My Big Gay Italian Wedding 2018

A father, who calls himself "open" and tolerant and fights against any form of discrimination, reveals himself as not so liberal when his son announces the engagement to his partner. Overwhelmed by the news, he regresses into the most fierce opponent of same sex marriage, and tries to undermine his son's happiness with a series of embarrassing situations.

Another Gay Movie 2006

In the dirtiest, funniest, most scandalous gay-teen-sex-comedy-parody ever, four young gay friends make a pact to lose their virginity by the end of the summer. The boys soon face giant sex toys, naked celebrities, masochistic teachers and an uncontrollable romance with a quiche.

Make the Yuletide Gay 2009

The holidays get overly festive as Olaf "Gunn" Gunnunderson, an out-and-proud gay college student, crawls back into the closet to survive the holidays with his parents. But when his boyfriend, Nathan, shows up at their doorstep unannounced, Gunn must put on a charade to keep the relationship a secret. With pressure mounting from all sides, will Gunn come out before the truth does?

The Gay Divorcee 1934

Guy Holden falls for Mimi Glossop without knowing she's married. She's trying to get a divorce, so her dizzy aunt and incompetent lawyer hire a professional correspondent to pose as her lover. When Guy unknowingly gives Mimi the code phrase, she then thinks he's the faux beau—and she confuses his genuine interest for part of the act.

9 Dead Gay Guys 2003

The story of two lads from Belfast as they stumble their way through the London gay underworld in search of 'gainful employment'. This being the offering of sexual favours to older gay men in order to subsidise their respective giros. 9 Dead Gay Guys is a high-camp send-up of gay stereotypes.

Zorro, The Gay Blade 1981

George Hamilton stars in a dueling dual role as twin sons of the legendary Zorro. Soon after the dashing Don Diego Vega inherits his father's famous sword and costume, a broken ankle prevents the masked avenger from fulfilling his heroic duties. When his flamboyantly fashion-conscious brother assumes the secret identity to continue an ongoing fight for justice, the results are nothing short of hilarious!

Gay Hollywood Dad 2018

Gay Hollywood Dad chronicles the first six months of single gay dad Quentin Lee juggling between raising his newborn baby by himself and making his means as an acclaimed independent filmmaker in Hollywood.

Another Gay Sequel: Gays Gone Wild! 2008

ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL finds our heroes ANDY, NICO, JAROD and GRIFF reuniting at a gay resort in sunny Fort Lauderdale for Spring Break. They participate in a contest called 'Gays Gone Wild!' to determine who can attain the most "buttlove" over the course of the vacation.

The Gay Falcon 1941

A society grand dame who hosts charity parties in her home is mixed up in a jewel theft racket which defrauds insurance companies. When she is murdered, Gay Laurence (a.k.a. The Falcon)and assistant 'Goldie' Locke are on the case with help from beautiful Helen Reed, who becomes a rival to Gay's fiancée Elinor for the sleuth's affections.

Gay 2004

A gay couple in Amsterdam go through a rough patch in their relationship.

Small Town Gay Bar 2007

The story of community in the Deep South that is forced to deal with the struggles of ignorance, hypocrisy and oppression.

Totally Gay! 2003

Totally Gay! is a 2003 television special on VH1 that discusses gay pop culture in the United States. The content of the show includes the hottest sitcoms (Will & Grace), newest gay icons (Kyle and Lane Carlson, who say they are not gay), and the most popular dog breed (pug). The somewhat light-hearted tone of the show was balanced at the end by narrator Trev Broudy discussing the assault that he had suffered shortly before the program was recorded, which left him with permanent brain damage. Totally Gay! was followed by a sequel in 2004 called Totally Gayer.

29th and Gay 2005

Following a year in the life of James Sanchez, it's a story about a guy rapidly approaching thirty, who doesn't have a six-pack, full head of hair or a boyfriend. While his best friend Roxy, an actress-turned-activist, struggles with showing him there's life beyond the glitz of the disco ball, his other friend, Brandon, one of those gay boys comfortable in his own gay skin, works on getting James to at least talk to a boy. Feeling out of place in the world of circuit boys, caught between his Hispanic-American heritage and being gay, we watch James find his place in the world, realizing that life is in the journey, not the destination.

Fabulous! The Story of Queer Cinema 2006

A chronological look at films by, for, or about gays and lesbians in the United States, from 1947 to 2005, Kenneth Anger's "Fireworks" to "Brokeback Mountain". Talking heads, anchored by critic and scholar B. Ruby Rich, are interspersed with an advancing timeline and with clips from two dozen films. The narrative groups the pictures around various firsts, movements, and triumphs: experimental films, indie films, sex on screen, outlaw culture and bad guys, lesbian lovers, films about AIDS and dying, emergence of romantic comedy, transgender films, films about diversity and various cultures, documentaries and then mainstream Hollywood drama. What might come next?

Delitto al Blue Gay 1984

Rome, Italy, early 1980s. A guy who worked at the Blue Gay, a transvestite cabaret, is found murdered, strangled. Marshal Nico Giraldi (Tomas Milian) is responsible for investigating, infiltrating the Roman Gay community.

Gay Purr-ee 1962

Mouser Jaone Tom and housecat Mewsette are living in the French country side, but Mewsette wants to experience the refinement and excitement of the Paris living. But upon arrival she falls into the clutches of Meowrice. Jaune Tom and his friend Robespierre set off to Paris to find her.

Do I Sound Gay? 2014

What makes a voice “gay”? A breakup with his boyfriend sets journalist David Thorpe on a quest to unravel a linguistic mystery.

Tom Gay

Hang's and King's mothers don't accept that their children are LGBT. They decide to hold them chained in a room so that they form a heterosexual couple. To escape and regain Jeab, King's boyfriend, and Hang's girlfriend, the two will have to unite and confront their prejudices.

Favela Gay 2014

Favela Gay tells the story of eleven individuals in their own words. Living in eight slums (favelas) in Rio de Janeiro, these members of the LGBTQ community – two transgender women, a crossdressing man, a travesti prostitute, a famous carnival dancer, two community activists, and even a young man who used to be transgender, but transitioned back – have fought prejudice and seen some of the most unsavoury sides of the city.

Gay Days 2009

In 1985, there were three gays who were out of the closet in Israel. By 1998, there were 3,000. In this short, intensive and dramatic period, Israel came out of the closet in one of the quickest and most colourful revolutions of the end of the 20th century.

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