Eun-ha 2017

Eunha, who is a stateless person, is imprisoned for charged with murder. A warmhearted, coolheaded correctional officer goes through turbulent changes of his emotions after he meets the woman. The movie depicts the extraordinary love between the two in the limited space of a penitentiary facility.

Secretly, Greatly 2013

As a North Korean sleeper cell agent, Ryu-han infiltrates the South and assumes the role of a village idiot in a rural town. He observes the townsfolk and waits patiently for his mission. One day, after 2 years of playing the role of the village idiot, fellow elite spies Hae-rang, posed as a rock star and Hae-jin, posed as an ordinary student, are dispatched to the same town as Ryu-han. He helps the other two spies settle in and teach them how to adjust in the South. There is a sudden drastic political power shift in the North and all three spies receive an urgent and ultimate mission.

Eun-ha Video 2015

Having run a video rental shop alone, the woman ought to fold up her shop before long. When she finds the video tape related to ex-boyfriend, she decides to contact him on the pretext of getting back a video tape in arrears. Waiting him, she packs her stuff in her shop.

You Call It Passion 2015

Ra-hee is ready for the real world. She has graduated from a respectable college and begins to apply for full-time jobs but is rejected by every company that she applies to. When all hope is lost, she gets a phone call from a newspaper company and is recruited as an intern in the entertainment section. Although reluctant at first, as she believes herself to be over-qualified for the job, she soon learns and understands the passion of the press. During her rollercoaster experience as an entertainment journalist/intern, she discovers the dirty and hidden aspects of the journalism industry.

Super Eunuch 2: Golden Right Hand 2016

The film tells the story of Wei Xiao Bao alternative Cow silk counter-attack, but also to make thousands of users feel familiar with, Li Chun Yuan small two Wei Xiao Bao perennial obsession in the hearts of loved children, love dust he accidentally practiced a trick " To know the sudden departure of love, he decided to take the risk of love, to follow the twin children into the palace, the identity of the eunuch to protect their love at the mercy, but the palace is not better than the outside of the world, he was no longer a ghost horse elves can not escape an undercurrent of the palace fighting Board, Xiao Bao deep sense of righteous dilemma.

Habitual Sadness 1997

In World War II Japan forced many South Korean girls into sexual slavery. Known as "comfort woman," they were abducted as teenagers and shipped off to the front to service as many as 30 troopers a day. In 1991, some of them began testifying about their experiences. Byun Young-Joo worked with such women for two years on her previous film The Murmuring, a documentary which broke nearly a half century of silence on the subject and was screened at the Amnesty International Film Festival in 1996. A "sharing house" was then established for former comfort women and provided the setting for Habitual Sadness, a documentary showing the enduring wounds but strong spirit of these women. Habitual Sadness as the second film in the "murmuring" trilogy was a major success in South Korea and a hit at the Hong Kong Film Festival.

The Hand of Destiny 1954

In-Ja, the madam of a cabaret is a mistress of the boss of espionage agent. She gathers information from the guests and gives it to Seon-Tae.

Lai Shi, China's Last Eunuch 1988

Affected by traditional values, young Lai Shi had himself castrated in order to become a eunuch to the Manchu Emperor. But the Dynasty collapsed promtly after, and Lai Shi was forced to lead a struggling life as a 'half man' outside the palace. But his lovingness and spirit of sacrifice made him win true love.

So You Think You Can Dance 2005

Dancers selected in open auditions across America take part in a rigorous competition designed to best display their talents, training and personalities to a panel of judges and viewers as they strive to win votes and avoid elimination.

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em 1973

Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em is a BBC situation comedy, written by Raymond Allen and starring Michael Crawford and Michele Dotrice. It was first broadcast in 1973 and ran for three series, ending in 1978. The series follows the accident-prone Frank Spencer and his tolerant, if long-suffering, wife, Betty, through Frank's various attempts to hold down a job, which frequently end in disaster. Noted for its stuntwork, performed by Michael Crawford himself as well as featuring various well-remembered catchphrases, the series was voted #22 in the BBC's poll "Britain's Best Sitcom".

H3O: Ha Ha Ha Over

H3O: Ha Ha Ha Over! is a sketch comedy television show aired every Monday evenings in the Philippines by Q Network. The program was produced by APT Productions Inc.

Project Ha Ha

Project Ha Ha is an Irish experimental comedy television series of pilots broadcast in four parts on RTÉ Two in January 2009. The series showcases comedians such as Dead Cat Bounce, Diet of Worms, David McSavage and an ensemble piece featuring comedians including Bernard O'Shea, Colum mcDonnell and Carol Tobin. The projects are produced by such companies as Blinder Films, Red Jam Productions, D.A.D.D.Y, Accomplice Productions and Green Inc Productions. Project Ha Ha aired each Monday at 22:55 from 5 – 24 January 2009.


O-Ha! was a sitcom produced and broadcast by ABC with only 4 episodes and played once a week from August 7, 2006-January 26, 2007.


Ha'Nephilim is a television programme currently being broadcast on Yes Israeli written by Ruby Doanias and Chen Kliman. It is named after the biblical Nephilim, who are referred to in the show. The second season is said to be broadcast on the Israeli Kids Channel.

Lie to Me 2009

The world's leading deception researcher, Dr. Cal Lightman, studies facial expression, body language and tone of voice to determine when a person is lying and why, which helps law enforcement and government agencies uncover the truth. But his skills also make it easier for him to deceive others.

Hanna 2019

This thriller and coming-of-age drama follows the journey of an extraordinary young girl as she evades the relentless pursuit of an off-book CIA agent and tries to unearth the truth behind who she is. Based on the 2011 Joe Wright film.

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