scrooge donates an old beat-up trophy for Huey, Dewey and Louie's soccer tournament. But when he finds out that it is actually worth a million dollars, he has to put together a ragtag team, led by Goofy to win it back.

The Goofy Gardener 1957

Hercules, a gardener employed at a ritzy estate lets nothing divert him from his gardening chores, and continues to perform them in the midst of a big, outdoor party being held on the grounds by the owner. Herman them blames the host for all the mistakes, mishaps and problems the guest have to endure.

Plane Goofy 1940

A fast-talking airplane-salesman inspires the farmyard animals to building airplanes of their own, but farmer Alfalfa is set on not getting off of the ground. The salesman finally gets him to take a flight, with the result that he vows never to take another one.

Goofy Ghosts 1928

A Al Christie comedy short featuring Jimmie Adams & Lorraine MacLean.

Gopher Goofy 1942

A homeowner is enjoying his lovely lawn and garden when it's invaded by a couple of gophers with Brooklyn accents. The homeowner attacks, but the gophers outsmart him at every turn: They duck his hoe and shotgun. He gasses them with helium, and they float away -- causing a crow to throw away his bottle. The inflated gophers hit a tree and fall to earth. The gardener fishes for the gophers under his hat; they substitute a tomato, and he cries, thinking he's squished a gopher. Next, he tries the garden hose; the gophers stop the flow until there's a huge blast of water, which they direct back at the homeowner. He hits the ground and starts burrowing himself, surfacing in his fountain.

The Goofy Gang 1987

Wai is a waiter in a country club. One day at work he is humiliated by the wife of a millionaire Harry Tse; and in order to get even, he and his gang plan kidnap Mrs. Tse. His gang includes Jacky Chong, Sly Sze and Martha. The kidnapping goes wrong from the beginning. Instead of getting Mrs.Tse, they kidnap Harry Tse by mistake! The police sends Inspector Mina Ho to investigate, and she suspects Wai as one of the Kidnappers. Mina also asks Mrs. Tse to cooperate with the police, but Mrs. Tse refuses. On the other Hand, Wai and the others do not know how to get the ransom money. Harry in fact helps them to devise a plan, since he's afraid they might do something nasty to him if they don't get the money...

Goof Troop 1992

Disney's Goof Troop is an Animated Comedy television series from The Walt Disney Company featuring Goofy as a father figure and bonding with his son Max, and Pete, as his neighbor. Created by Peter Montgomery, the main series of 65 episodes ran in syndication from 1992 to 1993 on The Disney Afternoon, while an additional thirteen episodes ran on Saturday mornings on ABC. One Christmas special was also produced, which ran in syndication.

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