Sanju 2018

Sanju explores some of the most crucial chapters from movie star Sanjay Dutt’s dramatic and controversial real life. It gives a lowdown on his tryst with drugs and his trials and tribulations in the Arms Acts case and the 1993 Mumbai blasts.

Sanju Weds Geetha 2011

Sanju and Geeta are all set to get married. Unfortunately, the day before their wedding Geeta is kidnapped, and Sanju kills the kidnappers, and is sent to the jail. Can Sanju and Geetha ever meet?

Sanju Aau Sanjana 2010

Parshuram is a man who doesn't believe in the concept of love marriage. However, his daughters scorn off his ideology by eloping with the men they love. Will this compel him to change his principles?

Sanjuro 1962

Toshiro Mifune swaggers and snarls to brilliant comic effect in Kurosawa's tightly paced, beautifully composed "Sanjuro." In this companion piece and sequel to "Yojimbo," jaded samurai Sanjuro helps an idealistic group of young warriors weed out their clan's evil influences, and in the process turns their image of a proper samurai on its ear.

K.O. Beast 1992

Set in the distant future in which the Earth is split in two. The southern hemisphere is placed in another dimension while the inhabitants of the northern hemisphere are able to morph into beast-like humanoids. Eventually the humans of the southern hemisphere, led by Uranus, attack the Beasts.

Tsubaki Sanjûrô 2007

"Tsubaki Sanjuro" is a remake of Sanjuro (1962) by Akira Kurosawa. Sanjuro returns with sharper, faster, subtler sword, talking and perception. He uses them to settle the trouble and uses them good!

A Tale of Archery at the Sanjusangendo 1945

In A Tale of Archery, young, timid bowmaster Kazuma (Akitake Kôno) seeks to beat the archery record set by Hoshino Kanzaemon, a mysterious figure who, it is rumored, drove the previous champion (Kazuma’s father) to suicide. Possessed of much raw talent, Kazuma is also very much a coward, holing himself up in an inn run by the kindly Okinu (Kinuyo Tanaka) and generally avoiding confrontation of any sort. Despite his clandestine manner, enough of the locals know of Kazuma’s purpose and an attempt is made on his life. He is saved by Karatsu Kanbei (Kazuo Hasegawa), a samurai who offers to help Kazuma hone his archery skills, though it soon becomes clear that this apparently selfless stranger has several potentially shady ulterior motives.

Keiho 1999

The psychiatric evaluation of a young actor arrested for a brutal double murder concludes he may be unfit for trial. Further investigation, however, reveals the crime was a well-planned statement against the section of Japan's criminal code granting diminished responsibility to the mentally impaired.

Thirty Lies or So 2004

Takarada, a member of a group of swindlers which has reunited to pull off a big caper involving down comforters, shoddy encyclopedias, and a panda suit. However, the actual scam they’re about to run takes a back seat to the trust issues between the group.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: Let's Do This Goldenly! Roughly! 36 Round Gokai Change!! 2011

In this special, Captain Marvelous and Gai are accidentally fused together in one body during Insarn's attempt to put Gai inside Karizorg, ("Kari" meaning "Temporary"), the empty shell of Barizorg. Determined to retrieve Insarn's gun and reverse the process, the duo transform into a hybrid form of Gokai Silver with Gokai Red's helmet and boots, and change into the red warriors from the past 34 Super Sentai while battling dozens of Gormin Sailors. When Insarn fuses Karizorg with a Zugormin to create Zugozorg, the duo use the Gold Anchor Key to become Gokai Red Gold Mode and finish off Zugozorg before taking Insarn's gun and forcing her to retreat. Back aboard the Gokai Galleon, after Captain Marvelous and Gai successfully have their bodies separated, Gai offers the Captain a strawberry/vanilla swirl ice cream.

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds 1981

Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds is an animated cartoon adaptation of the classic Alexandre Dumas story of d'Artagnan and The Three Musketeers. Most of the characters are anthropomorphizations of dogs, hence the title of the cartoon; although there are a few exceptions, most notably Dogtanian's two sidekicks Pip the mouse and Planchet the bear, among several others.

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