Girl Talk Confidential 2018

Hear all the sizzling-hot secrets that young beauties share with each other behind closed doors. In this trilogy of confessions, erotic 'girl talk' is the focus of several seductive and sensual stories meant only for the ears of their sexy BF's and confidants! What girls talk about when they are alone will shock you!

Doctor Who Confidential 2005

Doctor Who Confidential is a documentary series created by the British Broadcasting Corporation to complement the revival of the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Each episode was broadcast on BBC Three on Saturdays, immediately after the broadcast of the weekly television episode on BBC One. The running time of the first two series was 30 minutes, being extended to 45 minutes in the third. BBC Three also broadcast a cut-down edition of the programme, lasting 15 minutes, shown after the repeats on Sundays and Fridays and after the weekday evening repeats of earlier seasons. Described as focusing on the human element of the series, Confidential features behind-the-scenes footage on the making of Doctor Who through clips and interviews with the cast, production crew and other people, including those who have participated in the television series over the years of its existence. Each episode deals with a different topic, and in most cases refers to the Doctor Who episode that preceded it. There have also been two episodes of Doctor Who Confidential broadcast apart from the showing of Doctor Who episodes: in November 2006 an edition subtitled "Music and Monsters" was produced going behind the scenes of a televised concert of soundtrack music produced as part of that year's Children in Need appeal, and on 3 January 2009, a special edition was broadcast to announce the actor chosen to play the Eleventh Doctor.

Co-Ed Confidential 2007

Co-Ed Confidential is a softcore pornographic cable program that is Cinemax's erotic remake of National Lampoon's Animal House, it is shown on Cinemax After Dark. The series made its premiere in 2007 and has currently had four seasons and 52 episodes and 6 compilations.

Vanity Fair Confidential 2015

A unique mix of editorial integrity, first-person storytelling and dynamic visual elements focusing on Vanity Fair's most fascinating stories and compelling scandals.

Kitchen Confidential 2005

Jack Bourdain had it all but messed it up going wild. Four years later, he ends up with a crappy job in Pizza Chain. Then, he gets an offer to get back in the game as the chef of a famous restaurant.

Kingston: Confidential 1977

Kingston: Confidential is an American mystery crime drama that aired on NBC for 13 episodes during the spring of 1977, following the success of a 1976 made-for-TV movie entitled Kingston.

New York Confidential 1959

New York Confidential is a British-American crime drama series that aired from 1958 to 1959. The series aired in syndicated in the United States and was broadcast on London's local ITV station, Associated-Rediffusion, in the UK. It was co-produced by ITC Entertainment, Metropolis Productions, Inc., and Television Programs of America.

Big Brother Confidential

Big Brother Confidential is an uncut, Australian reality program. It aired on Nine Network on 22 August 2012. The series originally aired at 10:10pm on Wednesdays nights but got moved to 8 o'clock Thursday nights because of presumbably low ratings. Reaction to the series has been very negative.

Aircrash Confidential 2011

Aircrash Confidential is a television series produced by WMR Productions and IMG Entertainment. The programme investigates air-disasters from around the world. Aircrash Confidential currently airs on the Discovery Channel in the United Kingdom and on Discovery Australia.

Vet School Confidential

Vet School Confidential is a reality TV show that first aired on Animal Planet in 2001. It follows five students from the Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine as they go through their clinical rotations tending to a variety of animals. Examples of the topics in episodes include; students doing physical exams of cows, performing open-heart surgery on a puppy, or dehorning a goat.

Strictly Confidential 2006

Strictly Confidential is a six-part drama, written by Kay Mellor and originally shown on ITV during November and December 2006. It stars Suranne Jones as Linda, a bisexual ex police officer turned sex therapist, who shares a practice in Leeds with her brother-in-law, played by Tristan Gemmill. Her life is complicated by the fact that her husband Richard, her business partner's brother, played by Christian Solimeno, has low fertility and cannot give her the baby she wants. She is all for asking his brother to be a sperm donor, which does not sit well with his wife. Linda's husband is also not keen on the idea at all but lets Linda go ahead and ask his brother who consents to be a sperm donor. Sexual tension becomes obvious between the pair, and they soon begin sleeping together, with disastrous consequences for all involved, especially Angie, Linda's ex-lover who is still very much in love with Linda. Further complications occur with Linda's involvement as a CID consultant in a bizarre spate of murders that centre around erotic asphyxiation and could be linked back to her practice. The murder enquiry is led by Linda's former lover, played by Eva Pope. However Linda is suspicious of the second 'murder' and of Angie, as it all seems a bit too convenient.

City Confidential

City Confidential is an American documentary television show, transmitted on the A&E Network, which singled out a community during each episode and investigated a crime that had occurred there. Rather than being a straightforward procedural, the installments began by focusing on the history and spirit of the city chosen. Often, the crime and persons involved highlighted a unique feature of that community. Additionally, the show analyzed not only the crime itself, but also the impact which the crime, ensuing investigation and legal proceedings, had had on the community at large. Part of City Confidential's success was the wide variety of American cities the show covered. The show premiered in 1999, and featured communities that varied in size and prominence, from the smallest village to the largest urban areas. Examples include medium sized cities, such as Newberry, South Carolina; Saddle River, New Jersey; Little Rock, Arkansas; and St. Charles, Missouri; and major cities such as New Orleans, Louisiana; Miami, Florida; and Los Angeles, California. The original narrator of City Confidential, Paul Winfield, was involved from the show's premiere in 1999 until his death in 2004. He was replaced by actor Keith David. The show was produced by Tom Golden. City Confidential aired its last new episode in March 2006.

High School Confidential 2008

High School Confidential is an eight-part documentary television series created by Sharon Liese, following twelve high school teenagers from Blue Valley Northwest High. The series airs on WE: Women's Entertainment. The original run began on March 10, 2008, and concluded on April 28, 2008.

CIA Confidential 2009

With unprecedented access and footage to some of the most protected U.S. government agencies. Classified opens these restricted files and takes viewers behind the concrete walls, surveillance cameras, and curtain of national protection.

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