Dr. Humpinstein's Erotik Castle 2011

Suburban housewife Doris Wishman goes on a moral crusade to bring down the deviant women of Castle Humpinstein in this cheap satire of cheap '60s sexploitation flicks.

Erotikon 1920

Erotikon is a 1920 Swedish romantic comedy film directed by Mauritz Stiller, starring Tora Teje, Karin Molander, Anders de Wahl and Lars Hanson. It is based on the 1917 play A kék róka by Ferenc Herczeg. The story revolves around an entomology professor obsessed with the sexual life of bugs, and his easygoing wife who is courted by two suitors.

Sun, Hay, Erotics 1991

A third and last part of an adventures of a villagers from the "Sun, Hay..." series.

Erotic Seductions 2007

Playgirl Carrie and her college teacher Jack debate the worth and depth of sexual and romantic relationships while enthusiastically field-testing their theories.

Edo Porn 1981

The world-famous woodblock artist Hokusai, a widower in need of a steady income, lives with his daughter Oei in the house of his friend Bakin.

Erotikon 1929

Andrea, a beautiful daughter of a railway gateman, is seduced by a rich passenger, who missed his train. Left pregnant, Andrea marries another man and moves to Prague, only to encounter her former lover and recover her former lust.

Erotikus: A History of the Gay Movie 1973

The film, narrated by "LA Plays Itself" director Fred Halstead, begins by looking at the muscle magazines and films of the late 1940s-early 1960s, then at the softcore films of the late 60s and the boundary-pushing and legal-testing which allowed these to evolve into hardcore loops and then features.

Dreammaster: The Erotic Invader 1996

On a quest to unravel the mysteries of recurring nightmares, four college grad students experiment on each other, monitoring and attempting to manipulate their dreams. Grant, the most troubled of the quartet, is disturbed by the sensual Devora, an erotic fantasy figure who torments and teases him in the most vivid of dreams. Determined to help him, Grant's friends enter the twilight world of his sleeping mind, only to discover that Devora's curse of eternal pleasure is irresistible...

Warm Summer Rain 1989

Kate, a depressed thirty-something who unsuccessfuuly attempts suicide by slitting her wrists. Reflecting briefly upon her circumstance in the hospital, she realizes that nothing has been solved, whereupon she vacates the premises, wearing nothing but a hospital gown, a black coat, and flimsy sandals. Shortly thereafter, at a bus station, she requests from the attendant a bus ticket to wherever, with consideration to the limited funds she has to spare. The attendant insists on a destination, or even a direction - Kate spins about, points, and says, "that way". The story then evolves to include Barry Tubb, her love interest, who rekindles her will to live.

Reconstruction 2003

Late one evening Alex suddenly abandons his girlfriend, Simone, to pursue the beautiful Aimee. In his encounter with Aimee time and place dissolve for him and he becomes a stranger to Simone, to whom he cannot return.

The Divine Nymph 1975

In the decadent Roaring Twenties, a beautiful woman engages in affairs with two men, playing them against each other.

The Lickerish Quartet 1970

A jaded, wealthy couple watch a blue movie in their castle home along with her adult son. The son is testy, so they go into town and watch a circus-like thrill ride. The daredevil woman in the show looks exactly like one of the women in the movie, so the man invites her to join them for a nightcap. Tensions among the family seem to rise. She stays overnight, and during her 24 hours in the castle, each of its three residents involves her in a fantasy. She, in turn, keeps asking, "Who has the gun?" Will there be violence before it's over?

Female Vampire 1975

Countess Irina of Karlstein resides quietly in a hotel on the island of Madeira, where she sustains her immortality by feeding on the life essence of men and women. When new victims are found fatally drained of potency, forensic scientist Dr. Roberts consults his colleague, Dr. Orloff, who confirms that a vampire is responsible. Meanwhile, Irina is confronted by a poet who believes he is destined to become her lover and join her among the immortals!

The Square 2008

Ray, a construction worker trapped in an unhappy marriage, pursues an affair with his neighbor, Carla. Carla's husband, Greg, is a mobster who keeps large sums of drug money in their home. With this in mind, Carla comes up with a plan: She and Ray will steal Greg's money, burn down her house, convince Greg the money was lost in the fire and then run away together. Carla's scheme, however, doesn't go off as planned.

Private School 1983

Private-school student Christine loves Jim. But her classmate, Jordan, is also vying for Jim's attention and trying to end his relationship with Christine. Meanwhile, Jim's friend Bubba embarks on a series of sexual escapades, including dressing up as a woman to access the girls' locker room. Despite Jim and Christine's efforts to spend some time alone, various shenanigans and schemes interfere.

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